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I need to properly control my alcohol consumption - I am going above my current threshold that I set for myself - and yet I don't think it's a problem - but I am so worried it can become a problem

And I don't know how to avoid that
Did more toward a problem today, should probably not have beer in the house for the duration
But, fuck
OK, this might just be a breakdown, not an alcohol problem

Now I need to figure out why


I need to bake less


Episode of Young Justice where adults disappear and you see a kid in a car seat, and... fuck

Kids in danger get to me these days
It's one thing about parenting I'm glad not to be afflicted with.
I am a *very* protective father apparently



I should follow fewer people, every time I upgrade I use all 80GB of my host disk and need to get creative moving backups to NA and back to Europe



It's ok to just drink straight from the Chemex, right?



I wish Zoom would let me fix my mic settings while waiting for a meeting
Ha, on the agent indeed.
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Gotta maximise the paranoia here!


Are there any good resources on organizational security tabletop exercies?




Most heroes are victims as well.
Even if by choice although usually there isn't much choice.
Oh yeah - the "We want to work" meme is also an expression of the ways in which we sacrifice people to capitalism

We need to protect the essential, and pay the inessential, otherwise there is no value in society
I like to think firefighters are the one noteworthy exception. It is a choice and the pay isn't great compared to the difficulty to actually make it, at least in France. It isn't a career you can use as a last resort if everything else fails like the military for example.

I could see nurses being in the same category, although I have less second-hand experience with the choice of becoming a nurse and the difficulty to make it.



I need to finally configure this.
Don't do it - get stuck on aliases is a mess

Also - as the actually boosted status says "If that's your pro-tip, I don't wanna see your beginner's tip". This person doesn't even seem to know what *bash* is.



I wish slack would send non-shitty notifications

I also wish it would do chat well

I also wish it would try to use less than a giga-anything of memory
Ah, but if I wanted to use a non-shitty chat I know where # and # live!

I don't get to make the decisions about what chat app to use though unfortunately
#xmpp #irc


Insurance and pensions are two activities where actually providing the service to users directly goes against making profits and as such probably shouldn't be allowed to be carried out by for profit companies.


The problem with the # hashtag is that I am currently working from my basement, and have a hoody next to me


Turns out that our linter thinks that encrypted keys are unreadable and I therefore shouldn't commit them.

This is a great example of a correct premise and completely incorrect conclusion.



90s: "lol I installed linux on my toaster, so empowering"
today: "my terrifyingly insecure IoT toaster is probably running an old version of the linux kernel, yes"



Shæ has hit the point where he can now explore well enough to get himself in trouble. In order to do this he jumped off the couch yesterday, and is now crying his eyes out because we wont let him play on the stairs.



Parenting goals


Oh, that's great, I avoid the comments like

A person who has read youtube comments...

But damn
My litmus test is the first comment. I usually don't go further if it's low quality.


I am playing a lot of very procedural RPGs right now (work better online), and it *sucks*

I want more freeform, free flowing, and simple RPGs

Less Burning Wheel, Shadowrun, and D&D, and more Fiasco, Don't Rest Your Head, and so on



Isn't it fun how the Linux folks constantly go NIH over every single thing out there, totally ignoring the lessons that other folks got out of implementing stuff way before them and then complain why their broken APIs are not considered standard?


I have often thought about this. The most obvious is an Ars Magicka style game, where instead of the schools being inherit to the PC, place the schools in items, and allow mastery. Meaning different kinds of spells are available based on your choices.
I only vaguely remember how materia and slots work, and may be confusing the system with FFVIII >.<
but it does sound interesting!
I also don't know it too well - but having slots, and powers in them, and those powers being minor, but leveling independently



Wait - is the most recent episode of Riverdale a direct response to @QuinnCurio ?


The old World Of Darkness modelled the action economy of 1929


We need to stop publishing economic indicators.

Literally - during these events, the fact that no one leaves their house for a few months is going to change things. And then that will cause shit to be weird. Weird is weird, and we need to accept that.

Single indicators being weird for the duration doesn't mean things are destroyed. They are only really destroyed if we assume they are.
This is pretty antihuman statement.

I can get "we have to prevent economic collapse" narrative (and even share it to some extent) but sacrifice for growth? Just shove your growth where the sun doesn't shine.
Unfortunately, in capitalist economic systems, investors' money is worth more than workers' lives.


Empty barrels and pumping equipment are going to spike in price as people try to ride this oil dip - and then they're going to realise they can't refine it and...

Why do we let idiots have money?


aboard the fictional vessel The Shepherd, everything is a monument. the ship was built over hundreds of years by numerous successive generations. everything from its materials to its software are masterpieces developed by guilds and syndicates with enduring traditions of excellence. it doesn’t phase them that things take many lifetimes, because everything is a monument. a cathedral. a wonder of existence. they take the time to make things that last.

capitalism cannot produce such things. “in the long run we’re all dead” they say, and it makes them short-sighted. they cannot conceive of the communal life that outlasts any individual, so rather than work to enrich it they can only cheat it for their own gain.



I still don't understand why Kubernetes is useful. I don't understand docker - but I understand why someone might want it. But I don't get the basic use case for Kubernetes.

Who is running around with a huge amount of compute on a single host that they want segregation on?
And if they are using kubernetes in place of virtual machines, who is running around with a huge amount of non-specialised compute?

Did people just decide to forego system architecture and instead spend twice the architect's salary on computers?