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It's not mining it's the dig economy

lmao if you start at "the children of billionaires shouldn't get free college" and decide the problem is free college and not the existence of billionaires, I don't know how to help you

This should be the standard, class actions for data laundering
2019-11-28 21:55:20
@timdavoren @campuscodi Microsoft should not be including statements which falsely give the impression that someone has given actual consent for what Microsoft is doing with the data.

If MS wants to run everyone's pics through facial recognition, they should accept the class action filed against them.

2019-11-28 07:31:25
This is what Microsoft is trying to pass off as "consent".

It's data laundering.

They should be ashamed (and fined) for doing this.
Microsoft knows 0% of users are likely to have consent of all people in a personal photo or video collection.


2019-11-29 21:10:48
2019/1336: "If we ever meet an advanced extraterrestrial species, they will undoubtedly know about perfect circles, right triangles, modular curves, and differential equations ... But they will not be using AES, SHA256, or ECDSA." 1/2

2019-11-29 07:02:30
Want to generate boring white cards with text?! Do I ever!

Sysadmin interviews are developer interviews but the interviewees have a different skillset than the interviewer

DevOps as a concept has made this worse
Software developer interviews are terrible because we don’t know how to assess the skills we claim we care about. Companies don’t invest in getting better at this, despite how important effective hiring is.

PinePhone keyboard case? Someone else needs to have thought about this?

FUCK YES! I have managed to write a tool to take a YAML file and make cards out of them
Even will let you add art

Next plan is to make them into a printable PDF compatible with drivethrucards
Of course, you need to figure out how to install Image::Magick

2019-11-28 21:16:02
Your periodic reminder that GNU, which is still run by Richard Stallman, collects shitty people.

Fuck Amazon & every corrupt motherfucker who bows to them.




The ways I outlined are the ones that work. My wife works as the accountant for a non-profit that is heavily involved in public activism. I have been involved in 10,000 petition efforts in the past year.

Do What you want. Its your time and effort to waste. I'd rather be effective.
And I think time on social media is not my primary activism time, but I will boost and say things that are political

I have tried to "cpan install Image::Magick" on three separate OSes, all of them with perlmagick installed

And all of them are broken the same way

Image::Magick always makes me sad.
One day I am going to use a sensible graphics language

But for the most part, frontends are not my thing, but someone wrote a pretty good tutorial for exactly what I want, and it seems easier to debug cpan internals than figure out graphics

I hate that people dislike unroll apps because they are publicly boosting *content* which is actually a public post

I also hate that the unroll apps are definitely predatory

I also hate that *content creation* has to be a thing to make people work in industry

2019-11-28 23:56:21
For those wondering, the fact that those German jewels disappeared on the same week as my engagement is a complete coincidence 😇

2019-11-29 03:51:23
Hey folks. Indie tabletop abuser and man-sized used toilet brush Zak Smith is currently suing his ex for speaking out against him. If you can chip into the defense fund I'd appreciate it

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2019-11-29 01:08:34
how did it breach geographical containment?

how did it breach TEMPORAL containment to become over a week long?

2019-11-28 12:15:36
Flight attendant: Is there a hacker on this flight?

Me: *Shuts laptop*

Since I am Canadian, today is the only day this week I am not baking

2019-11-27 16:27:44
This tweet is such a great example of how companies like Tesla actively shape and limit our ability to imagine the future. Instead of extensive high speed rail networks and walkable cities, this twitter user is imagining a future where we must decide between two stupid trucks.

This is important to say aloud, and a problem. Computers are power and cost a lot, so people want to get money from computers. So all DIY is flavoured by money.

Even modern open source.


2018-11-22 00:05:24
They are murderers. Prosecute them. Seize their assets. Save what’s left of the world





2019-11-28 07:58:30
Sydney power outage now 5 days - this is Ausgrid which the government just sold for $16 billion.


Are you auditioning to be Canadian Mitch McConnel?

I know you should be holding Trudeau to account, but... tone
2019-11-28 15:17:56
I am very proud to introduce my @CPC_HQ Leadership Team, including our Deputy Leader @LeonaAlleslev. This is the team which is going to help us hold Justin Trudeau to account every single day. WATCH LIVE:

This is really interesting. This feels like a very explicit statement of "harming queer people is so bad for a business that you need to alienate your customer base in order to fix it" .

Which is amazing
2019-11-28 02:26:34
If true, @ChickfilA has badly lost its way. Millions of Christians have been proud of ChickFilA’s courageous stands for religious liberty. To fund those who hate your customers is just sad.
Yes, I know, this is Breitbart and Ted Cruz's facts, I don't know anything about if it's real.

2019-11-28 15:56:04
@jessnevins BUT! While he's disappointed that he couldn't save that guy, he doesn't mope or beat himself up, but grieves in a healthy way and tries to diminish the suffering of the man's survivors. (My version of Superman has, as his primary power, "not burdened by human psych BS.) 3/3

Well, since you asked...

Prohibition Orcs - it's the modern year of 1927, and orcs still have to put up with elvish bullshit

Immortal Clay - because John Carpenter's "The Thing" didn't go far enough

git commit murder - if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons

Butterfly Stomp - Beaks steals from the rich and gives to everyone - FREE

Best-selling satirical Linux erotica
book cover: git commit murder, by michael warren lucas

Seriously, pronouns in bio
Pronouns on con badges
Pronouns on your company's chat
Put your pronouns everywhere
And, if you are cis, be the first person in your space to do this!
2019-11-26 22:47:56
when only trans ppl have their pronouns in bio, then having yr pronouns on display indicates that yr trans. when cis ppl do it as well, it normalizes it & helps as to not single out trans folks for simply existing.

Ug, I am writing fantasy fiction set in a universe I know everyone but me will hate (our world, but with magic, but it's just normal, it became normalized at the tail end of the Roman empire, but like, the setting is modern San Francisco and there's our modern broken startup scene), but I really am enjoying writing it, but I want to share it, but I know most of the people I share stuff like this with will be put off that *introducing magic to the modern world would change it*

And that sucks

I hate it

I know I don't have to consider audience for personal writing, but if I don't consider audience, I can't get others excited

But did you know that the history of the Iberean Penninsula is Punic and therefore similar to late Roman (to the point they have characters that got folded into Hercules) and then it's Moorish, then Catholic, so there's less exciting and new here. And Californian indigenous spirituality doesn't use dreams except for as prophetic? Their spiritual belief is centered around an underworld and a supernal world, with the primary form of terror being underworld monsters.

Meaning that California Dreams genuinely only exist as a concept that you can magically engage with through the lens of colonization (specifically the dominate colonizers, and the displaced and subjugated colonizers can't, without going into Catholic magic). Meaning trying to mystically engage with the myths of Silicon Valley is hard to do without using western magic.

Which just... sucks, because that woulda been awesome
I am just saying I think it's a reasonable thing to post stress at 3 am sometimes, and he was being all "Just do it" while I was clearly doing

So, wait
The government made a university
The government got the university accredited
The government issued visas based on enrollment in that institution
The government accepted payment for services it did not offer (courses)
The government then arrested the students?
2019-11-27 15:04:02
This story is WILD

ICE created a fake university, then:

- enticed foreign-born students to attend
- charged them money
- arrested them
- deported them

Students had come legally on student visas, but since the school was fake the visas weren't valid

2019-11-28 06:34:36
I'm gonna tell my kids this is Mr. Rogers because I'm not a fucking LIAR.



2019-11-26 16:36:36
If you are hiring for a role, put. the. fucking. salary. on. it. This is not a hard concept to understand. None of this "competitive" or "dependant on experience" rubbish. You clearly know the numbers, be transparent.

#OpenBSD's lack of Bluetooth support has finally started to be a painpoint, and that sucks
Actually you can use bluetooth on OpenBSD, just search for it on the net how.
The last bluetooth support was 5.5 to my knowledge

2019-11-27 22:13:37
Your friendly reminder to *not buy a Ring doorbell camera* even if it's on sale

2019-11-27 11:00:10
The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof 😬


2019-11-27 21:25:25
I get the feeling that some developers were so preoccupied with whether or not they *could* that they didn't stop to think if they *should*.

Running AWS API commands via Slack terrifies me on many levels.

GMail wants to believe my RPG thread is spam I think

Even if you don't it only solves the problem for yourself too, right?

A lot of it's is problem it's network effects. I self host email, but im always sending emails to gmail users.
Yeah, and *mostly* my spf-fu passes their bullshit, but also, mailing lists in general get *eaten* by google

I *really* wanted to use for personal mailing lists, but gmail

2019-11-26 21:28:47
Rather than a "microblogging service" Twitter will now just be a chat room that can get you fired

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