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Boosting this. Vote to stop privatizing Ontario healthcare:
The Ontario Health Coalition is holding a community-run referendum on the province's plan to privatize many aspects of Ontario's public healthcare system.
You can vote online now until tomorrow at midnight.

You can also vote at one of nearly one thousand voting stations across the province, including the following locations and times in Toronto-Danforth tomorrow:
โ€ข The Redwood Theatre at 1300 Gerrard St E from from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
โ€ข The Gerrard/Ashdale Toronto Public Library branch at 1432 Gerrard St. E from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
โ€ข MPP Peter Tabuns constituency office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
โ€ข Phin Park at the corner of Condor and Baird from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
โ€ข Eastminster United Church at 310 Danforth Ave from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
โ€ข Quince Flowers at 660 Queen St. E from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Our public healthcare system is crucial for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Please vote online now or at one of the above stations tomorrow.

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Come into work after a week's vacation. Find a message from myself:
"Terraform is completely broken. redis subnets are b0rked in production"

I curse the person who setup our redis and immediately begin to ask the musical question "Can we make a change to our environment without destroying and replacing it"
@Rivetgeek Was it at least from someone else? Or nope - just plain ol' "Sounds like a job for post-vacation me"?
@silverwizard The latter... But "Post once we get all the other shit fixed" ๐Ÿ’ฉ
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Oh and I forgot about migrating out of the LA local zone in AWS.
@Rivetgeek Oh I love giving tasks to "once we get all the shit fixed"

Since - you know - that's the far off future where it will never happen
We migrated from on-prem to AWS into the LA local zone because it was discovered our app was very sensitive to database latency (previously everything was in Irvine). And because of available EBS volume types in LA, had to go with striping multiple volumes to get the IOPS the clusters needed. The hope was that LA would get volume types available in OR. Now we kind of want to migrate to OR for cost-reduction/simplicity. Striped volumes are a PITA to expand.

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Hey #zfs people

if I have a pool I want to view when I can't mount it - any way to view files? (Read only root so mountpoints can't create)
can you creat a ramdisk and mount that somewhere, then create the required hierarchy in the mounted ramdisk fs? Or maybe mounting a tmpfs filesystem is an option.
@Mike Gerdts That... is the right idea, if I can find a mount

I feel like this is probably freebsd inside baseball though

Setup a solar irrigation system off a new rain barrel so that my son can do some plant automation (watched a kids show about farm robots)

Started moving from a bank to a credit union (got accounts - just need to slowly fill them)

Made a tiramisu

Damn good birthday
I need to do something like that. There isn't a tap by my beds and during our summers forgetting to hand water can be a disaster.
@Troy the Gardener yeah - my parents gave me the pump for my birthday but they seem, reasonably, priced

Merry #BSDCan Go Home Day to all who celebrate

I masked aggressively enough to lack a hangover today, so there's that, but I still forced people to try to talk to me to fix documentation

where are the webrings though?

Here comes the ice man
He's trying to freeze the crew
He's not a nice man
His touch will turn you blue
A Pup Named Scooby Doo did not deserve its music department *at all*

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to those of you who suggest i let the bodies hit the floor, four things, here we go now:
  • nothing wrong with me
  • nothing wrong with me
  • nothing wrong with me
  • nothing wrong with me

I should start a hosted email service in order to more easily get my own email delivered better

Apparently I can't report someone who is using Mastodon, because I am not using Mastodon.

I can't even just go over to their mastodon page and report them.

Reporting logistics is hard - but there's gotta be a better way
Remember, this is a glorified email system that the spammers have barely noticed is worth paying attention to.

The antispam/antitroll controls right now are: Mute, Block, De-Federate!

All basically forms of RBLs. This will not go well in its current form.
I figure that instance admins are usually ok at removing horrible users

I wish the software industry wasn't just such fucking *marks*.

It feels like we as a culture are just basically idiots with no attention span or no sense of history.

"This very good company amazon has hosting for us, I bet that's not trying to replicate the Cisco model where they sell you a billion courses and you get locked in forever fucking your career"

"I bet this Peter Thiel fellow is really good and this generation's AI hype is probably different than the last four. I do know that Palantir and Paypal are renowned for how friendly and usable they are"

What are the obvious and easy replacements for Miro? I'm sure they exist - Miro just is a product designed for destroying CPUs AFAICT
Yeah, Mural or LucidSpark are probably where you want to star - at least those are the ones that our internal folks like (don't get me started on the feature overlap...)

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The #HTTP 418 response is in the 4xx client error section, meaning it's YOUR fault that I'm a teapot.

I'm not mad, just disappointed. You really should have tried harder.

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I often say that a good prank needs meat on it.

Here's the BSDCan 2019 Charity Auction, where I pulled perhaps the best prank of my life. I would feel bad for Bob, except, you know, Bob.

This prank had a second part, given at the end of .

At this year's @bsdcan, we will auction off rare copies of the exclusive Beck and Provost Editions of "Terrapin Sky Tango."

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Most past years are on youtube.

This year will be streamed live, and on youtube. Plus IRC for discussion and feeding questions back to speakers.
Oh okay, thanks. I didn't see this before. I assume BSDCan's official channel is

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"we fund Matrix dev by selling encrypted messaging to governments, which includes police: if you donโ€™t like that then please feel free to use a different app" May 9th, 2023 -@element


@amatecha gives an idea of our position. And no, there are no backdoors. Yes, we fund Matrix dev by selling encrypted messaging to governments, which includes police: if you donโ€™t like that then please feel free to use a different app.

@rra @theruran @alcinnz @tigase IMO there is a huge difference in having the police use your software and the police being part of the funding of the main software provider for a protocol. The former is obviously something you have no control over. While the latter can cause reliance on the police and give them influence/power over the direction the protocol can move towards.

#xmpp #jabber #matrix
@stevenroose @rra @theruran @tigase If you go out of your way it's possible to control whether the police/military use your software, but often that'd prevent a lot of good from being done too!

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an open source mystery show called Scooby Gnu where everything is Linux when unmasked

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How do you tell a sales person "you are unselling me - tell me a price and shut up"

They just - are managing to make me less excited as time goes on - because I know they are *saying* things wrong. I've *used* the product before.
Oh, that IS the worst.

"It's new and better now!"

"Well, I'll agree on the first part."

GPT4 for video game NPCs is going to be a nightmare. Just imagine having only flat characters and no ability to trust that quests and hints are real >.<
That was one of the problems that occurred to me when I read about a Skyrim mod using ChatGPT.

One of the things that astonishes me about this imminent disaster is that people seem oblivious that the main virtue of computing is getting definite answers to specific questions; LLMs will make computers completely useless for their primary purpose.
Yeah exactly! It feels like we're going into this with the weirdest blindness
It's not that we can't see it it's that some people just like bad things.

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@Greg Stolze So I played Bring Me The Head Of The Comte De Sainte Germaine over the last 1.5 months (one session every other thursday).

And Cloisonnรฉ basically decided to smash her Subaru into Mother Apocolypse in order to protect Joy from her mother, and no one is sure what to do with these emotions.

This is your fault and I think we all love you for it! Thanks so much - that was really good (and for two players a very Feet First intro to UA)

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A coworker asked about keyboards - and then someone else told them to ask me.
I accidentally just wrote a page of text....

My son will randomly decide he wants to make things. And basically has no conception that he can't make things and that's really exciting.

He also made a train out of playdough, and then made a little mini-motor like he'd seen in toys, and opened the playdough train, put the playdough motor in, and said it could go by itself.

Just so proud of how much I've let him understand making.

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I am once again begging neighborhood organizations to put your family event information on *literally any public website* that isn't Facebook or Twitter.

Both have severely limited capabilities for finding information while signed out (or without an account).

Just remembering all the Old Days of Good Social Media people are telling me about
We don't talk about the Old Days of Shitty Social Media much, do we?
@Allan Haverholm We should always remember the Phaedrus Lesson

The past is always a perfect time - and the good part of it is often a quirk of memory, yeah

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What I hear when I see people who don't mask forcing people to attend in person:

1. I don't care about disabled people's health.
2. My convenience is more important than your safety.
3. I don't mind if your quality of life continues to worsen due to my actions.
4. I don't believe I can become disabled like you.
5. If I pretend it doesn't exist then I can't get sick. Stop telling me covid exists and I could get sick.

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