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Do you think IMDB will give me dev keys if I say "I wanna make a bot that only outputs half a movie quote?"
@PizzaFacts2go Wikiquotes might be good actually

I looked at The Movie Quotes API which is... Annoying

I also looked at screenscraping and imdb

New weird capitalism innovation

My job gives me telehealth through an app as a benefit. But now, when I am sick, they want me to use their weird app rather than my primary care provider

I think they think they are helping rather than being irresponsible with my health but, odd

Justin Trudeau's weirdest belief is that he believes in climate change…

Cyberpunk 2020's setting explicitly says that the Cyberpunks sucked. They ended up selling out, and becoming part of the garbage system. And so the next generation had to try twice as hard.

Why did they set the videogame in 2077? And keep that canon?

Coworkers on Slack: "Hello" followed by 5 minutes of nothing
Me on Slack: a page of information, including references, all in a single message, out of the blue ending with "Also, thanks"
Nah, legit, just can overwhelm coworkers
It's true that I take a pretty laid-back attitude to work like "I guess it'll have to wait tomorrow".

Coming up on 8 months sober
I promised myself in March that I would be sober until the end of homestays + 1 month, at the bare minimum. Then my sister sent me a beer for my birthday, which I drank. So May 24 until today without a drink.

This feels like the worst choice I've ever made.
I'm sorry, friend. You know why you did it, and I believe it was a good reason. Of course you can reexamine it now.
I mean - I can reexamine it - but I think it's probably incorrect.

Part of it is that this time requires more awareness of me, and me to to be available. Pregnant wife and 20 month old kid and all that. I gotta be *aware* and can't let myself go that far.

Ya know.

But thanks.

I am also just kinda updating things to feel like I said it

It's official! No more overdue fines, ever! 🙌🥳

We're proud to join 100+ libraries across North America in becoming fine-free. Finances will no longer be a barrier to library service.



Big news! We're saying goodbye to fines.

I can see how you related with "a professional worrier with sudo access".
I see no resemblances

Can someone spend decades and build teams to study how jokes 6 year olds change and morph between regions?
I wanna read it
@TheSturgington 1959 is a long time ago, but I am super interested in this book (looking for an epub)

Holy shit though:
@HippyWizard It's not recent, but it has a large reach and AFAIK is considered an important work (if an aged one).

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Argument for Snap/Flatpack: Every platform doesn't need to maintain every package

Argument against Snap/Flatpack: Every package needs to maintain a platform

Hi folks, I'm still on the job market.
I'm a hell of a linux admin, and would make a kick ass addition to your SOC or NOC teams.

Your IdP must provide a unique primary email address for each user. In some IdPs, the primary email address might not be a real email address. For example, it might be a Universal Principal Name (UPN) that only looks like an email.

Please, don't document like this.
This must be an email address
Well no
But it should look like one

It looks like the fault of the field namer and a technical writer without enough background
Ah, got it.

When trying to make a playbook feel balanced I suddenly saw through the matrix. Im sure this isn't new but presenting triggers and benefits it in this way and saying "make sure all quadrants are filled" just clicked so much into place for me.


The biggest difference between a world where we are locked indoors and connect to one another via the internet and the world we left behind is that there are NO PUBLIC SPACES on the internet.


This is why we need *federated and decentralized* protocols, where there are tools to build spaces that engage other spaces
The biggest difference between a world where we are locked indoors and connect to one another via the internet and the world we left behind is that there are NO PUBLIC SPACES on the internet.


Vampire:The Masquerade: Bloodlines
Planescape: Torment
X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
Castle of the Winds

@PizzaFacts2go @FireflyLeigh @sharkle82 @anarchovalism
6 favorite games 4 tags

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 6
Tales of the Abyss
Mass Effect 2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Fallout: New Vegas

@michaelmelanson @adlleong @HippyWizard @loadingreadyrun

Me: Gonna go to bed early, since exhausted and need to wake up early with my toddler tomorrow
The Toddler: Starts crying at 10 when I start to go to bed and cries on and off until midnight

People advocating The Cloud: "Self hosted stuff is full of ancient plugins and is never maintained"

Do they have a sense of how cloud deployments look after 6 months to a year of work?
But also - you can either automate the expensive way, or automate... more cheaply
That's true. I love my raspberry4 server. It's hosted at home, and it is cheap to run. The only thing I need a off site vps for is email.

Coworker: I'm not interested in reading the error output, I just want to figure out why it's not working
David Hunt 6 days ago from web  — (42.3657472 -71.1884800)
How is this person to figure out why it's not working, without at least skimming the error output? Hahaha.
Yeah, eventually he figured out the warning was "you didn't import the authentication you defined"

I... Don't get this guy

Sorry, but the Peel police murdered someome in cold blood?!
A ‘noise complaint’ followed up on by police and now this man is dead. “He was at home and there was no indication that anyone was in danger.”…
I'm always going to be surprised
I have a manila envelope in my house. With a 50 page report from the police accountability board. Saying that police should pull weapons on anyone they suspect are mentally ill.

I will never not be surprised.
I will never not be angry.
I will never not be angry about it either.

Ok, so, I really don't know if I like Player Facing games, where the GM doesn't roll dice.

Person boxed in by enemies and my first thought is "Kick their asses, you'll probably roll enough partial successes to rarely take damage, you'll be fine"
@DuanBailey Definitely wasn't *directed*, but I think I made most of my thoughts clearer (although exhaustedly garbled) last night
@HippyWizard Yeah, no worries. I was mostly kidding ;)

Ok, I like the #Remarkable2 tablet as an eReader. I also like it as a writing pad.

This is bullshit. Why is a device this nice? Am I just gonna have to admit that sometimes people make good technology?
The day Silverwizard pivoted to a sponsored technology review Youtube channel.
Damnit! I'll still a technology hating misanthrope I swear!

1) Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies
2) Ashen Stars
3) Spirit of the Century
What rpg's premise/setting would you absolutely watch a movie or TV series of?

My shortlist (@edige23)
1. Night's Black Agents
2. Balikbayan
3. Brindlewood Bay



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TIL: "Carbon Footprint" is marketing by BP to blame the individual for climate change

Me: I should buy a pokemon game for Switch, just to see how the games have changed
Also Me: I have not touched my switch in almost 6 months
@Tracid089 Also I think Pokemon Let's Go is Pokemon Go attached or something?

Man, I just really wanna play Pokemon Stadium

But yeah - I definitely don't wanna end up pay $100 for a video game
@HippyWizard They’re semi-related. My understanding (I could be wrong) is that Pokémon Let’s Go can get you the Pokémon Go exclusive Pokémon Meltan - but Pokémon Go does not benefit Let’s Go at all - or maybe you can transfer across games regardless?

Let's have a frank discussion about bitcoin hype. Bitcoin is really an symptom of the problems of our era, of a post-truth world awash in crackpottery and of a breakdown of trust in our institutions. 🧵 (1/)

there's just no *point* to these people

no platform you give them will lead to them saying anything other than "help, help, i'm being censored" and "[incoherent racist noises]"

@HippyWizard None of the issues with Parler ever would have happened if they had a form of identity verification implemented.

Person who is an idiot says the same thing every idiot has said, wanting us to waste time rebutting his idiocy for the thousandth time
My suggestion for any social media platform moving forward would be to eliminate anonymity. Make each user be tied to a cell phone account with a billing name and address and be transparent about who they are. That would clear out a lot of the dangerous elements.
@HippyWizard being trans is a trade off between name validation and infosec

Is this seriously a podcast without an RSS feed?

Did we hit this point? Where we just ruin podcasts?

Ontario. Where so many Covid cases are happening in low wage workplaces. In communities with multi-generational homes and a large percentage of people in unsafe factory jobs.

Ontario. Thinks a 8pm curfew will solve that. Because they look tough

There will come a day many will wonder when the die was cast.

It wasn't 1/6.

Was it Charlottesville? Waco? Ruby Ridge?


It was George Lincoln Rockwell. Barry Goldwater. Phyllis Schlafly.

Not events, but people allowed to "politely" launder fascism after WWII.
Bingo. This is the ultimate manifestation of something started long ago, by the John Birch Society onward. The modern right had a history of selling lies or half-truths before, they just did it with a slight whiff of professionalism, allowing a despot to bring it to it's natural state on January 6th.

Bah - figuring out how to get ssh keys into my friendica chroot and server was such a pain
This entry was edited (2 weeks ago)
were you doing that from windows or linux? I think I did that through windows with the following:
I have a linux server with a chroot, and a different user, so I couldn't even copy my agent or something. And it wanted valid keys for *github*, which, uh... bah.

Wasn't just copying the keys, was more figuring out which of many contexts they were being used in, and which user wanted the permissions. But thanks.

I used the term "immune to bug reports" to describe systemd features. And I think that's useful.
@efagirard I am personally pretty unhappy with the amount Arch Linux and SystemD enter my life, Linux is really falling over these days