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I need a round SSD so it will be a disk


Barren Hills

This presupposes there's much "STEM education"
Sure, I see lots of people with Computer/Software Engineering degrees or Computer Science degrees, but I also see lots of people out of code bootcamps, and *no one* using the code part of their degree

what little philosophy is taught in STEM is usually 'philosophy of science', which is useful and interesting but not really sufficient. We need some kind of 'Ethics & Diversity' class.
Academy of Sorcery

It's super weird how R2D2 went from working on a space ship to working for a queen
Then went from working on a spaceship then owned by a farmer turned rebel

I don't understand the chain of ownership for R2D2 or C3PO
Academy of Sorcery

"openbsd isn't for the weak!" "won't spoon feed you" "shut up and hack"

This is in no way the project, or people, I've come to know. Especially that last one... the meaning has twisted, badly.

We build a set of tools. It won't meet every need, and bits are sharp. Instructions and some protective guards are placed. We don't explain all the way down. That's not a bat to hit people...the code's public.

There is no inherent merit to mastery of an OS, beyond use of the OS itself. No prize to win.
Temple of Zeboim

Que Shu

Silver Dragon Mountain

I should build a fediverse bot that sudo can send reports to, so when sudo says "this incident has been reported" it has teeth

It'll mostly be me trying to sudo as "mpduser", but I would find it funny
Temple of Majere

The curse of the sysadmin is that expertise can only be shared, not returned
Hedge Maze

Everyone after the Force Awakens: "Sean, you're just a naysayer, look at all the cool ideas that can build on"
Everyone Now: "Sean, you're just a pessimist, just because this was awful doesn't mean Disney is entirely bad"
Temple of Zeboim


Academy of Sorcery

Silver Dragon Mountain


I don't want to work

I want to make, create, help, supply, support

But not work
Temple of Mishakal

Ug, I think my server is underpowered for the number of users/instances I connect to an my server move is taking forever, even though it's just me changing URLs

I have a feeling I am not getting some events

(I was once but I decided to unify to single address and so
The Trough
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Did you actually move domain without me having to do anything about it? Have we achieved something at Friendica?
Are you seeing me as at "" ? I am not 100% it's working everywhere, but maybe it's working?
TBF I did it Christmas Day and today is the first day I think people see me
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I do! Your XMPP address on your profile is still but your Friendica profile Webfinger address is now
Yeah, XMPP hasn't moved
It probably will, but I have *users* there

But woooooooo

One day, I am going to go back in time and spout a huge amount of bullshit predictions

And call myself John Titor

in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"
Silver Dragon Mountain

4 healthy adults, 1 sick adult, 3 sick babies/toddlers in the house
MIL comes down stairs to see I have made (from scratch) the entire planned Christmas dinner, and was finishing chopping apples for a pie, and when I say I am about done says "Oh, I'm not hungry"

After being the one to start the turkey
Xak Tsaroth
Ok, sure, I only had done the vegetarian parts

Which was everything but the turkey

I should build an antenna so I can rebroadcast over radio waves as a post-art project?
Sad Town

This feels like the mess of Tesla's console

Or, you know, kubernetes on fighter jets
Pax Tharkas


Windows 10 Ultimate Home for Fighter Jets


Tower of High Sorcery



Citadel of Light


How does @VIA_Rail manage to find such bad speakers for its trains?
Temple of Majere

Me, trying to convince my wife to let me operate a pirate radio station: I've operated a pirate radio station before, what do you think I did in christian camp?!
The Trough

The Trough


Inn of the Last Home

Starbucks has so many efficiency systems it's hard to order from if you go there less than once a month
Also, Burrito is the most consistently delicious food I have ever seen
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