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TIL that I've watched GI Joe on Netflix

Meaning that I've seen the live action GI Joe

which is news to me
This movie has the same quality as Battleship
Wait - does this movie have a pro-nuke message?!

I have been drinking one beer a night for the past ~week.

Which makes me think I'm ok, but that's definitely teetering on the edge

Sure, one beer is fine - but being consistent about it worries me
Keeping consistent on the beer side

This stays worrying
Has two tonight, but several hours apart, but I am still concerned

I am logging my social drinking publicly to keep myself in check

Well, first the fans spins up hard, then the monitor and power lights start flickering. The keyboard fades to an ominous glow, and the speakers crackle in enochian

And then from the void, is summoned it's working

Erm, I think I got the right PC here

Many times, I've seen arguments made like this: "I'd try Mastodon, but I already have Twitter followers", or "I'd like to use OSM, but Google Maps has better data for my city", or, in my case, "I'd like to use, but GitHub has better discoverability".

Platforms for which popularity improves the utility of the service are skewed in favor of the incumbents. New platforms face a chicken-and-egg problem. You have to decide - will you help it, or exacerbate it? Those are the only two choices you have.

Don't let that cool new platform die in obscurity while you wait for it to become popular.

See also: Tesla.
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My marketing team just claimed that training videos were a personalised touch

Does this seem like pure madness to everyone else?
I know right

I feel like marketing is run by aliens

Why is AWS just paying more money for all the responsibility, and none of the features?

Is there no one that realises that doing an infinitely recursive function faster doesn't maker it end sooner?!
I mean, I run a popular enterprise project management software, so I get it

I just wish people had consistent understanding of *things*
It is not perfect world.

I just considered an instance block in order to not see a pro-systemd smug moron

Alcoholism, the solution is alcoholism
I guess the risk isn't the same.
I mean - both can deeply harm your children

But definitely, yes

I thought that too, but Treants are already the open ripoff of Ents ;)

I dislike that my laptop's power adaptor is heating up


My title is DevOps and Security, so people often ask me about coding. Why I try to tell them is that I don't know how do things well, but I do know a lot about how to do them wrong

I always leave for my lunch break when I am working from home.

Not everyone seems to understand.
I leave, and lock my computer ,for an hour

Apparently Just Eat's innovation is "obeying the law around breaks"

Ug - how did I go from excited to half burned out inside four days. No feedback and being exhausted makes this hard.
@silverwizard us hermits have a major advantage in the current situation, in that hardly ever leaving the house trying to get work done at home is the norm for us ;)
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I found this statement not to be widely applicable. "Us hermits" often are prone to anxiety, especially regarding uncertainty, and this period is full of threats and uncertainty, triggering productivity-affecting anxiety. Working from home and working from home during COVID-19 confinement are two very different beasts.

I'm glad you are handling it well though!

Dear search engines,

If I type three words, let's say rca, 501 and emulator, and there are pages on the Internet that actually contains those three words, could you please, for the love of everything that you hold dear, show them to me?

And no, the Wikipedia page for the RCA 501 does not contain the word emulator, so why do you think that it belongs as the number one result?

And the second result, "15 best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2020" does not contain the words rca nor 501.

There was a time when search engines actually searched for the terms you typed in. I'd like us to return to that.

I am very angry that Star Trek beyond is good

it's confusing

"good news everyone! we can do phrenology millions of times per second now!"

This gin is the best bottle of gin i've ever owned. It is making me want to get into gin.
ok, but tell me more about the Gin!

It's smooth, and not too sweet, tastes like a liquor should, and doesn't rise above it's station. The proper taste of juniper, and not the amount that is overpowering you get in too many gins

Holy shit. Holy shit. Sholy Hit.

This person doesn't understand how to use SSH or manage authorized_keys files, so instead wrote a batshit toolchain to let Google manage your SSH as the solution?!

Could they not have spent that energy reading docs?!
To make scalable profits out of it?
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Thinking about running some PbtA but where I use the basic moves from one game, and the playbooks from another.
OH! 100%

Imagine a Monsterhearts Vampire in event Monster of the Week or Urban Shadows

Imagine a bunch of Masks characters in Night Witches!

It would be a *mess*
But I like games that are incredibly messy

Hey, burnout question:
I am mid process for making a bunch of new security policies, but my direct report is a VP dealing with a company navigating a pandemic and recession

How do people manage low feedback when solo on a team

Small lean systems are the most complicated, you cannot build a small system, you must build small tools to make complex systems manageable

When thinking about writing MUDs, I want to do things without a database backend as is in vogue

But I also don't want to just store everything in memory without a sensible backend

My wife and I are hitting the ends of our self-isolation ropes, which is real bad