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2020-06-03 16:29:38

Dear #Infosec

I've been "warned" 3x that if I keep posting that Black Lives Matter, I'm unhireable.

If I, a white, cis, straight, US-born... woman w public evidence of my work can be "unhireable" due to just saying #BlackLivesMatter, how can Black hackers even hope to be hired?

2020-03-07 12:36:23

NordPass and NordVPN are so very shady. #infosec

2020-02-01 19:40:44

#shmoocon #infosec we need to populate stock image sites with those ORLY spoof books, and wait for them to appear in slide decks. πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚


Hey - #infosec people:

is there a way you tend to communicate "I don't care about what the design says, this is what we are actually doing"
Luckily I had a manager step in and say if someone gets an error on signup that doesn't explain how to fix it, then isn't not passing design, so I was good and can keep trying to upload 10GB passwords

Something Everyone Knows
Something Everyone Has
Something Everyone Is
2019-11-15 14:21:30

0 Factor Authentication #InfoSec #cybersecurity


2019-06-13 19:48:01

Cybersecurity is no longer merely a tech issue β€” a nuisance to be offloaded on IT. It’s a business problem too. This is especially true as more and more businesses transform digitally.

@Unix_Guru @CIOJimLove #CISO #cybersecurity #infosec #security

'if you're a user you should change your password now.'

It's running again, but:
'The hacker exploited a vulnerability in our production infrastructure'

#infosec #matrix