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I have a raspi0, a spare GPU and a USB->PCI converter

Should I?
I have no idea what you can do with that, but the answer obviously is yes.
I mean, attaching a GPU to a pi0 just sounds incredibly stupid

Unfortunately the power draw is too high, I need a powered hub (which I don't own)

Hey! Imagine Sierra wrote grungy Cyberpunk! I bet you wanna try that!

I can't wait to get my # so I can text people "GNU phone, who dis?"

I came to make this shitpost, but was beaten to it
Wait, it isn't even a real commercial? Aw man.
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I mean, it gives me a little bit more distance and stuff

I want to try the browser "Next" , but hard requirement on dbus makes this unlikely

Atlassian's status page says everything is working except their status page. So... uh

Whoever wrote kubectl has never seen a command line before

My work slack has a field for a weird fact about you. Apparently mine contains "I am more intense than I seem" which... is probably true

Good news: My new backups were successfully created this morning!
Bad News: Fuck, I might need them

I would happily give up all my perl if I never had to see another interpreted language again
You $mad ?
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one thing they say in earthquake prep classes is: "your equipment stash isn't what saves your life. It's your neighbor"

This is why one of the best things you can do to prep for disaster or collapse is get to know your physically proximate neighbors

Am I the only one who has @papertrailapp's "Ask A Question" button just fail today?

Fucking Nobody:
Linux: kernel veth52af0d8: renamed from eth0

Ok, I am seeing this meme float around *again*

So hear me out:
What if that's how everyone has fun?

And, also - if it's not and it's only a few people, maybe they want something you don't

(Sorry, person I retweeted, this is like, the 20th time I've seen this)

It has been 12 years since I ran Slackware?!
And I am now running it again

On a NAS of all things

Envisioning my own parents creeping up to my crib to check on me when sick when I was a baby, and tearing up about love, loss, success, and failure

There's a centering of youth in our culture that I think ignores the ways parents are human we imagine parents as perfect or awful

My child is sick, and for some reason it feels like there's a spike between my shoulder blades

This is gonna be a week

Writing security proposals, and holy hell!

Technical Controls CANNOT exist without a corresponding organizational control!

Remember, things like "We write javascript!" is classed as R&D in those numbers, and grants are given for it

I hate enforced style mostly because I feel blocked in by it, I work with systems where nothing works together, and prescriptive systems only make things harder