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2020-06-29 22:09:51
Did… Ubuntu just put an ad in my Linux login message


Me: Hey can you do [progressive thing]?

My MP: We are very committed to [centrist disappointment]

Me: No no I don't want you to tell me your policies; I want you to tell them what I said

My MP: Can I interest you in [other centrist disappointments]?

This is a really important conversation
We need to
1) Ban fake cellphone towers being used by police
2) Ban police from going through phones
3) Figure out better methods for recording

One of these is likely
2020-06-29 20:04:47
Where do you think videos of police violence — especially recorded at night, under poor lighting conditions — are coming from?

I don't think they're coming from burner phones.
#2 seems to become a problem everywhere and it is a part of much larger problem - blatant disregard of privacy and right to information.

This has to be addressed on the global level.
Yeah! Treating our data footprint as as private as our homes!

Ok - after some bashing I added Friendica notifications to my dwm topbar, I hope this means I can get properly notified
There are other endpoints available, e.g. api/statuses/replies but I am not sure how to discern unread ones easily.

Myself I have an idea to make a script to automatically dismiss (read) less important notifications so I don't miss mentions and direct replies.
The problem with Replies is that I can't get a simple count of novel items

Fuck the fuck off and shut up
2020-06-29 15:19:35
Stratford Festival among $1B pandemic hit to Canada's tourism industry


oh! Hey! Canada is flattening our curve!
We managed to bring down the number of new daily cases, reopened, and now that curve is going flat!

Compiler errors, but for posting on the Fediverse, like
input:1:1: error: no, no, bad terrible
1 |   Hot take, but pee pee poo poo
  |   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 error generated.

lawyers please learn to not "but that's illegal!" when that doesn't actually help anyone

2020-06-28 21:22:07
Signs that maybe being in quarantine is starting to affect your mind...@TheDollyrots doing an impromptu theme song for the Chickies. 😂😂

I keep boosting this memorial
But I am very angry about framing this as protestors
This was a memorial
2020-06-28 03:55:28
As police in riot gear were spraying protesters with pepper spray and using batons to push them back at the #ElijahMcClain protest in Aurora today, this man began playing the violin. One of the most surreal scenes I’ve ever seen. Music is powerful. #9News

2020-06-28 18:52:34
Nothing says “we’re definitely an essential and not corrupt org you should keep funding” like *checks notes* aggressively stopping a remembrance of a child you murdered.

A vigil is a funerary ritual, a component of social grieving. Armed government goons attacking one is the kind of nakedly obvious terrorism campaign that would earn someone a Pulitzer if they wrote about it happening in Kandahar.
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2020-06-28 03:27:39
A guy on reddit reversed engineered #TikTok

Here’s what he found on the data it collects on you

It’s far worse than just stealing what’s on your clipboard:



2020-06-28 18:38:44
A CIRG officer shows up WITHOUT A MASK to harass Secwepemc women, their children, and elders. #tinyhousewarriors

2020-06-28 06:25:45
Aurora PD breaking up the peaceful violin vigil for the very kid they murdered. #ElijahMclain

Feels weird to put a like on this post (My intention is to show I noticed the post and thought it's important).
On facebook I usually put angry-face on such things.
Yeah - I am spending a lot of time trying to process this event. It's nearly impossible to engage with emotionally.

Y'know what sucks?

The BLM protests are still happening with less media attention.

The Portland police are rioting and it's not being reported by media at large as people are being assaulted in the streets.

Another Black trans girl, Brayla Stone, was murdered in Little Rock, AR and she's being misgendered in the news while her alleged killer is bragging about making a 5K hit.

2020-06-27 11:25:16
June 26/27 2010 — happy 10th anniversary of the G20 — on this Pride weekend, remember how quickly, easily & without repercussions or worry people from every political stripe gave away your Canadian rights & freedoms.

2020-06-26 18:33:28
parent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

machine learning model: yes

We need a subversive Batman story where Batman isn't traumatized, and instead is trying to honour his family

Me: "This new server is pretty loud, I wonder if too loud"
My old server: <Loud ongoing chugging noise>

So, uh, hey
Anyone written ansible modules for bhyve?

Hey hey! I have a non-baby server with a real zpool setup! Only 2TB for now, but got another TB of smaller disks for bulking it out!
And now to add VMs and try to be a proper BSD user

I say this about 70% of my problems
fuck it i'll just install xfce tbh

My brain:
My brain:
My brain: hey remember that embarrassing thing you did several years ago

Being a dad is basically shoving a toothbrush in a kids mouth because I book you read with a white lady with her makeup done and three kids said it was normal, all while trying to not feel like a teenager bullying a kid

2020-06-25 13:59:32
by personal accounts and by his professional conduct Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly a monster, one who gives Peter Thiel and Erik Prince competition, but for various reasons he gives of certain class signals which make people think he must be an ok guy - even liberal!

2020-06-25 13:53:47
Don't lose sight of the fact that it doesn't matter if the victims were innocent. The police are not entitled to be judge, jury, and executioner.

Waiiiiiiit?! DoH was always snakeoil?! WHAAAAAAT?!
2020-06-25 13:45:28
Of course this now means that DOH is now officially jumped-the-shark useless... Who is the one adversary on a Comcast network that could see your DNS? Comcast or someone who compromises Comcast. Which is running the DNS server anyway.
As long as they allow to switch it, it isn't too bad.

However if this switch disappeared...

In the Hercules/Xena show, producer Robert Tabert is played by two different people. One of whom is Robert Tabert

i put all my biases into a black box and now it keeps spitting up slurs. i think the solution is to make the box bigger and blacker

One of the worst parts of Slack is custom emoji. They introduce racists/sexist/edgelord memes into a culture, as well as encourage sarcasm over engagement
i think workspace admins can remove? But don't quite know
I assume so, but I don't know who they are and it wasn't that egregious.

Was just stroking my feed and saw someone'd donated to some teaching-young-black-girls-to-code thing sponsored by googfacezonple or whoever and it's really starting to look like white twentysomething guys with rich parents who learned how to code think that it's the "code" bit that put them where they are, and if they just spread the "code" bit to everyone then everyone will be a coder and everyone will be rich and racism will be solved as easily as flipping a bit

I feel like we have this "please stop doing digital phrenology and eugenics" conversation with Comp Sci every like 6 months

2020-06-24 17:02:32
Feels like the line between wellness checks and SWATing is blurring.

2020-06-24 16:41:08
It's easy to get lost in the day to day and get discouraged by the slow rate of change.

Don't forget to step back and look at what your team has accomplished over the past 12 months to gain a completely different perspective.