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Hey #freebsd types
I am trying to get python's library "cryptography" installed for homeassistant and apparently there's an issue with OpenSSL and LibreSSL?

It's in a venv so I can't really use the builtins
Any guidance for how to make it work?
Apparently works in a venv if you tell pip some flahs, so here's hoping
(Have to wait until I am back at my dad's to do the install on his NAS)

But thanks!
it will work as long as base openssl has the same symbols as the ports libressl.

If the two diverge (and over time they will, base being base and ports being ports) it will stop working.

You can check with ldd what the cryptography lib in your venv is linked against.

Good luck. I've sunk a lot of hours into this over the years :)

Any #FreeBSD #bhyve people able to answer a question about #chyves?
I had to reinstall and restore a backup, I brought in /chyves/zroot, and mounted it and its config and guests, and chyves says its not installed in the pool, and I want to force it to look
OK! My config hadn't been properly snapshotted, meaning it didn't get captured in my zfs sent


I am sending a #ZFS on #FreeBSD dataset to a USB disk (which doesn't have a copy of that dataset), using
zfs send -v zroot/dataset@back | zfs recv usb_disk/dataset

It's taking more RAM than the size of the dataset (and eventually... crashing the process instead of swapping)

All my drives got renumbered and my zpool descided to explode
I think I fucked up somewhere #freebsd
@HippyWizard Maybe you should consider using GPT partitioning and labels. That way you can shuffle your disks around all day long. Well, maybe apart from any boot disks.

Man! It's a privilege to do stuff in the #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD communities - that are just ... awesome
I had made a pretty stupid error when it came to hosts on Bhyve. I asked a (hopefully) clear question, and the FreeBSD community answered it (make sure vfs.zfs.arc_max is <=1/4 total system memory) really quickly, and clearly! While also being good at asking questions, and kind.

the main reason I never do this in the OpenBSD community is because I've almost never encountered an undocumented problem.

Getting better at documentation is one of my goals for the year, and helping both projects is a goal.

Sadly, one of my main goals as a sysadmin is to never do anything exciting - so I don't end up in novel or surprising situations much to help.
I think it's mostly for bhyve guests, since they have less insight into the system, and so if you have a few, it can cause you problems. But yeah - might be good in a man page somewhere - the main question is - which one would surface it best.

Hmmm - gonna think about that and then submit a patch I guess.

Hey #FreeBSD people, especially #bhyve people
I am new to using FreeBSD super actively, and I am noticing if I do transfers of lots (10ishGB) of small (under 5MB) files between VMs on Bhyves (using SSH) on ZFS, I crash the server - is this known?

I am going to ask, and someone is gonna tell me that it's boringly easy to #P2V a disk into #bhyve. But I don't know what it is yet.


I am going to ask, and someone is gonna tell me that it's boringly easy to #P2V a disk into #bhyve. But I don't know what it is yet.


I am going to ask, and someone is gonna tell me that it's boringly easy to #P2V a disk into #bhyve. But I don't know what it is yet.


I am really looking forward to this!
2020-02-28 20:53:25

Soo... Looks like I'm going to #BSDCan with my talk about #FreeBSD and the Absurdities of Security Compliance. w00t w00t!

Really looking forward to visiting Canada and meeting and getting to know even more awesome #BSD people!

2020-02-11 14:46:00

Keeping syslog-ng portable means that it needs to be tested regularly on a variety of platforms. Not just on #Linux x86_64, but also on different operating systems, like #FreeBSD and #MacOS, and hardware, like @Arm, @OpenPOWERorg and even #s390:

2020-02-03 12:30:01

#Hikari Is A #FreeBSD-Focused #X11 Window Manager + #Wayland Compositor…

Damn, now I REALLY need to get they #wayland public alpha out by the end of the week O_o
Thanks @raichoo for the high quality presentation you made (I was in the devroom :) . I've been using CWM by the past, there's a fresh touch to it with more features and XCB. Also thanks showing your enthusiasm on wayland concepts and benefits. I hope you'll get feedback and contribution to this version as well!

The link to the presentation for interested people:
Thanks for your feedback :D
Yeah - people are jumping on Wayland WAY too early. But it looks like they are doing cool things.
I think it's the right time to start moving towards wayland. At least for most people it does everything they need (which includes me). And more stuff will come eventually.
I guess I am fairly jittery about using too bleeding edge of software

Security and sysadmin make you very conservative in your approach
That is understandable. On Linux I wouldn't consider wayland to be that much of a bleeding edge. On BSD it still somewhat is (but we are getting there slowly :D). YMMV though.

2019-10-28 17:14:22

If you watch videos from BSD events: thank @BSDTV. He does most of them, as a volunteer, and doesn't get near enough credit. Or glory. Send him glory. #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #BSD #sysadmin

2019-09-10 11:09:01

Good on #OpenBSD for disabling DoH in Firefox.

Hoping #FreeBSD and #Linux follow suit.

Configure DNS in the operating system, not in applications. #sysadmin
I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?