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I am on time to my Zoom meeting
Showing up to the meeting ontime meant that I needed to listen to a very loud beach boys playlist

So I finally understand why I never understood the plot of Hercules the Legendary Journeys

Hercules is kicking the crap out of the fashion police because the person he helped win a dance contest last season wants to win a dance contest
Sorry, she now wants to win a *fashion* contest

Agile software development is a form of formalized, constructive and goal-oriented procrastination.

I am tempted to try to buy a computer on just to see what I get
@silverwizard sadly you have to register for even have a look at the items.
Yeah, I have a bunch of burner emails, so it's not the end of the world - but that's 100% the thing stopping me from doing this

Wait - isn't it:
cut -d' ' -f1|sort -un ?

Just ignore the head command (unless you really need the top 10? then it's cut -d' ' -f1|sort -urn|head)

And yet - the response is to pull in data from the web? I wonder what `time` says there? They look similar in keystrokes

One thing I struggle with a lot in my career is that I am very *good* under pressure. I like working under pressure. I am really good at building plans and testing hypothesises under pressure. I also want to do things I can be proud of. I don't want to be in the same spot and not getting better. So, usually after two years things aren't in the crisis point anymore, and I begin to feel useless, rather than acknowledge that I helped make things better. And I don't know how to grow into a role where I am a senior who is managing a system.

Most of this comes from the problem of tech companies not *promoting*. My last two jobs I came in to a situation where there wasn't a lot of support for the operations team, and things were a mess. I was then *heavily* involved in cleaning up the situations, and spent a lot of time in high pressure fixes. And generally got most of my respect from my ability to fix those crisises.

But then, in both roles, I transitioned into a role where I was the fixer - the person who was trying to keep things sensible. But I wasn't promoted or changed in terms of authority in both cases. Meaning that I am making changes to a system, without authority to authorize those changes, so I am stuck making little tweaks here and there - with no architectural vision or authority. And maybe that's the problem. Or maybe it's a skill I am missing and I don't understand.

Part of that problem is that I am always working on stuff that is for stability, repeatability, and safety - rather than features - it's hard to *sell* what I do. It's also hard to sell when you don't have it. But it means that I often lose to those pushing features.
Hey - you ever been too alone and too sober?

Oh, that's not exciting
Booze cravings are not things I expected - but that's really not good

Terraform was written by sadists

That's the only explanation
"You can't import modules conditionally, and you can't put conditions into where the module lives, for security"

"Oh, of course you can make the module location be fetched via DNS"

One day, I am going to be able to make all of m VMs from something that isn't the "cloud". Just a fucking VM provider. And not have to use terraform ever again.

I really hate being me sometimes. I see people say things like "This uses cron syntax" and my first question is "Which cron?"

I suddenly want to make a mail server that's an electron app
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It would be the worst - wouldn't it
Luckily I refuse to write JS
No, the worst would be a web browser that's an electron app.
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Oh fuck

that sounds horrible

Imagine using the Electron core for web browsing, it's so bad

Less sarcastically: ARRRRRRG

Me to my wife: One of us keeps making too much junk food
Also me: Imma make two tiramisus and dandelion ice cream this weekend

FreeBSD if I need lots of applications
OpenBSD if I need stability

Been a while since I did this
Bought lady fingers because *time*

From a distance it looks to me like a dessert invaded by ants! 😱🧁🐜
I spent time with a cheese grater to make those chocolate flakes damnit!

I am not taking this guff!
Delicious, delicious ants.
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That was my first impression as well! I was slightly horrified.
Better than the ones I had it Italy damnit. I loved it
Then that's all that matters!
To me this more or less looks like Tiramisu.
Thank you

Thank you for believing in me
Yep, a Tiramisu invaded by ants.
I preemptively surrender to your ant army.
You'll probably be safe; they look pretty well-fed.

That's reasonable.

I do need to get less mad about American politics. Since you know, it's broken beyond belief, but it keeps harming Canadian discourse.
@silverwizard - well, you know that Canada is part of the US in many people's minds, so we reflect badly on you in that way /s

Tonight I find out if my age is stored as a 5 bit integer, I am not sure if more I am worried about signed or unsigned
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