I want to emphasise that DoH will make data exfiltration easier, and make fingerprinting *you* easier, though you get to pick who does it (between Google or Google currently)
Sad Town
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
Yep, this already happened to us.

But it also happened before in other circumstances, DoH just adds one more case.
I mean - it's super easy to do - and you still need to connect to the IPs - but it's another layer

Guh - this just feels like Disney ground the post-OT era into the ground, destroyed all the good will the EU had, so they've decided to make a "new Era" with a lot of Jedi, as a different space

I hate to say "they're gonna make Star Wars boring" - but I feel it
Sequel Trilogy

Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I’m bad at this and I forewarned you about it.

AWS's terminology creep would be a lot easier to respect if it didn't use different terms in different places
Last Heroes Tomb


Shit - stories about parenting and family really fucking are getting to me this year

real question is: is it worse to give it to comcast than cloudflare? I don't think it matters at this point; it's still data that neither should have access to

Pax Tharkas

Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
*groans in dad*

I was sick today

and that made me feel like a shitty father

And that sucks
Shit happens, it's not your fault. I'm a dad and I've just recovered from a week long flu myself. *hugs*
Oh, I couldn't imagine what a week long flu would do

That sounds awful

But yes, can't be helped


Hedge Maze

the election should be decided by whomever’s phone is the most foss

I now have a hacker mug (hard to take a picture of)

Temple of Zeboim
Or if you parents go there and get the tour and buy one in the giftshop
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)


Temple of Majere

Temple of Mishakal

|sort |uniq -c|sort |head

That makes sense to anyone with a unix background

but I *hate* it
Temple of Mishakal
I needed:
all the IDs of events
then sort them (for uniq to be able to consume)
then get how many instances of each line there is
Then sort *by the number of instances of each line*

please please please please please please please boomers stop telling me how much you hate your wife and ribbing me like you expect me to understand. i love my wife. i am only at work to get money to live. my life is on hold when i'm not with my wife. fuck you fuck you fuck you, go to fucking therapy or get a divorce. jesus


Academy of Sorcery

Silver Dragon Mountain
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
What was the dice deciding?
They killed every single PCs in my party

There was a real bad roll, the PCs failed a fairly easy save vs some banshees, and everyone died
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Oh, I thought you were talking about the resurrection dice roll.

So yeah, in this case it provided story material because you were somewhat prepared for that outcome. Which may not be the case for all DM if they have a specific idea of the course of the story. When a single player dies, for example, it's harder to recover from it because someone actually stops playing IRL, while in a TPK all the players suffer the same fate, which puts you on the spot but doesn't introduce an imbalance in the player involvement.
I wasn't really prepared at all. But I managed to take the tools I had to make a different story.

And the stories we can build from dice allow us lots of things.

And I know there there's enough spotlight rotation that being out of the spotlight due to death is usually the same as being out of the spotlight due to being in another room.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Are you saying that you couldn't have thought of the specific outcomes dice created?
I am saying it's more fun if the dice are an equal voice affecting the story, and that changes how play happens and builds messier, more complicated stories
We also had an instance of a single character dying (mine) that was unplanned for, though admittedly I was resurrected on the nearby Paladin Planet either that session or the next.

The death was still incredibly narratively relevant though, but made so by @silverwizard's reaction to the dice (and my character alignment shift). Admittedly, there were setting and character pieces in place to support the resolution already and @silverwizard is a fantastic improvisational GM, but I think it can serve as inspiration to remember that even potentially unfun outcomes of the dice can be made fun with careful interpretation.
To be fair, the problem was 6 AoE save or dies a round. Minus however many the remaining living PCs could drop in a round, except the PCs were focusing the higher CR Death Knight, because we used narrative threat assessment, not mechanical threat assessment.
Shush - they were so low of DC that he needed a 3 to fail them, he should have been fine

And banshees are cool and thematic when paired with Death Knights
And once you go through a labyrinth made of skulls you HAVE to meet a death knight, there are rules
Success v 1 Banshee: 17/20
Success v 6 Banshees, 1 round: 0.377149515625‬

Iteratives suck.

Death Knights and Banshees ARE cool though, glad we fought them.
Just pointing out that "easy save" is not all it says on the tin, because I am a pedant.
Yeah, but one in three dropping sounds good for "tough fight"
That's the odds of not dropping. For the character with the highest save.
The Banshees could only wail once per day, and they rarely hit him since he was engaged with the Death Knight, and basically it was SUPER lucky hits that got him.

Point is - it was mostly bad luck for the last two rounds of that fight.

But also - it doesn't *matter*. What matters is that it made *fun* happen.

Sure, I screwed up the balance, and sure there were bad rolls, but the place the campaign is in in response is a good one - because we figured out how to roll with those punches.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I can’t believe you two are still at it 3 days later.
We're nerds
I completely agree that the place we're at now is better for the result of that fight, and the fight itself was fun (for me, though I think less for some of the others).
Whether a curveball from the dice is likely or not, adapting narrative to that curveball allows for a form of emergent storytelling not quite present with a resource allocation game.
Our campaign is riddled with stories that only happened because the dice skewed weird - from Golf, to Nigel the contract expert, to Crazy-eyes McGee. And those are some of the stories I most enjoy telling.

Favorite comment I read this morning:

"open source makes software that is good for developers, not the users".

I... uh... have a problem

I believe the Brandon Sanderson "hard magic" systems and other bullshit are definitely a direct response to Dungeons and Dragons and computer roleplaying games - since by definition those games are formal systems

However, predating this, we have the Hermetics who explicitly went out of their way to apply the scientific method to mysticism (especially: Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz) which went out of its way to marry magic and science, and then later the 60s use of the scientific method to attempt to study psychic powers (this later came out in Dungeons and Dragons with psionic rules and their use of the term Sciences to dictate types, and that attitude for different psychic powers)

Dungeons and Dragons was explicitly influenced by people like Carl Sargent - - who applied parapsychological principles to his mysticism, and Gygax definitely was of that realm.

HOWEVER - despite the fact that Dungeons and Dragons applied a lot of formalism to its magic, and definitely had people influenced by the Hermetic and Parapsychological schools writing it - you can also see that formalism in games like Unknown Armies which reject those traditions. I am fairly certain that until Mage the Ascension or Ars Magicka there wasn't an institutional belief that you could balance magical powers without VERY strictly formalizing them - since the original drive was from wargames, where very specifically defining all yours powers mattered to keeping the game fair.

Later games, like 4th and 5th edition D&D have stronger computer game analysis of them where everything should be passed through a neutral interpreter, and then results come out - and so VERY formal magical rules are required, the same as every other VERY formal rules (see the skill rules in Xanathar's Guide to Everything).

But I think a lot of modern mystical formalism is the other way around, where people do their formalism to historical magic, through the lens of computer games/roleplaying games.

At least - those are the off the top of my head thoughts.

Monitoring and alerting matters a lot - and I hate it when there's problems and they are only obvious to someone who knows the system

and it's worse when your monitoring and alerting is bad enough that only ops can see the problem and your devs just wont look
Pax Tharkas
Important new problems are showing up

it took me two days to prove to people that the problem existed - and I built the tooling to repeatedly do it - but now it's a crisis and someone was woken up by it multiple times last night - because I couldn't build new tools fast enough
I wish I could get support to solve problems BEFORE I was done proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt



He's just sidestepping land rights and treaties
Last Heroes Tomb

Silver Dragon Mountain

Gods Row

There's two people left in the office

Customer Support singing songs
And me swearing under my breath

At least one of us is practicing joy
Temple of Kiri-Jolith

Citadel of Light

I often need to remind our developers that their laptop has more RAM and more cores than most of our clusters, and they can't use them for load testing

The most accurate sysadmin fiction is the scene in Vigilant by James Alan Gardner where the protags are being chased by killer robots and start screaming out different kinds of pain, and "allergic" works because no one thought to take out that specific code for protecting humans
Temple of Kiri-Jolith
Specifically, the killer robots were adapted from regular robots, but all the robots were made to protect humans, and then had to be modified to be made killer again


I am wondering how much work it would be to take the pinebook's main board and put it in a larger case

Obviously the hardest part is a compatible screen, but I don't need screen size, I want keyboard size

Last Heroes Tomb
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
I wish they make just good keyboard laptop which wasn't 15.6".

It is like a competition of who gets less buttons on the keyboard. Seems they make them now for vim enthusiasts and people who don't type anything except plain text notes.
Yeah, more good keyboards on laptops

I want to put a screen on a mechanical keyboard sometimes

Oof, I was gonna start scoping my friendica docsprint last night

Then I crashed

I need to spend time working on that though
Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Sounds like a good plan @silverwizard .
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I'm afraid it's too expensive of a plan. I'd favor incremental iterations over rebuilding the library of Alexandria.
Andy H3 friendica (via ActivityPub)

The first thing I need to do is *scope*

Let's see how much work there is to do before building a plan, you seem inclined to believe docs are in a good state - which is *good*¸ but we definitely know that there's good scaffolding if you're confident in it
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
They aren't in a perfect state, but it's the best we have right now. I recently personally revamped the API docs so that they accurately match the endpoints we do support (or not). The install instructions are accurate, unlike on, and the BBCode reference page is also up to date. I also recently removed any mention of the multiple profiles now gone. The hook documentation is perfunctory and that's pretty much what I know of the embedded documentation corpus.
Sounds like the main thing is figuring out ways Friendica can be accessed (hooks, feeds, and so on) is the main gap you identify, and that seems like a thing *I* want documented

Temple of Majere

Just once, I'd like to have a job where, after two years, the decisions people make feel like they are moving toward a goal and not just trying to build the worst house of cards possible
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
What I said.

"Move fast and break things" sounds hip but quite often it just looks like recklessness to me.

As far as "no one is harmed" - it depends. Usually it is developers and management who don't get harmed.

Just 30 minutes ago I was ordered to push certain change affecting around 2000 users which wasn't tested enough. 15 minutes before my workday ended I noticed some red flags and cancelled on my own discretion which certainly will be looked down upon tomorrow. After all if it worked the lead would get a quick win, if it failed several hundred people would have a bit more stressful and longer Friday but not like anyone would die, right.
I hear that

Someone just said "Run a DB script that we can't roll back midday if you feel confident" locally

There's no QA


I just made an utter mess of deep dish pizza, and it's great
Xak Tsaroth
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