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Hey! Someone used CardGen to make cards that wasn't me!…
Rapid prototyping, this time with more YAML!

2020-08-30 17:42:59
Apropos of nothing: if your video game is a roguelike, I feel like it’s illegal not to put that FIRST in the video game description.


2020-08-29 13:25:24
Some people look at 'Neuralink' and get worried about the 'neural' part, but I'm concerned most about the 'link' part.

I refuse to buy from Amazon and I hate that this means I can't read indie fiction

More and more it is becoming ILLEGAL to repair things that you have LEGALLY bought......... Dhan

enter image description here
@silverwizard Ha, I assumed mobile phones, but there's no debate from me about professional tools like tractors.
Yeah. Mobile phones *matter* but tractors are 100% the main focus of the conversation, since they are the most abusive.

Apparently calling two RaspberryPis a RaspberryTau doesn't communicate it
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Can we talk about how containers doubles the Works On My Machine?

2020-08-28 01:25:49
I stopped making my players roll ("lore" or whatever) to know "interesting facts about this thing" and just started telling them.
What's the point of me coming up with crazy backstories for things in my game if the players never find out about them?

My favourite part about docker is that the primary method of using it uses source containers which might just change randomly

We are now officially as advanced as Star Trek 2009 vulcans
2020-08-27 16:21:17
Bad and naughty children get put in the school bubble


Shadowrun player: "Listen, I am fairly certain that the boat where they are holding a concert... with the slogan that is our names... isn't a trap. Listen, I didn't see any guns when I looked on the matrix. That means there must be none!"

Mentally updating the term "Electric Boogaloo" to mean "Giant fight between different teams over a failing zoom call"

2020-08-27 13:49:23
@Crest_ @Tubsta @mwlauthor @iMilnb @jmcwhatever @Riastradh_ A properly written standards document that provides normative references is the best way to guarantee interoperability.

"Allocating all resources during configuration" is not part of a protocol definition.

I am shocked anyone sees cleaning graffiti as not part of a white supremacist charade.

2020-08-27 01:55:49
Most of your next-gen EDR could be outdone by fucking sysmon, if anyone bothered to deploy it.

2020-08-26 22:50:24
@bettersafetynet @cakeis_not_alie I think being "skilled" has too much emphasis on knowing how to use a tool to accomplish a task, rather than grokking higher level concepts that can be applied in the abstract.

The fundamental value of the statement "the cloud is just someone else's computer" is a rejection of ideas like NoOps and the inherit rejection of a specialization that brings real value and is constantly treated as disposable

Teaching a baby obsessed with phones about the handset intercom on our cordless phones
He's *terrified*

I just found out that my old coworker's last commit message was:
Add support fo uncontrollable sobbing while filing AWS tickets

And I miss him
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It added a script to capture ~1.5 GB of traffic that was kind of undeniable

Turns out there was a bug in the network interface driver AWS had added to Ubuntu

2020-08-26 00:14:30
Kind of niche but does anybody know of any good video tutorials explaining how to understand and troubleshoot commercial networking equipment? Like medium sized business networks. is gonna allow custom javascript?! Prepare for whole new vistas of driveby attacks.

2020-08-25 16:17:43
Help, I've been in this meme and I don't like it.


People talking about "Coming out of COVID" in meetings. I am glad we're still remote, because if we weren't I'd be screaming at them.

If we weren't I would have quit due to the COVID danger though.
I've seen written "What is a pandemic that doesn't kill people?" after good public health numbers were released in France.
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I got a call from a weird IT scammer recently. They asked me a few questions and I was going to try to play along, but then I ended up breaking out laughing for a full minute, and hung up knowing the jig was up

I would make a bad pentester

TIL that I am the JIRA admin when IT is away

I found this out since IT is away

2020-08-24 20:19:28
Right now tech has a rep of having "destroyed democracy" but remember there was a time people fighting oppressive government regimes would graffiti "" on walls as both a symbol and instrument of liberation and tech ppl this is what you *coulda* been doing with your life

I would normally never talk politics on sm but this angers me to no end! "Take Canada Back" from who and why? I will not support anything or anyone that puts any Canadian "back".

2020-08-24 15:40:12
You’re telling me that for $90/year/person, Kitchener could have full sidewalk clearing, but that the committee is recommending the status quo? What’s your hourly wage, and how much time do you spend shovelling? At minimum wage that’s less than 7 hours. That’s _so cheap_!

Fuck, patron rewards mean I need to script getting the content, then listen to it
Patreon's setup makes it feel like work to give people money

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Once you eat of the spice, you end up putting internal SSO Unix admins for VMs, and put your VMs on internal segregation beyond your original

You have vlans within vlans, wheels within wheels

Wow, I have always lowkey hated Lunduke, but... Whoa

He's apparently just out there supporting the Proud Boys

Remember, Alex Jones is the most influential thinker of your time

It hurts a lot that my son cries whenever he sees me, because he misses me being emotionally available

Jobs suck

The @PodsideP episode on I Am Legend *does not* hold up after March 2020

But it definitely works as a morbid artifact

@JohnsNotHere :verified: Not wanting to interrupt, since it barely matters. But - why did you go with 1d6 and 1d20 vs 1d6 and 1d10?
Was it the Two Standard Deviation is ~5% thing?
Something more "exotic" with a 1D20 vs a 1D10. Plus it makes people feel as if they have a better chance. I.e. purely personal and unscientific. ;-)