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Pathfinder: Kingmaker would be a lot better of a game if it wasn't so... pathfinder. But it would also be a way better game if it was *more* pathfinder. They have like... a batshit medium

I hear you all wondering "so St Nicholas Church has loads of Gay Pride Flags, but does she have any trans flags?" And the answer is not just "yes, she does" but "they're in the porch so people can see that trans people are welcome before they even come in"

Churches welcome any kind of sinners, I would stay away.
What? Are you pro or anti Christian? But also - fuck off for either
Are you playing “holier than thou” with a fucking church?

@KayceeMaduYEG You mean like the insurance bill that would allow insurance companies to follow your moves on the roads? Through gadget or app.

Huh. But that’s your Bill. Not the NDPs.

I wonder how much work it would be to scrape wikia/fandom and repost it all on a bare mediawiki using namespaces
Probably the main barrier is getting IPs to bypass bans, managing copyrights, and finding the space to contiguously put the data

But the easiest thing you could do is, you know, download one of the backups.
Oh, crap. That's more polite than I expected. Good on them!

One of the few things that they've done well. I was just idly musing.

For the same reason everything in our hardware stores is still measured in inches and pounds -- being adjacent to a much larger economy.
That annoys me too ;)

@nixcraft Fastest how?

Fastest latency? localhost

Fastest to spin up a new bigger-spec instance? would have to profile

Fastest to advertise on podcasts? Linode

Fastest to take gobs of your money? Amazon

Fastest to get distracted and kill the product you've integrated into? Google

How is it that machine learning is still in so many ways equivalent to asking a fucking octopus who will win the world cup??

Anyone interested in a thread about where modern fandom came from, and who created it?

[only 18 tweets long this time! I may be learning brevity.

When I was 12, a friend of mine tried to explain the Spider-man Clone Saga to me (I had never read a Spider-man comic at that point)

I think that was the time I understood it best

Billionaire dislikes how billionaires are portray in today’s media.

Sit the fuck down Paul. You had your time.

It’s our time now.

The entire school administration and board needs to be fired
Including teachers
Disgusting “positive experiences with residential schools” assignment from middle school in Abbotsford, BC

My superpower is turning Third Wave Ska into dadrock

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OHSA hasn't changed their training materials since I did my highschool first job

I am craving Fig Newtons, this is how I know I got old
Start worrying if you get a craving for Werther's Originals. ;)
One day
One day

...It may take me a while to recover from this. 🤣

my ideal job is to be the guy at the news corporation who makes up stuff like the knockout game and rainbow parties to scare old people

Ok, seriously, Shæ just ran down the hall, turned around, charged @FireflyLeigh, into a jumping hug, which... Man

Having kids is great

Am I the one who reads logs weirdly? Or is it that every log injester I've ever seen is bonkers? I just want to be able to search the text, and then put that text on a time series graph!

This year I realized that @citywaterloo has a novel way of exempting my beighbourhood from leaf collection

Every year we are given a time we can put leaves on the road to be collected, and every year it's after the snow starts in earnest
this was us last year but this year we got lucky! It had snowed and thawed and I went out like a maniac to break up the ice over the street drains so that they could actually sweep the leaves from around the drains. Biggest success of the year!

Of course now it's all full of fresh leaves, but hey.
I just realized tonight (first snowfall) that this has been true in our neighbourhood for the entire time we've lived her (6 years). And I suspect it's systemic

I am fairly certain Loki isn't a real piece of software. Whoever made is has never viewed a log. Right?
Holy fuck?! Loki rejects out of order log events?! What?! DO ERRORS NOT EXIST IN THIS ERROR FINDING TOOL?!

I talk a lot of shit about Javascript, but @LeaftletJS is really nice, and has always been a pleasure to use

Industry/gov : "we want to use machine learning to place people into jobs!"

Me: "Yay, all kinds of bias. This sort of idea is also why I left my last job as soon of the head of data science said they thought it was a good idea I knew it was time to go"

An archivist is reading a history of Indonesia which describes a war against things that don't exist that took place in 8936 BC.

"The level of violence and sexual assault that was reported was shocking,...What the women told the assessors shocked them to their core. This process has forever tarnished the image of the RCMP as a Canadian icon."

If they only knew it’s in ALL services

"defund the police" isn't a slogan, its an extremely straightforward policy demand. this is not a marketing workshop and further input has not been requested

Yet another reason to dismantle the RCMP.

one of the most weird genres of posts in RPG spaces is
"I do not wish to engage with one of the core themes of this game, how can I get around it?" and just, like, other genres are available? If grief is not something you want to deal with, nobody is forcing you to play wraith?

Hey, uh, this is important
Disney is trying to invent new laws for screwing over people
A message from SFWA's president on # Alan Dean Foster his unpaid royalties. #
#DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster

SFWA: #DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster - SFWA

As housing prices were destroyed in 2008, and a new generation wasn't paid enough to afford living space, the rise of third spaces was huge.

And then, suddenly, a pandemic cratered the third spaces, and no one cared. Destroying the things that made post-recession life workable.

I have bootlegs of a TV show I cannot find legal copies for
On one epside the audio is slightly out of sync, but I can't figure out how far

Rather than doing work, I am generating 300 video files with the audio offset by 1 second more than the last

I think the hardest part of my life right now is absolutely bugnuts number of context switches and unrelated tasks, with little difference between things that bring me joy vs things that are necessary to live. And no environment shifts to separate things either.
The pandemic's strain isn't working from home. It's living from home. It's not seeing friends. It's easy for me to be like "I am looking forward to being back in the office", but that's not really true. I am looking forward to being back in a bar with my friends. But it's easy to think the thing I want is my commute or my office.

It's also easy to think that my time is puddling to nothing because of the amount of time I have. But it's really that it's hard to separate events. And what I want. It's also hard because if I cook, that feels the same as if I finish a personal project. Even finishing a TV show or catching up on podcasts feels like I am getting ahead.
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Ok - if you're starting a history of Horror video games and it takes you 20 minutes to get to SpaceWar it's probably too in depth

Which app did you start your Social Media life on??

1) Facebook
2) Kik
3) Snapchat
4) Instagram
5) TikTok
7) Twitter
8) MySpace
9) none of the above

Who runs a nodejs server in order to build CSS for their PHP application?!

Fuck - "Debug some apache for a PHP app" which sounded fun has turned into "Debug docker for some nodejs that no one knew about"

So my # group has decided that the Cabs in Duskvol have Taxi medallions. But rather than kept on the carts, they are silvered onto the horns of Cabbie-trained giant goats.

Stealing medallions for the mob has gotten way more exciting.

Holy shit. Everyone tells me to use Lens for Kubernetes. Somehow, a single typo in Kubeconfig leads to mostly-silent failure.