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Does anyone else get a thing where they eat a bunch of food and then feel incredibly hungry, but wasn't there before?
only if i eat apples
I get it from random things, and i hate it
i used to get it a lot but that was for celiac related reasons so :flan_shrug:
I had a non-celiac wheat allergy for 17 years, so I've had like 100 doctors try to diagnose me with celiac, so I think I'm safe from that one >.<
That happens to me sometimes, with no pattern I can recognize.

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Thinking about an RPG/Boardgame where a group of refugees from a dying earth trying to resettle the ruins of Elon Musk's strange and badly made colony on Mars. Trying to repurpose weird and strange ruins into habitation, before their ship's supplies fail.
That sounds like fun.
Like, half Prince of Florence, half Terraforming Mars, and half Forbidden Island!

Someone explain to me what a Ben 10 is
That's a lot of series in a single sequel

This is worse than Final Fantasy 10 2
The successor to plan 9 went through a rebranding
Damnit! They decided to make 1 kid with 10 forms instead of 3 zombies!

What a time to be alive!
Kim Possible's brother, maybe? I'm not sure.

dd if=Downloads/indexes--0|jq

Somehow, somewhere, I deeply broke and will never be repaired
The file was showing no data with cat and I still don't know why

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“TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being combined with Beijing’s apparently unchecked access to that sensitive data.” – Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This is true.

Now replace TikTok with Facebook, Snapchat, <insert Silicon Valley Big Tech corporation or startup here> and Beijing with Washington, DC and…

This is also true.


# # # # #

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We have fantastic choices these days! I'm actually overwhelmed.

Should I let the Americans, the Chinese or the Russians spy on me?

Ohhh I dunno I'll just go for all three!!1
Although, TikTok is still worse as the app contains the ability to download and execute arbitrary code on the device.. The others may be spyware, but TikTok is a trojan...

When I was a kid I had the revelation that I wanted to be the person people were talking about when they said "I know a guy"
Yeah, I use to want the same but not so much now. That was back when I was getting my IT degree though.
Friends of mine have confirmed they told someone "I know a guy" and called me, so I'm pretty happy

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Potty training my child:
"This is important! During my job I spend a bunch of my time dumping logs"
If you ever want to see how I write code - check this out

Basically - Youtube crashes my tablet so I wanted to be able to go vlc ` some video` and just get a list of videos and go

It's not complete, but it's working.
I still want to add:
Better support for subscriptions and RSS
Better support for grabbing related videos
Better support for looping so that when a video finishes it gives you the same search back or the related video (based on flags?)
Making this code not make the reader cringe
some sort of wrapper toolchain to execute the pieces so you don't run it via backticks

The thing about The Website Is Down is that the problem is as much Web Dude's as Chip's, and both are terrible - and that's what makes it good

Unlike Geek Triumphant bullshit like The IT Crowd or other stuff, it's a farce and a comedy of errors, not dunking on "non geeks"
@HippyWizard But also...... I have been web Dude in that moment and done things I knew wouldn't work to buy time

Anyone remember the "Don't Taze Me Bro" thing and how a dude got tazed for asking a question at an open question period?

Wasn't that fucked?
i always just laughed about it, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the video. Yeah, that's pretty fucked. We're so callous that it's basically just a joke.

Like - it was a funny phrase - but it's also just hard to engage that the funny phrase was the focus - not the state violence against a boring question

I just thought: "how do I fork and await in shell"

and I am cursed

Damnit - feed parsers and feed readers are different for RSS
I am trying to find examples of RSS feed *readers* in shell, not a sed/cut/grep one liner explanation >.<

Concentrating is hard right now though

I bake when stressed, and uh, don't bake chocolate chip pancakes for two kids with a combined age of 4 when stressed
Just a bit messy

Buyin' my wife journal subscriptions as a surgery gift

Totally non-geek family
@HippyWizard Oh my goodness I LOVE this idea - hopefully she heals up quickly

I guess Becky is in surgery today


It's routine... and it'll make her feel better
Buying her a membership to the Canadian Psychological Association so she can access their journal archive while in the hospital
They call our gift giving normal

Whose idea was it that every single security standard should include "no server should have a port open to the public internet"?!

"This server has port 80 and 443 open to the internet" is a risk I need to close so often and I hate it

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I need an onscreen keyboard for Linux that can show up on login and lock screends

bonus points for splitable

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I really want to play a tabletop strategy game, just you know, bunch of different moves, maybe a small squad vs another squad

Fuck - I should just buy OGRE and gaze wistfully at it because my wife would hate it
In theory, theoretically, pandemia terminus
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Conspiracy theory: Microsoft sneaks people into prominent roles in Linux support to deliberately make it worse, then afterward gives them cushy jobs as a reward.

I'm pretty sure that's not what really happens, but it does explain Miguel de Icaza ("Gnome ain't done 'til the desktop ain't fun"; Mono's "let's get Linux depending on proprietary tech!") and Lennart Poettering (PulseAudio; controversially, systemd).

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I have my own conspiracy theory that goes very much just like that, but in more a generalised way, ie: "somebody" is insinuating devs or groups into free software to actually make things worse - just to degrade the quality of the software in small, subtle ways and to erode the confidence of users.

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You know what has a lower impact on the environment than fireworks? 400 batteries!

Everyone knows that!

It weirds me out they let me name a kid

Wife was getting stitches and while she was out I got to just... name a human
Superman had other engagements.
He feels wrong for naming a kid

Need Rip Hunter

88906 packets transmitted, 51368 received, +32829 errors, 42.2221% packet loss, time 90494ms

Oops, forgot about that

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If CSS is Turing complete, I suggest we start deprecating JavaScript.

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This calls for a JS-to-CSS transpiler.

I've been working on a escalated support nightmare since Monday.

Today, in desperation, I cold messaged the team that manages the product that seems to be interacting badly with ours.

How would you feel if I did that to you?
Depends heavily on context, but "Why the fuck did nobody tell us about this sooner?" comes in pretty high on the probability distribution.
Oh, sorry, external team - entirely different company.

Though he responded to me, and said "Fixed the bug this morning", so they did know

People talking about period tracking apps

This was 10 years ago:

Privacy needs to be defended, and also

burn it down

Puns must only be judged by a pury of your jeers

Yes, I know it's the NeXT kernel, but the userland is mostly from BSD+MacOS so this pun works damnit

Windows posting

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cat Dragon\&DungeonBarcodes.txt |sort | uniq -c |sort -n|grep -v " *1 "|xclip -i -selection clipboard
      2 009281018230
      2 394533151TSR0300
      3 071486018254
      4 071658018259
     12 074470018254
     15 074470018230
     19 071486018230
     25 071658018235
     34 074808018239
     35 074808018253
     69 046363160340

Scanning my collection of stuff
Apparently I have lots of duplicates

Next step is to get that turned into proper codes and then get it turned into actual US-MARC data, and then make that library useful

Annoyingly, apparently Dragon reused the same code several times for their issues, so I have 69 issues inside the 046363160340 block

Nice though

I wonder if anyone can guess what was sitting next to Sean when he needed to test his barcode scanner

My office has the weirdest branching strategy

Where you make a branch
Constantly rebase that branch off main

Then make a branch off that branch

PR the second branch onto the first, then PR the first onto main

I... am so confused
Yeah, that sounds more like a coding nightmare than a branching strategy.
We're normally very good at things, this is just confusing

Inserting "except as part of normal job duties" on all the items on the acceptable use policy so huge portions of my job are actually allowed by policy

imagine a world where "email attachments from unknown senders" were this scary magical thing of danger, and no other emails were dangerous.

Now imagine how many security docs pretend that's the real world

Today my followers are learning that asking me questions about coffee leads to too much answer

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"Containerd gets support for launching linux containers on FreeBSD"

Gimme that FreeBSD work laptop!

@HippyWizard has 3 drinks this morning try to take a guess as to what they all are before reading the next tweet and comment how bad the difference between imagination and reality was (if you want)



All yummy!
My thoughts exactly! And I wanted coffee and cappuccino and it seems a shame to waste the leftover espresso my 1980s espresso maker makes!

I really want to write "Fuck You" on this document showing that we need 2FA on our amazon root account.

Holy shit! A single 2FA token! Fucking fuck

Don't fucking make me have a chance to lock ourselves out of AWS root trivially, Amazon needs to fix it's shit, seriously