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Ok, seriously

One of the things I hate about Disney as a company is how everything they make, they make until it is loathed

Even if I could get invested in their Star Wars, I know that at some point in the future (after RoS I suspect) everyone will just be *over* it

Honestly, I am uncomfortable with using Amazon in my work life
Amazon provides almost no support, is more expensive than similar providers, doesn't handle communication well, abuses workers, and is trying to destroy the planet

Why do we use Amazon?
Temple of Majere

Academy of Sorcery
Because you might actually achieve a realistic goal?
But most realistic goals hurt long-term

Or are stepping Stones toward utopia

It's almost like job hunting is designed for both sides to not get what they want


Tower of High Sorcery

Inn of the Last Home

Warlock, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Druid Bard, and Rogue

Picking one: sorcerer
Silver Dragon Mountain
Barbarian. Full stop.
They are definitely just double fighter, but the lack of non-casters stays my hand there

Straights of Schallsea

Last Heroes Tomb
Ted diaspora
No friend of mine


Who called it FaceID and not noggin login
Hedge Maze


Barren Hills

Plains of Dust

The problem with Mastodon is that even if I end up filtering all Mastodon hosts out of my federation, their posts can still get through and people will police their badly implemented community guidelines at me and it will still make the federation worse to use
Inn of the Last Home
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I don't like mastodon, pleroma is so much more better

I hope this baby doesn't start refusing the crib
This could get ugly

Ug, I have been using phones and my gaming computer since May mostly. And going back to a full sized keyboard and dwm makes me just... feel better

I can get so much more done
Temple of Mishakal
No, it doesn't have dwm
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That's what I thought.

Inspired by this, I am going to write my conference talk longform in order to practice it


This is the worst follow up I've ever gotten from a job application:

Apologies for the delay, I wanted to reach out to you. Our head of Infrastructure and our CTO are meeting to talk about your expertise and experience. We will be reaching out very soon about next steps.
You're a big deal, obvs.
There is a 0% chance that is the case
I hope


The plot of this episode is that the interview subject doesn't think Arabs have rights

Remember when Doug Ford said no one will lose their jobs?
Remember when Jason Kenney said Grassroots Guaranteed?
Don’t trust conservative promises they will gut the crap out of public services in order to push for private...
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #elxn43 #yyc #yeg #onpoli

we can't route here! this is NAT country!
Que Shu

Last Heroes Tomb
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Temple of Majere

Isn't Greta Thunberg's whole point that she is the wrong messanger and the idea that a child should be the one spokespersoning climate action hellishly stupid?
Pax Tharkas

me: Hey you, sleep, eat, take care of your self
also me: fuck sleep!
Inn of the Last Home

I get the recursion joke going around, but arg
If you don't get recursion you have no business programming a computer

And, yeah I am trying to gatekeep all the shitty techbro "geniuses" I work with out of our industry
Academy of Sorcery
Do you trust ANYONE who would call themselves a programmer?
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You are making an awfully irrefutable point here.


There was this one time, two PhDs visited my house for a few days, and during that visit, bought fancy tea, then one of them forgot their tea

And I have constantly not drunk that tea, because it's their's, not mine

Well, this dude now lives in France!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Then he'll understand.


:flan_think:​ Not sure which of you I should block...

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