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2020-07-29 01:28:44
I'd be less of an ML skeptic with a solid "this is how it transformed our entire business for the better" customer story.

So far all we've got is "it taught us people like to drink coffee in the morning," "helping the feds commit atrocities," and "bias laundering."

2020-07-30 05:26:41
so uhhh how many kids are gonna get expelled this fall under the zero tolerance policies at schools because they’ve got hand sanitizer on them????

2020-07-30 14:41:24
I think I am going to post all of the sketches and the pitch that I submitted for a 5e Spelljammer project I called “The Astral Tide”.

I never heard anything back, and I know it isn’t going anywhere, so I think I just want to put it into the wild. Maybe it will inspire others.

I wish I knew more about urban farming. Since I really want to do more around Urban Farming in Cyberpunk.

Like - I know a fair amount about *gardening*, and I know a fair amount about *farming* - but not an expert in either - nor the unique challenges of Urban Farming

I am fairly certain that this is the motto of most PbtA game
2017-12-22 12:51:17
Make it queer and make it satisfying.

This seems legit good?

Stop expecting government to maintain multiple homes?
2020-07-29 23:26:12
i for one did not know a significant number of republican men in the house of representatives live in the building like they're ducking security. presumably they gather after hours around a campfire to share a can of beans and a song





2020-07-29 13:54:47
@allisonwilens A teacher said tht teachers wld quit if RSOs are gone. I told her thts good, we need teachers w/compassion & grace who see kids as kids, not threats or criminals. In partenering w/ppl living w/disabilities, environment & sense of dignity are the biggest factors in behaviors.

2020-07-29 19:06:50
Has anyone brought up the fact that the vice chair of the House Antitrust Subcommittee takes direct campaign contributions from Google, Microsoft and Amazon?


Capitalism concentrates our living spaces to the point where our brains can no longer conceive that we live in a community, and then traps the benefits of a people who don’t understand that mutual aid and community accountability can be a viable alternative to police.

An Invitation to Play Along:

We're currently developing a N900-style keyboard attachment for the #Pinephone. Do you think you can do better? Prove it. If you're right, your design may make it to production! 😎

2020-07-29 12:28:10
Starting now, the @washingtonpost will uppercase the B in Black to identify the many groups that make up the African diaspora in America and elsewhere.

The Post will also use other racial and ethnic identifiers as follows (per company email):


I need to start an eZine to give myself permission to be bad at game design

You see, mining rare earth elements and production of batteries, and overcomplicated technical crap is 100% emission free.
Not as much as the relationship density suggests, I'd wager. Unlike other web giants who actively expect worldwide traffic except when they are barred from operating (then they cooperate with the local government to pass along user data), Uber only expects traffic from locations where it is enabled, reducing the overall infrastructure needs.
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I have a script that does everything I want for my podcasts (delete old ones, bring down episodes, tag and rename, add them to mpd). Unfortunately, when I run it with cron - it deletes the podcast directory. And uh... that sure is a bug

If I end up putting a SATA card in a USB3 PCI port, and put a drive in that, please hit me

2020-07-29 12:19:56
Video not taken out of context. Pushback not an overreaction. What you see happening is exactly what's happening. Straight from the horse's mouth. It's just that the horse either doesn't understand the implications of its tactics or DOES NOT CARE.

Hint: it doesn't care.

@jeFF0Falltrades That's because we're told early on that we need to know everything before being able to land that entry level role.. I'm sure you've seen the outrageous jobs posts cirulating around.

My #Spelljammer PCs are giving blood to a cursed doll and taking magical drugs - and works out

The Gig Economy is proof Crime DOES Pay!

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2020-07-28 17:42:05
it's a bold direction, really. I've wondered when Linux would finally catch up with Windows, but this new direction of "keep old stuff working, but make it really annoying" is really bringing it up to parity with Windows 10.

2020-07-28 20:46:28
Telecom needs to be nationalized and treated as a public service in Canada.

“Take control of the network shared by Bell & Telus that has been subsidized, given favourable regulatory treatment and was even partly publicly owned for many decades.” 👇…

Putting the F-35 in the coronavirus bill doesn’t make sense because only one of those things travels through the air regularly

There's a good bet that soon SSL will be fully required by major browsers. This is good for security, but it's also symbolic:

Now you need someone's permission to put up a web server.

Now, LetsEncrypt is great and grants SSL certs freely. But what if they go away?

On the Genderify bullshit:
I put in the writing of a high profile technical blog written by a woman. Shocking, it said 100% male. So - uh- that's about as good as I expected.

Thanks, I'm proud of myself for picking the low-hanging performance fruits!
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Updated to Friendica's develop branch, and I have notifications again, and I hope a few other problems are unbroken
Also - looks like it solved a few communications issues I was having

Love how the Ubuntu installer exits as successful without writing to the disk. That's really good
I am definitely not fond of all the bloatware in Ubuntu for sure. I tried it again once the dock could be moved to the bottom, but I still couldn't get myself to like it. For now, I'll stick with Mint. Access to all the same repositories, much cleaner in general, & the GUI is familiar enough.
I use dwm or xfce on Ubuntu - but it's a mess

I am actually a little in awe of how much I can't tell the difference between individual applications and their databases, or computers and their disks

OK, now I am wondering if magic item scarcity in TTRPG discourse is linked to the magic item shop discourse, and if so, which direction
Also - I think it's an important setting knob! D&D can't do low magic - but other games can - and so how magic is stored in *items* vs stored in *people* vs stored in a mystical world (captured by spirits, fae, rituals, or whatever) matters a lot.
OH! Also - Unknown Armies even makes this worst by making *all magic* be made by people, or cast by people. And part of the horror is that there's no magic that isn't *humans*. All the fucked up and horrifying stuff is because *humans have poor impulse control*.

In the YOLD 2020 I, managed to use a zip file like it was 1995 downloading from websites that claimed downloading a .exe automatically meant a virus

Whenever I see the word AI I initially read at as Al, (obviously), so I assume someone named Albert is just solving problems and being dumb

Oh crap. I am constantly overwhelmed by my podcasts, but I only just realized Live From Barsaive is gone... but so is Lava Monkey Games!

I hope they're ok!

Someone convince Elon Musk he should colonize the Sun

Have you heard the joke about a sophisticated cyber attack by a malicious foreign state actor? I’d tell you but it was a DDOS by a 13 yr old

You can tell when I am happy because I am being cynical and angry about how bad I am at computers