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I mean, there's only so much you can forgo when thinking about your ideal society.

Actually, luck determining justice would be an improvement in some cases.

Same goes with elections.
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Elections are at least a little bit fixable

But yes, I can not like something while acknowledging it is a grim necessity, especially if that grim necessity hurts a lot of people

My mom is reading my copy of Git Commit Murder bt @mwlauthor and says "I've barely gotten started and he's already got two good jokes"

Last night's D&D game:
Board Meetings!
Hostage Negotiations!
Vendor Swag!

Archive Disney
Digitize Disney
Pirate Disney
Do not pay Disney

This isn't going to work. Before the roof starts leaking, the plumbing/heating will give out first if it isn't maintained, and at least in New York City, this is mandatory for landlords to maintain so the tenant would be able to sue.
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...and this is legal in much of California.

we're apparently planning an "in love with the 80s hackathon"

Though @dj3vande will get scared off if too many people show up


Can someone kick me if I listen to @dj3vande and start writing mud code from scratch the same year I have a child

Multiplaying a mud using android splitscreen

(This isn't a shitpost, this is a thing I am doing)

I love the youtube genre of 25 year olds talking about the Old Days of the internet and being like "I remember! The old days! When there was a Star Wars Galaxies game, not Star Wars TOR. Few have such memories"


The problem with this line of thinking is that it values preserving the status quo over basically perfect measures with potential problems we can address

The USA doesn't have royalty, just the trappings
Given the reverence that is given to the Founding Fathers, and the quasi-sacred quality of the Constitution even if it almost never applies, I would agree and add that it's been a long-standing trend.
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The US's civic religion is such a weird thing

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Blockchain is the new Timecube

Been playing a Call of Cthulhu character with maxed out luck

This is code for me not being in a CoC game

Social Justice Sorcerer

A game about creating and performing rituals to correct social ills

Deplatforming only works if we accept authoritarian control of platforms
A decentralized internet cannot deplatform, but can also not easily build bad actors with overwhelming platforms
I think deplatforming is part of rejecting authoritarian control of platforms. It is a counter-action rather than a resignation. Whether you like them or not, these authoritarian-controlled platforms exists and have an influence, and ignoring them entirely seems to be a mistake to me.
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I think deplatforming is good

But the systems that surround it add context

The fact that platforms create outliers with platforms means we need to be more wary of them

So, yes

Man, the Apostles must have been shit at this Christianity thing:

Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.

I am thinking about the parallels between systemd and 4th edition D&D

Both are good in theory, both have great foundations, and both are incredibly bad