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Remembering that time a guy told the police "I want a lawyer, dog" and courts ruled that he hadn't properly asserted his right to counsel because he might have been asking for a lawyer-dog.
I mean, there's only so much you can forgo when thinking about your ideal society.

Actually, luck determining justice would be an improvement in some cases.

Same goes with elections.
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Elections are at least a little bit fixable

But yes, I can not like something while acknowledging it is a grim necessity, especially if that grim necessity hurts a lot of people

On a lighter note- the cook subreddit comment section is exactly my humor most days.



Do we need a reminder that every policy comes down to how well it is implemented? Well, here it is.

You won’t get into heaven just because you sang all 8 (or 11) verses of “For All the Saints”.

You also won’t go to hell because you didn’t.

I feel the Church needs this reminder every single year at this time.

Actually no. The Clergy need this reminder.

My mom is reading my copy of Git Commit Murder bt @mwlauthor and says "I've barely gotten started and he's already got two good jokes"

FWIW @gitlab may actually have the honor of having pushed me over the line of adamantly opposing building *any* corporate infrastructure around proprietary solutions.

"Every time I've trusted a vendor I've gotten bitten at the worst time, except this one." No "except" any more.

I've seen some continue to claim Warren is a socialist/social democrat. This is your cease and desist order.

Socialists say working-class people deserve a good life too. The root of our problems is capitalism. And the solution is a mass movement backed up by elected socialists.

Last night's D&D game:
Board Meetings!
Hostage Negotiations!
Vendor Swag!

It's why consumers need to know their rights, and advocate for themselves. Example: warranty void stickers and statements, they're still a thing, despite them being illegal.

Archive Disney
Digitize Disney
Pirate Disney
Do not pay Disney
ICMY: 1. This is the piece I’ve been working on for 2 months & talking about here. It’s about Disney placing the Fox film library in its vault & denying repertory showings to most theaters. Additional detail about Disney’s corporate practices generally.

i just thought of a great scam: charge someone a monthly fee to live in a building you own, ostensibly to cover the cost of maintenance, *don't do the maintenance*, **keep the money anyway**, and when the roof starts leaking just kick them the fuck out and sell the building
This isn't going to work. Before the roof starts leaking, the plumbing/heating will give out first if it isn't maintained, and at least in New York City, this is mandatory for landlords to maintain so the tenant would be able to sue.
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...and this is legal in much of California.

"You can't trust a 16-year-old in a voting booth" insists 63-year-old man who shared "Nicola Sturgeon wants to give free rollerskates to Muslim terrorists share if you think she shouldn't do this" Facebook post

The fact that the tech industry, the richest in the world, is a net drain on the region it's based in is an astonishing indictment of tax policy and regional planning in California. The state is burning fifty kilometers from a mountain range made of money.

we're apparently planning an "in love with the 80s hackathon"

Though @dj3vande will get scared off if too many people show up
@dj3vande You want to drink a bottle of scotch and write a mud in one night?!
I am *so* in


Can someone kick me if I listen to @dj3vande and start writing mud code from scratch the same year I have a child

Multiplaying a mud using android splitscreen

(This isn't a shitpost, this is a thing I am doing)

@OP_ we have plenty of untalented, useless white dudes who lack integrity and any sense of loyalty to anyone but their own kind. we don’t need you. other than as a source of amusement as you unrealistically pretend to be persecuted, you literally have nothing compelling to offer

I love the youtube genre of 25 year olds talking about the Old Days of the internet and being like "I remember! The old days! When there was a Star Wars Galaxies game, not Star Wars TOR. Few have such memories"

Google is trying to buy FitBit, in an interesting example of how combining data sets creates new threats users could not anticipate when making a decision to use the original product. Now Google will know which YouTube ad got your heart racing!


When Trump and the GOP chanted "lock her up!", they actually had intentions to use their positions of power to try to criminalize Trump's opponent. And they have shown they're willing to do just that. Meanwhile, at his rallies, you see angry mobs of people demanding revenge.

@dubsteppenwolf This is how I feel about the exorcist tbh.

Before the film it was a nearly retired practice and after it inspired every suburbanite to imagine their neurodivergent kid needing baphomet beaten out of them.

The problem with this line of thinking is that it values preserving the status quo over basically perfect measures with potential problems we can address
I've been thinking a lot about the DarkSim situation. Based on conversations with many different women, it's obvious he's engaged in predatory behavior. He doesn't belong anywhere with a commitment to inclusion.

But where is the line? Because we absolutely need to define it. 1/

2019-10-28 17:14:22
If you watch videos from BSD events: thank @BSDTV. He does most of them, as a volunteer, and doesn't get near enough credit. Or glory. Send him glory. #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #BSD #sysadmin

The USA doesn't have royalty, just the trappings
JUST NOW: Dem Sen @ChrisCoons not happy with the "Lock him up " chants at World Series last night.

"Frankly think the office of the president deserves respect, even when the actions of our president at times don't. "


Given the reverence that is given to the Founding Fathers, and the quasi-sacred quality of the Constitution even if it almost never applies, I would agree and add that it's been a long-standing trend.
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The US's civic religion is such a weird thing

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If you ever attend my trainings in person and you want to bring your kid (12 and under) I will 100% make room for them for free. If anyone complains they can have a refund and GTFO.

Blockbuster CEO says diversifying revenues away from video rentals is a long-term 'luxury'

Blockchain is the new Timecube

Pedestrian fatalities double every year on Halloween. No case of poisoned candy has ever been confirmed. If police really wanted to keep kids safe, they would be warning drivers, enforcing traffic laws and closing high-risk streets to cars.

heard that they killed the leader of ISIS. that's good and all but my thoughts are with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia rn

Garfield the Deals Warlock offers you a fabric helm. It threatens with skulls of carefully crafted bone. It's worthless.

Been playing a Call of Cthulhu character with maxed out luck

This is code for me not being in a CoC game

Social Justice Sorcerer

A game about creating and performing rituals to correct social ills
A sorcerer wishes to destroy solitary confinement.

In a scathing letter to Waterfront Toronto, an Indigenous design studio that helped organize a consultation with Sidewalk Labs for its proposed smart city development in Toronto says none of the recommendations of Indigenous stakeholders were "acknowledged or carried forward."





Deplatforming only works if we accept authoritarian control of platforms
A decentralized internet cannot deplatform, but can also not easily build bad actors with overwhelming platforms
I think deplatforming is part of rejecting authoritarian control of platforms. It is a counter-action rather than a resignation. Whether you like them or not, these authoritarian-controlled platforms exists and have an influence, and ignoring them entirely seems to be a mistake to me.
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I think deplatforming is good

But the systems that surround it add context

The fact that platforms create outliers with platforms means we need to be more wary of them

So, yes

Man, the Apostles must have been shit at this Christianity thing:

Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.
No serious Christian can support socialism.

Henry Ford may have been rabidly anti-semetic, but he's also directly responsible for popularizing the technology that destroyed our cities, befouled our air and is cooking our planet, so, wait those are both bad.

Billionaires don't actually have billions in taxable income that you can dig into. The solution doesn't start with taxation, but with expropriation.

I am thinking about the parallels between systemd and 4th edition D&D

Both are good in theory, both have great foundations, and both are incredibly bad