A group of awesome people just handed out a fat stack of these flyers door-to-door. If you're going to the park early, print some off and do the same, but TAKE A BUDDY🖤

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Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
➡️ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population
Some may consider that the kind of data gathering by Google described here is nothing new or unexpected and that mobile phone users have already factored in the risks of these kinds of  corporate  surveillance.  We  believe  there  are  at  least  three reasons why this is an unsatisfactory response: a) governments and  public  health  authorities  are  strongly  encouraging  their entire  population  to  use  these  apps,  and  hence  are  (wittingly or not) pressurising their entire populations to take part in this corporate  surveillance,  b)  it  is  highly  likely  that  many  users and  even  app  developers  are  unaware  of  the  detail  and  the level of intrusiveness described here and c) the lack of an optout from this data collection seems in conflict with GDPR.

I don't care about winning or being leet just let me know if the challenges stay up k bye

2020-08-07 16:50:20
The less time you want me to spend making a character in your game, the less invested I assume you want me to be in your game.

2020-08-07 20:19:30
Just a friendly reminder for your weekend 🤓

2020-08-06 01:02:53
You can give a man a fish and THEN teach him to fish, you know. And it's a lot easier to learn how to fish when you're not starving.

2020-08-07 11:46:17
Hi @Independent 👋

You forgot to add:

✅ rapidly decarbonise our economy and society by 2030 - the best way to really beat the heat!

You know when you visit parents / elderly relatives and they're like "Hey you know Computers? Can you fix my computer?". Devops is like that but with developers.

I just said "I will drink this litre of coffee and then go to bed"
I did so, and am mostly awake this morning. Got to sleep on time.

My caffeine immunity is the worst.

Do you think people will be refusing to wear masks this Halloween
I am envisioning kids walking down the street dressed as Spiderman from the neck down because their conservative parents said no masks and had a tantrum at the spiderman mask

i'm so electric i plug my tesla into my nose

This is my second internet outage in like... 4 years.

Last time was less than a month ago, gardeners cut a cable in their yard. Today, Bell Canada outage across lots of Ontario, killing their last mile.

Not bad.

2020-08-06 15:37:45
BREAKING: @NewYorkStateAG announces that she filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA entirely. @CourthouseNews

I refuse to believe other people have computers

2020-08-05 20:11:00
Security is just QA with a flair for the dramatic 🙈

Coworker: I need security advice on this situation
Me: Sure, here's four questions before I can give info
Other Coworker: Let's have a meeting!
*Sets meeting for 8am because we have 8 hours of audit to do*
First Coworker in Meeting: Ok, so, uh, what do you need to know?
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
Here we usually have multiple meetings.
The first one is relatively short and boils down to "let's have some information before we have anything to talk about".

The second meeting usually presents the requested information and it turns out that showing log files, huge topology diagrams and even various error dialogs via screen sharing or video conference isn't the greatest idea. So someone ends up sending the data by mail or other means.

The third meeting is actual troubleshooting. Surprisingly it isn't needed most of the time as some problems get resolved by replying to email in the previous step. Sometimes they get resolved by people writing the email because they get it while composing the message.
I know right. I *hate* when people share their screen to try to teach you something. Especially when they could just send it to you

Trying to find a sound to play to test my headphones. No sound files on my work laptop, except our codebase contains an mp3 of "Good News Everyone" from Futurama.

I just read the words "A Dungeons and Dragons 5e modder" and... I hate language
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
What's SRD?
System Reference Documents, a stripped down free version of the rules


Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
But why?
Sea Whisky!

I am at the point of social distancing of not being sure where my dice are

2020-08-05 00:44:30
@alicegoldfuss this posits the existence of a `make` that’s written in Makefile script, and i just lost it

The cafeine level is not proportional to the strength or taste or volume of coffee, but to the time of "washing" the coffee powder with hot water.

One of the perks of the Coronavirus is that I can't punch this consultant in the nose

2020-08-03 23:08:29
I remember way back in 2013 when we used to say things like “mass surveillance apparatus would be really dangerous if the US government were ever to become a naked tyranny” and all the national security types were like “haha, as if that could happen.”

I need to figure out what the fuck is going on with my environment! Rather than deleting all old items in a directory, my cronjob is deleting all items. Which is non-ideal for podcasts. Of course, I am able to run it from any environment I've tried so far, so... uh... fuck (and yes, I populated a script with the correct shell and set a bunch of vars).

2020-08-03 17:48:00
So a question for folks out there, I recently got a pinebook pro (with arm64 manjaro) to replace my old laptop and am having a really hard time finding a ide/ compiler that supports programming any pic/dspic/stm32 microcontrollers. Is there anything that works with that combo?
Drew DeVault mastodon (AP)
can you please not boost twitter posts on the fedi
just filter them out. when you police what content people use on this network it becomes very hostile and people won't want to use it at all.
Drew DeVault mastodon (AP)
the fediverse isn't twitter. If all you do is repost your twitter content here then you're not interacting with this community - you're spamming it.
the fediverse is a place for communicating and sharing content. that includes links to things off the network. people are welcome to post whatever they want.

If this means I can keep up with things people post on Twitter without having to actively use Twitter, that's great for me. Using the fediverse as my own "twitter client" is a fantastic use of this powerful software.
Drew DeVault mastodon (AP)
fedi is *not* a twitter client. The fedi its own community, mostly of people who dislike twitter. Come here to be a part of this community, not to leave your shit from some other community on our doorstep.
fuck off with your gatekeeping. leave people alone. if you don't like what they're posting don't consume it.
the fedi is whatever we damn well want it to be because that's the entire point of having software *we* control.
miaumiau pleroma (AP)
Neither of you are really wrong here.

I do think it's annoying that people just cross-post content and never interact. They should at least mark their accounts as bots and mention that in their bio so it's easily filtered. Some people like that but I think it's a minority.
miaumiau pleroma (AP)
on the other hand, considering this is Friendica... I think you have more of a problem with the software than with the individual user. I like what Friendica is trying to do, even though it creates some rough edges wrt other implementations.
if you think you need to reply to someone to tell them how to post you should probably close the browser tab and go find something else to do instead of trying to bully people into conforming to your view of what "the fediverse" should be.
miaumiau pleroma (AP)
if someone was spamming the federated timeline with advertisements, wouldn't it be reasonable to ask them to stop?
there's a block button for a reason
miaumiau pleroma (AP)
sure, but that doesn't mean general courtesy doesn't exist. letting someone know why they're getting muted, or that most people don't like that kinda thing, can be helpful
if people are posting things on your own server which you don't like, feel free to police it. That's the point of owning your own stake in the fediverse
roka pleroma (AP)
>letting someone know why they're getting muted
Never saw one case where it didn't look like one of those ridiculous fediblock ciclejerks. That and it comes off as patronising, telling someone what to post on public timelines.
It's a different matter if someone deliberately tags you with stuff you really don't want to see though - if it's too bothersome, it should be communicated :cirnoShrug:

Pic somewhat related.
Why do people not just mute people doing things they dislike
georgia pleroma (AP)
TWKN isn't supposed to be curated. that's like shadowbanning. users and instances can silence them individually but no one should be determining what constitutes spam or an advertisement. is "guys help me out by buying my game on steam" an advertisement? :/
georgia pleroma (AP)
I probably should've read the whole thread before replying huh
thanks for reminding me I need to stop mirroring my fedi posts on twitter
dude just filter it lol
Nah, sorry

My hometown has a COVID inspired drivein theatre. It has a theme, and it is sticking to it super hard. The theme is: a good movie, and an unwatchable movie.
Spencer friendica (via ActivityPub)
Does the theatre realize that they're sticking to this theme? 😆
I don't think so. I think they think "Madagascar and The Last Star Fighter are both films aimed at kids"

If Stephen Harper scared you before, prepare to be terrified. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

2020-08-01 15:24:19
Did you know there's an app that actually tells you which of your neighbors is racist? 👀

It's called Nextdoor.
San Francisco, CA
Allen Stenhaus mastodon (AP)
Isn't it easier to just open a window? 😂
I mean, I just left a town where people literally advertised it on signs!

2020-08-01 17:46:15
i love that this stuff is reported as just a natural phenomenon. well the oldies have turned on china hard over the past six months, can’t be 24/7 china bashing on cable news causing that, it is merely serving a market which exists spontaneously and independently!

Allen Stenhaus mastodon (AP)
Shocking... 🙄

2020-08-01 14:17:05
Reminder: some people in the tech community tried to negotiate an "alternative" version of SESTA. As a result, the final law became even worse.

If you're told that "kill the bill" is not a reasonable demand, ask why.

is this a fucking joke, I literally cant see what the design community is saying

2020-07-31 10:45:04
this is just a thought but maybe we should stop putting our music on spotify
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
I went to read the comments and after reading her
i don't use streaming so i dunno but i think you can set up a personal plex server to stream music from ...
I suddenly felt such a surge of respect towards this artist.

I'll go check out the music.
That makes sense, and is easily the right call!
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