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Because stagnant wages and rising wage gaps means that people who own homes buy for higher prices, driving up the prices, so a low price today was astronomical when average wages went up, so the people with wealth are buying the homes and renting to people without



- Everyone has their own contradictory opinions on how to use it
- You have to sanitize your inputs


I would compare my baby to Windows, but he communicates when he poops himself and spits up all over me


Linux experience has made me a better parent

Almost no documentation and terrible error output is expected
- Everyone has their own contradictory opinions on how to use it
- You have to sanitize your inputs
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I should block outgoing connections to facebook from my router



I need to find a non-stupid algorithm for interleaving a series of ordered lists of random length. I don't want to have a run of items from the same list, but I need each list to be ordered.

It's so I can listen to a lot of podcasts ok!
I mean, I kinda want to find the longest list, then merge lists until I make a list as long, then repeat to make a series of lists.

The grab one item from the longest list, then an item from one of the lists in group two, then an item one of the lists in group three, and so on.

This seems like a mess and hard to guarentee it works.


Watching shows from 2006 feels so weird

There's still landlines in existence

I remember in university an article in a campus paper recommending not getting a cellphone and landline and picking one

It's really odd, and feels like watching something time displaced
I was reading books again! but baby makes that haaaaaaard again
I still see people reading books in the subway, but all of them? No screens on? Out of this world.


ideally, you want the President of the United States and the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK to be two separate people


I hope to hell Katy Perry wins


The web needs breaking


Can we create an Ennie for journalism?




My PCs successfully used duel of wits the Faerie Queen and got home! Two years of real time has come to a turning point! They spent a wish to get directions here a year and a half ago!


This is also known as Enders Game Theory



Someone made a MUD mapper in javascript

I have now seen everything


I haven't used twitter on a non-phone in nearly a month

I am dying, this is *worse* than I expected


As a parent, I own a desktop autoclave now
What should I do with this once it's not cleaning bottles
How many canning jars can it hold?
5 (we actually use them for formula) but my wife is deathly afraid of homemade cans since she read about botulism once
Weird. I've been afraid of umbrellas ever since I read about coxsackie virus.



@silverwizard The steelmanned accusation is that people are calling something antifascism that in fact strikes at non-fascists and civilians.

Sometimes that accusation is true, and it certainly has been in Europe, where the "antifa" moniker comes from. In recent times though, the more fascism we get, the more opportunity is provided to engage in actual antifascism.
oh I know, it's a super partisan statement





Apparently I *need* to drink more to be an adult
I know, I was thinking that as I said it - but I was being horrible
You were horrible and you should feel bad, thanks for being honest about it.
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If you think that any of what Musk's companies do are making anything better just because Musk is at their helm, you are suffering from a double fanboy delusion: SpaceX is just another NASA contractor, and the people working for SpaceX could have been working for NASA instead, without Musk and other shareholders pocketing profits.
Tesla produces luxury electric vehicles, but they have already be shown to be unsustainable on the long-term: they won't save anyone from the upending climate catastrophe. The portable flame-thrower, the Boring Company, Solar City, none of Musk's venture does any net good in the world. Colonizing Mars isn't a solution either, just an escape for delusional ultra-rich people.
We do know what would make things actually better in the world, but unfortunately it doesn't lend itself to sensational marketing campaign because it doesn't have a cool factor Musk relies so much on and that you blindly bought into. As many others, you just are another mark in his money-making schemes siphoning public money to make expensive gadgets.
The solution to traffic is public transportation, the solution to climate change is limiting consumption, the solution to cars is bikes, the solution to inequality isn't technology.






The Market doesn't know it can't set fire to people unless it's told so by laws. That's why the laws come first. They come from a place where the good of society is the guiding principle. Laws should never be shaped by markets. They can't be. Markets are an amoral result of laws.






Background are 5e's best feature!

I tend to play Criminal, Hermit, or Sage

But building NPCs I put more thought into Background than class or race


The last person who doesn't know what an RT or promoted tweet is
It was such a bad message it *needed* to be dragged

I have way too much time as a dad