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So I finally fixed https on @ForgottenWeir's website, since I hate CAs I was putting it off

Go check out his art now that it works!
@J T

Non-sysadmins be like: opaque DSLs are way better than shell scripts. No one knows how to write shell scripts

I need to suck it up and cheat at more bioware games
Their stories are good, but their mechanics are so hellishly tedius

I am trying to write Dungeon World since I wanna do a session focused on the NPCs in my Spelljammer game

It's a long joke about disposability and colonialism, but I think it needs to spend some time looking at those the PCs are stepping on to get to the top

I think "Stonr" is better, but this idea is still ace

Ok, got mad about anti antifa talking points

The literal name fascist means "kill em before to get too many" that's what the name means

Therefore, you shouldn't wait until there's too many fascists, and more importantly, it was the fascists who told you to

I am more and more convinced that VC money is killing all industries

I want everyone to be as lucky as me and graduate debt free

I also want this generation to have access to a debt free life


So far it looks like Fedilab is terrrrrrrible at notifications😥
Would you be able to find out the missing Friendica API endpoint that Fedilab is expectedly hitting for fresh notifications?
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@Hypolite Petovan
I'll look tonight if I get a chance, but the notifications pane is populated

First productive night in a while

Submitted speaker bio and photo
Got SSL working on my secondary websites in order to make some people happy
Added tooling to make my Cyberpunk chargen able to make links between existing characters (which is next step)

Ug this photo is even good in black and white!


I think the worst parts is the rejection of parody in Steampunk

Steampunk went from "Victorian England is horrible, and technology only makes that worse" to "aren't gears cool" in a way that gets challenged a lot less than Cyberpunk

Oh! hey! LE is failing on a domain because it doesn't have SSL setup. LetsEncrypt was the real mistake, making a bad hack ontop of the CA system is not the solution to a broken CA system
LetsEncrypt is a terrible hack that barely works
But it got people to shut up about how Certificate Authorities are bad and hacky and cause more problem than they solve and are rent seeking on the internet

Why do you think I don't use https on my main website, since I fundamentally think most certs are immoral and hurt the internet

Oh come the hell on


For the first time in years I feel like I am ahead of my players in where the hell things are going in my Spelljammer game

I don't know what they are gonna do once they hit open space again, but what the players are going to do sounds like not my problem

I really need to fork Fedilab to remove the word "toot"

I have a baby and it's the best

In case I haven't said that enough recently

Yeah, but mainly why does every show have to have the same episodes in the same order just slightly flavoured to the cast
I meant why they're all gloomy, not why they're all formulaic.
OOOOH ok - that's reasonable.

Ok, trying Fedilab, so far it has been a great tool for Friendica, I need to see how it manages notifications, but I am excited to try to use this as my daily social driver

This is why I make a new email for every org

I got accepted to give a talk at a conference

It means I need to actually talk about security
Just talk about the Intel ME and AMD PSP consumer and enterprise market domination, single point failure vulnerability, and then kindly say "and that's how all your api security stack are belong to us....i mean ME"
then mic drop and walk away.
Nah, it's about being a boring blue teamer and how to think about threat models