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A coworker just bragged his code drained 70% of his battery in under 10 minutes
That's easy. But did it do anything useful with that energy?
It showed a list!
And updated that list!
And was our brand new product!
He is now asking for dev machines to be larger "because we're writing so many great features!"

He wants more RAM on dev machines than in most of our production cluster

(Which, to be fair, is only 32GB on each laptop)


I need a --trust-me flag for terraform that runs even if there's an error in the checksums


Uh, so, ummmm
My recent mental journey was basically "Wait - why is terraform using md5 for tags?!"
"Oh, because s3 is"


Let's pretend I was editting s3 and dynamoDB manually to make terraform work -this is good and right - correct?
Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it.
I mean, the things I said were almost as bad



Under Canadian law this is child pornography
From the article:
UPDATE - Feb. 28, 2020: RCMP have investigated the image, and determined it is not considered child pornography. “According to our experts, the image does not meet the criteria for it to constitute a criminal offence,” an officer from the Red Deer detachment told HuffPost.
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Oh, yeah, I saw - I am hoping that someone has a conversation with the RCMP that their prosecurial discretion gets overridden, but I doubt it
I'm surprised they made such a public judgment call without leaving a judge decide or something.
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In any case, what the law says is less relevant than whether it is enforced. I'm not holding my breath on this one.
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Well, that's just it - that's why it wont happen. But yeah - they can be overruled, and I hope they will be


Recommendation for starting your Friday

Don't have a driver rear end your wife and child!
Ya know @Hypolite Petovan this is what the dislike button is for ;)
I can't see it anymore!
(We added a user switch to hide it on dev)
(I know, I am just being a jerk because of how much that conversation blew up)
(I enjoyed the joke, but not everyone would since the stable version doesn't have the user switch)
Thanks! It pretty much has to!




anyone know if I can get the coronavirus on linux? or am I safe


Officially running @atlasgames' Unknown Armies and @LandNop's Sigmata at @Gryphcon!




Me, finally talking to a doctor:
Doctor: "When did you last have a regular checkup"
Me: "Uhhhhh"
"Oh! I had a physical in 2006"
Doctor: "14 years ago ago?!"


While I can get people wanting different tools for microblogging, macroblogging, video sharing, and so on. But I am not sure why people want them all on different apps but also all on activitypub?

Why not more protocols that are specialised, or single tools that do it all



No - YOU'RE writing shell forloops to do terraform state import because AWS is terrible


Gmail's antispam gives them free Antitrust too





People and their trying to win a free # badge! Just use my lifehack of running more games than you play every year





After reading the comments of the acting FSF president, I can conclude that the "S" in FSF stands for sexism.



Terraform was documented by a half asleep gibbon
It's the only explaination


check out my new noise album:
cat /bin/* | aplay --channels=2 --rate=22050


me: y'all stop using X service it talks straight-up to the cops

y'all: eh i'm careful about what i say and don't really care

me: i would like to talk about real shit and do care.


for real: recognize your choice in tech scopes who will be willing to talk to you and what they say. So many people use Discord, use Amazon, and yes, "it's easy and I don't care" is a valid reason for yourself, but do you not care enough to consider other people's cares?


Imagine thinking that sending all of your DNS lookups to CloudFlare was an improvement to privacy


I find pre-scripted chatbots making obvious puns more annoying than anything else

It's trying to seem personable, when in reality it's just a script


AWS's WebUI intentionally makes it impossible to read the inbound rules for a given instance - right?

There's no configuration where clicking "inbound rules" has your mouse in a place where the popup isn't mostly off the screen - right?


if you get back together with your ex, they are your ex-ex, and in you have sex, it's ex-ex sex, and if you cast a curse during the encounter, it's an ex-ex sex hex, and if it's a curse on the body parts that attach the head to the body, it's an ex-ex sex necks hex, and if it's also a curse on the chest muscles, it's an ex-ex sex necks/pecs hex, and if the curse is on someone who has the same first name as the former secretary of state, it's an ex-ex sex necks/pecs rex hex



Petition to change Chromium's User-Agent header to Google-Agent