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Content warning: fedi meta

Content warning: fedi meta

Content warning: fedi meta

@silverwizard The clarification is even funnier to me than the original attempt, which was also funny to me.
One day I will finally watch Full Metal Alchemist and get this joke

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I bet #rpg #ttrpg probably need this since indexing is super important there!

so obviously i'm sad twitter died, mainly because i got a lot of my indexing jobs that way, so if you need to have a book indexed, hire me! (please reblog this academics)

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so obviously i'm sad twitter died, mainly because i got a lot of my indexing jobs that way, so if you need to have a book indexed, hire me! (please reblog this academics)

Drinking whiskey from a mason jar, causing a prod outage, and playing Blades in the Dark, while sitting in front of 3 computers

The full Sean experience
Way to show off your IBM SK-8845 keyboard. I'm jelly.
My parents gave it to me! I love it so much!

My son just grabbed me and said "You're mine forever!"

So I'm gonna be over here, killed by joy
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plot twist: kid's name is "Joy"

Being a vegetarian is weird because I often forget I am a vegetarian, but everyone acts like I talk about it too much
It's mostly that I think people who aren't vegetarian feel judged by vegetarians, so when they find out they get super defensive and then it's weird
I've heard that before. Ian Danskin (Innuendo Studios) has a great old video on why people get weird around people who live differently to the mainstream and he also concludes that they feel judged by the existence of people who chose a different path from them.

Being a Drug Dealer is just being in a shitty MLM where you also have to sell
@silverwizard When do you not have to sell in a regular MLM?
When you have a downline

Amazon did an obvious thing after only 20 years!

This is, I admit, better than I expected

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Ug - I need to play Kings Quest 8 and the rest of the Monkey Islands

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I don't use mastodon so I'm not sure, but I think the zeitgeist is that everyone took the plums out of the icebox because they won't perish because they published?
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Publish or perish!

Fuck you bitbucket! I win this round!

Some fucker listed the public key for our keys as a "secured variable", so I can find out which public key the repo is using and I can't see it in outputs!

So if I add the keys to a file, then cat the file, bitbucket is clever enough to mask the key!

So I just got the repo to list all the public keys for the deployment account - and it masked the public key it was using!


Also - BitBucket entirely did the right thing here - whoever setup the repo was BOONKERS

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Anyone have any advice for a #HomeLab #LDAP server?

I think I am getting to the point that I want my local resources to have SSO

I'd especially appreciate advice on having two endpoints so that I can have failover easily enabled
From what I've seen online, people seem to be running FreeIPA ( Deploy either on proxmox or using their docker image
Yeah this seems super Linux centric, but thanks for the tip, maybe it'll run more portably than that

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My first rule of sysadminning:
If someone forgets to do something important two weeks in a row, that wasn't their fault, that was the system designer's fault

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So many people are having a bad first experience with Mastodon because they're using the official app which is lacking features, doesn't allow image uploads randomly, has random slowness, and doesn't give you easy access to the two most active feeds where you can find people (Local and Federated).

Please switch to Metatext, Tusky, or Tooot for a better mobile experience (or even use a browser).

Out of the >15k users that joined this week, over 11k are on the official apps.
6074 users signed up using the official iOS app, 4933 users signed up using the official Android app, 3813 users signed up using a browser.
yes tusky has been a gamechanger for me
Fedilab works fine here, covers other Fediverse accounts too. Not sure why more people don't use it. Am I missing something?

Federated SomethingAwful where whenever you follow a thread on another instance you need to pay the admin ten bucks

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The worst part of testing the new "Delete everything associated with this account" script for the first time with prod data is that if it fucks up, there goes the prod data.

I tested it a whole bunch in staging and a dev environment though?
@silverwizard There was no dry run mode to evaluate the amount of data to be deleted?
Dry runs didn't crash, no idea why

Fediverse instance that picks and chooses who it talks to, so only certain people can see its posts, everyone else can't see it, hosted at Polka.Ru

You might not have Polkaroo deep in your veins since you're not an Ontario kid and your kids are younger than Polka Dot Door
My kids don't even know what TVO is. They grew up without cable and commercial breaks.
I also grew up without cable - but uh - OTA TV ;)

Shæ has seen Polkadot Shorts on youtube and therefore kinda knows TVO Kids. And knows Polkaroo from his later days after he learned to speak.
Do - Polkadot Door was a #TVOKids original for mostly toddlers and it had a budget of approximately "Anything you brought to work with you" and so had ~4 actors, probably 3.

And two were not in costumes all day, and one was. But uh... Polkaroo (the polka dotted green kangaroo that was the show's mascot) needed an actor. So literally the male host would dress in the costume, show up, do the scene with the female host, and then leave, then walk back on without costume and be like "Polkaroo was here?! I missed him again?!"
AAaaand, that was the Heritage Minute of the day :)
A Part of Our Heritage

On the left hand side of our home page is a pull down menu of the 180+ publishers whose products we carry, and clicking the logo on their publisher page will take you to their website, where they should have links to places you can find them.

In an attempt to protect your privacy, links to Twitter in this posting were replaced by links to the Nitter instance at

This weekend I invented a thing, that probably dozens of people have invented

Step 1) Make bread dough
Step 2) proof the dough
Step 3) take a slice of cheese and cut into 3 pieces
Step 4) wrap a little bit of dough around the cheese
Step 5) cook ~20 minutes on ~350F

Becky calls them Cheese Volcano rolls

Ok - everyone - calm down
Mastodon DMs are more secure than twitter DMs.

Also - having a direct message functionality is useful.

If you are so scared of your admin please contact me at and I'll help you find an abandoned bomb shelter to live in surrounded by MREs and you can curl up in the fetal position and weep without needing to pollute conversations with people who know the words "threat model".
Sorry, I'm in a bad mood, and I've seen multiple people suggest removing mastodon's DM functionality *today*.

Friendica's DM functionality is, of course, perfect and has no problems

grep: memory exhausted

Great - glad to find out that we only have a few files

How does Subnautica not have a mod where everyone in the game is Adrienne Barbeau?!

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Hey #InfoSec Fedi,

I am looking for a new Job!

I would be interested in an offensive Security Position, preferred Red Teaming.

100% Remote is OK, but I need to be employable in Austria!

I have two years of professional Pentesting Experience + Trained Trainees IT Basics/programming, 5+ years Linux System Administration, 7+ Year CTFs.

I will make another post later where my CV will be available.

If you have questions, PM me!

:boost_ok: Boost appreciated!
#lookingforwork #work #job #search
(Not my team, but same Director.)
@willasaywhat thank you very much! I will look into it ☺
@willasaywhat do you know if you are hiring in Europe remotely? :-)
I think these are US based only, unfortunately. We have sponsored in the past though.
(Just re-read your post; apologies for the false start there. 😅)
@willasaywhat no biggie, maybe other people are interested 🙂
currently moving to US is out of scope

Teaching my 3yo about computer game design so that next time he bites his tongue I can say that Kissing It Better has an area of effect

With amazon stock cratering, it feels like the time to reconsider being on #AWS

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Content warning: important announcement for new fedi members

Content warning: important announcement for new fedi members

Content warning: important announcement for new fedi members

eh, I registered it forever ago and will probably transfer it to eventually once they’re not overloaded
I will accept the Forever Ago but with sideeye from my 2017 account

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IPv6 is anarchist because DHCP leases whereas in IPv6 you do neighbour discovery
DHCPv6 does exist, and honestly, it is just that

There's actual differences but they are incredibly minor
@silverwizard I'd just really like to be able to do away with NATs.

If I want to build a modern day pager - is there a scene doing this?

I just want a 8 character LCD and a cellular modem. Give it some SMSes or whatever.
Ug - I'm going to need to get a HAM license or else I'm going to accidentally commit a crime, wont I?
pretty much, there’s a reason the population of hams is a weird mix of old guys and engineers and hackers 😅

I need to get in my head that Discord is MSN Messenger and break that dislike I think
I stopped wanting to have anything with Discord when they banned me without explanation.

Not that I was really a fan beforehand.
Yeah, central moderation seems dumb as hell

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First post on here. Would love to connect with fellow lefties. A wee welcome boost would be much appreciated.
connect with me👋
Lefties are the best!

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When discussing CWs please understand Mastodon is not the only fediverse project, and different projects have different philosophies and UI around CWs
can you elaborate on how CWs translate in Friendica or other federated platforms?