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2020-06-15 12:35:39

NO @Google @ChromiumDev! No! BAD! BAD #Devs!

Making it more difficult to see the explicit URL makes it harder for folks to casually identify source and much easier for criminals to trick people. BAD!

Don't do this #Google.

Help us #deGoogle #Free and #OpenSource Software!

Me, @TheMainOne, @taminaru and Tyler have started a hobby project to remove proprietary Google software from FOSS.

#Google plays a huge part in all of our lives. And #FOSS. Do you really want FOSS software running #proprietary Google code?

With proprietary code, NOBODY can see what it does, or what data it sends. Proprietary software is also embedded into a lot of FOSS projects.

Google STEALS your data. It steals your control. It steals your #freedom.

Help us put the Freedom back in FOSS.

#privacy #security #libre #OSS