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2020-01-29 17:49:31
How much space will Brexit free up in the European Union?

1 GB

Log log log log it’s better than bad, it’s good!

I have a raspi0, a spare GPU and a USB->PCI converter

Should I?
I have no idea what you can do with that, but the answer obviously is yes.
I mean, attaching a GPU to a pi0 just sounds incredibly stupid

Unfortunately the power draw is too high, I need a powered hub (which I don't own)

Hey! Imagine Sierra wrote grungy Cyberpunk! I bet you wanna try that!
2020-01-29 18:38:50
A social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings building Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Neofeud is 70% off - grab it & help this one-person dev finish Neofeud 2! (pictured)…

2020-01-30 17:18:57
if you think kubernetes is free you’ve never run it

2020-01-30 15:41:29
I look forward to the business cases about Google in ten years that call the bold move to pin executive bonuses to how many chat clients your team produces as genius. Someday all companies will be measured by Chat Clients Produced metric.

I came to make this shitpost, but was beaten to it
Wait, it isn't even a real commercial? Aw man.
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I mean, it gives me a little bit more distance and stuff

Ah yes, ineffective fines.
Perhaps legislators should look into truly punitive actions, like forcing immediate shutdown of any services or products found to be in violation of the law for a quarter or more.
Fines aren’t a deterrent to techoligarchies but cutting revenue might be.

2020-01-29 22:11:16
These impeachment hearings are like if Sesame Street was trying to figure out if Cookie Monster ate all the cookies

2020-01-29 21:11:46
distinct number of manifolds with the homotopy group of the sphere in n dimension

2: 1
3: 1
4: four simultaneous 24 hour days
5: 1
6: 1
7: 28

I want to try the browser "Next" , but hard requirement on dbus makes this unlikely

imagine being passionate about writing code lol

2020-01-29 06:26:10
Fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, locusts, plague... where-ever shall we find a false prophet declaring himself to be the Chosen One? #plague #WuhanVirus #APOCALYPSE

Photos: Worst Locust Swarms in Decades Hit East Africa—via @TheAtlPhoto…

Atlassian's status page says everything is working except their status page. So... uh

Whoever wrote kubectl has never seen a command line before

My work slack has a field for a weird fact about you. Apparently mine contains "I am more intense than I seem" which... is probably true

2020-01-28 20:45:34
hey just a reminder that if you don't have a retirement account or real savings or health insurance it's because working people and poor people are under assault by the ultra rich not because you're personally irresponsible

have a great day and take care of each other

Good news: My new backups were successfully created this morning!
Bad News: Fuck, I might need them

I would happily give up all my perl if I never had to see another interpreted language again
You $mad ?
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2020-01-28 18:45:35
My kids are in fact more hurt by the cuts and the impact to their future than any short term action.

We support teachers and our schools, not a government hell bent on saving money, and an education minister that prefers to posture for media over negotiating in good faith!

you can't ignore over 30 years of training we've all had in How To Use The Internet because your project is "special". its not. also, modern design is a hellscape designed for idk, robots or something since no human can see pale grey on pale grey.

one thing they say in earthquake prep classes is: "your equipment stash isn't what saves your life. It's your neighbor"

This is why one of the best things you can do to prep for disaster or collapse is get to know your physically proximate neighbors

Am I the only one who has @papertrailapp's "Ask A Question" button just fail today?

Fucking Nobody:
Linux: kernel veth52af0d8: renamed from eth0

Ok, I am seeing this meme float around *again*

So hear me out:
What if that's how everyone has fun?

And, also - if it's not and it's only a few people, maybe they want something you don't

(Sorry, person I retweeted, this is like, the 20th time I've seen this)
In 2020, we destroy the idea that you "win" at DnD by defeating/outwitting the DM.
The DM is not the enemy, and the way you win at DnD is by having fun and telling an exciting story with your friends at the table.

2020-01-28 03:00:24
I want to write an editorial on how we sometimes abstain from punctuation to convey a mood

Obviously, it’s gonna be a period piece

It has been 12 years since I ran Slackware?!
And I am now running it again

On a NAS of all things

2020-01-28 00:24:51
A large boulder the size of a what

Envisioning my own parents creeping up to my crib to check on me when sick when I was a baby, and tearing up about love, loss, success, and failure

There's a centering of youth in our culture that I think ignores the ways parents are human we imagine parents as perfect or awful

My child is sick, and for some reason it feels like there's a spike between my shoulder blades

This is gonna be a week

2020-01-26 15:24:43
Hey Twitter! I was let go from my job last week due to a reduction in force.

If you’re looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer and/or Team Lead/Engineering Manager we should talk!

I’m most experienced with JavaScript, React, and Ruby on Rails.

2020-01-27 23:50:13
Big owls use a hose to clean themselves, but babies can just use a moist owlet.

Writing security proposals, and holy hell!

Technical Controls CANNOT exist without a corresponding organizational control!

Remember, things like "We write javascript!" is classed as R&D in those numbers, and grants are given for it
2020-01-27 15:06:02
Canada has an innovation problem. Business spending on R&D has been roughly stable for 20 years, but as a %age of GDP, business R&D $ has dropped from just over 1.2% to less than 1%. In 2001, Canada was ranked 14th among OECD countries, now ranked 22nd. New strategies needed.

2020-01-27 13:45:00
@AikidoUke @allanjude @mwlauthor We've all had that WTF moment, reported it, then failed to reproduce it.

Either way, we are at the mercy of Google for web standards as they can change those as per their needs ;) Hence, alternate browsers such as Firefox and others must continue to develop independently of Google for better future of web and privacy.

I hate enforced style mostly because I feel blocked in by it, I work with systems where nothing works together, and prescriptive systems only make things harder