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Thanks, I'm proud of myself for picking the low-hanging performance fruits!
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I am sad thid message only exists on twitter without my intervention, hopefully I can fix that

I am hoping to convince nerds this is the right choice for all their federated needs!

And they asked *me*!

I am about to talk to some people about my use of Friendica, and why I like it, and so on.

Obviously, I am a weirdo on a one person instance, so I have a couple of questions:
is there any multi-user admin pitfalls that people think about a lot that I am missing
Has anyone used the one ansible galaxy role for friendica? And does it suck?
Is there anything people think I should mention?

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You should try @Friendica Admins for these questions.
That makes sense, I knew there was a better forum...

If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.
Some good instances to sign up at:
You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.
It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.
The developers are very active with regular new releases.
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