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The right lives in a fundamentally different reality than the rest of the world and I have given up trying to understand it.

I think the larger point is that none of that matters - what matters is the right just wants to harm people and use whatever analysis it can to justify that harm.

We live in different realities, we are using different data
I agree with that, but I do not believe it's hard to understand. I will never agree with them, but I can understand the basis of their opinions and public statements.

And he's holding a power converter, got it. *wink wink nudge nudge*
Took him 43 years, but he finally got there

2020-07-02 03:45:22
Speaking purely as a cloud economist... Kubernetes sucks, folks.

It looks to the provider like one very weird app. It's hard to allocate costs. It talks to services across AZ boundaries instead of the thing right freaking next to it.

My mom got a FitBit for Christmas, and it's telling her that 1/2 hour timezones aren't supported

So someone went out, wrote their own time library, didn't finish it, and documented the bug


I need to find a method of exercising that doesn't use the explicit muscles that carrying a very large toddler uses

I needed a file on a host I couldn't access from outside my home network easily. So I ran:
ssh -tA ssh -t mail cat .muttrc > .muttc

Because I forgot "sshproxycommand" exists, but also, holy crap I am so happy that that all worked.

They finally invented PHP
Hotwire aka NEW MAGIC is finally here: An alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire. This includes our brand-new Turbo framework and pairs with Stimulus 2.0 😍🎉🥂
I suddenly feel better about Friendica and all the other PHP projects I've been working on for the past 15 years.
People who mock PHP mostly act like JS is good

I refuse to believe they know what a computer is

You can argue all you want to that the police had no other choice, but when your default reaction is to mace a crowd, you have to be prepared for the result of that decision. You're going to have an angry mob after you make that choice.

I need to know what happened after the first season of Titans. They are all "Season 1? Don't know her"

Responsibility means that I can't spend 60% of my time in coffee shops when the vaccine is ready.
On the other hand, it can only get better from here.
It's definitely true

Toddler in a pandemic sure was a mess

2018-06-18 03:55:36
message to my enemies: when the revolution comes you're not just gonna get the wall, buddy, you're gonna get four walls, a roof, clean clothes, good food, education, and quality health care because that's what every human being alive deserves

2020-12-19 00:28:49
Personal security opinion: most orgs should not shift all their focus to supply chain hacks next year.

Most orgs are still haven’t got decent enough detection and response, backups, asset management etc.

That’s a far greater risk of actually impacting them than supply chain.

I kinda love that one of my Shadowrun Big Bads is an AI that was originally the ToDo app written by a super hacker

Every corporate hacker eventually writes a ToDo app and feature creeps it

Anyone else find jq 1000% harder to use than sed? (specifically for parsing json)

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people bragging about how many hours they work smh
Big doge: your great grandfathers: Listen Boss, me and the boys were chatting, and we decided that eight hours is an honest days work, if you don't like it, we're burning the factory down. <br>small doge: You: lol, 55 hours is nothing, I worked 75 at my last job

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Need to streak my hair blue and pink, wear that fuckin' hoodie, and my trenchcoat
Now we're talking.

HTTP error code 3002

I think I might be dealing with something bad

Best part of regexes is that you can write s/\"/\\\"/g and that
1) Does what you want
2) I unreadable if you get up and go to the bathroom and need to remember what you were doing

I just realized Roko's Basilisk is one of the best inventions
It's objectively hilarious, but also makes the worst people sad and angry

How you know this is REAL engineering: if they’d put in two normal drawers, they’d have vastly more functional space.

This is basically the furniture equivalent of using kubernetes at your startup
Oh ye of too much faith
I'm confident in Occam's Razor on this one.

Has anyone made a PHP application to interface with a BBS?

I kinda wanna hate myself again

CEO AMAs literally exist only to make it harder to learn about the business, you cannot convince me otherwise

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Imagine calling yourself a Data Scientist and then believing this shit:…

Data and Measurement people are exactly as good at data management as bitcoin people are at finance

Turns out, @:flan_molotov: Michael W Lucas has continued his streak of giving you books when you pay him
2020-12-09 16:09:44
Can confirm, I sent money and got promised books

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I'm only giving sneak peaks of my office until it's all finished

But the cute level is real high


Budgets are moral documents. By funding police at a higher rate than social services we make a statement about valuing "order" over the wellness of human beings.

I am reading Reflecting on Trusting Trust for the first time since university. I am, objectively, a way better programmer since I last read it. And I feel like a way worse one. And that affects the way in which I read it.

2020-12-14 19:55:15
@HackDefendr No
no no no
Let me sing you the song of my people for I am weary
No no no

left: things should be better and they can be

liberal: things should be better but they can't be

right: things should be worse
Reluctantly, but yes, because I don’t have a way to convince them they are wrong thinking about the small picture like they have no way to convince me I’m wrong thinking about the larger picture because we both can’t help it.

I’m not even on the best ground to judge people protecting their small slice of the world to the detriment of all because I’m currently doing exactly that even as I’m publicly wishing for something different.

I’m taking money from advertisers, I buy Chinese industrial goods, I use Lyft and Amazon and FreshDirect, I fly planes and drive cars.

In a way, even if I know the world can be better for everybody, I don’t believe it will, which isn’t too far from believing it can’t.
Yeah, no ethical consumption and so on.
It's hard to be perfect, or even good. And this is definitely insider art, not outsider.

It's an individualist's world, and we need to manage being individually protected, and community protected.

It's hard - and empathy is not easy, and this definitely wasn't empathetic

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JavaScript is the worst development in web technology. Period.

It turned browsers from simple programs that display hypertext to complex proprietary software delivery systems.

I find that indefensible. JavaScript itself is a fine enough language, but the impact it has had on the web is overwhelmingly negative.

Once again
If you work at @Microsoft and you are selling this bullshit into schools like mine

I hope you can Fucking sleep at night frankly because I don’t

I have to fight in meetings when folk say I am paranoid and I spend hours trawling for this stuff


Video games are conceptually so weird to me
They are apparently easy to be made with art and passion, and thousands of those exist

But most people are playing games that are hard to the pojnt of being unplayable by some, but stripped of all other artifice