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2019-05-30 18:32:07
If you think you shouldn’t have to pay tip to tipped-wage workers because the system is fucked and “they chose that job,” you have no fucking perspective and you better not fucking eat in a restaurant. Ever.

2019-05-30 17:44:20
a reminder: the “innovations” the tech industry is rich and famous for isn’t the software they write or the hardware they build, it’s the regulations they avoid at the cost of public oversight and workers’s rights

The New York Times: Opinion | Google Should Google the Definition of ‘Employee’ (By The Editorial Board)

2019-05-28 06:45:14
Go back to Alberta - fake Premier Your Province is burning.

2019-05-26 23:39:02
Nathalie, pondering the existential question of whether she should pay her 147 parking tickets.


As someone who has worked with wireless before, I am definitely unsurprised

But this is seriously intense work!
2019-05-26 22:20:45
For the record, there were no expletives. But I did shout a rather loud "FINALLY" in the Singapore airport when the conclusive data came through to my inbox.

2019-02-13 04:25:12
@mikemearls I'm sorry, but this isn't good enough. You and WotC owe the community more than this. Do better.

My favourite part of this statement is that it's completely untrue
2019-05-25 04:15:58
4/ Bitcoin is better for it. Dangerous products are rooted out quickly, catastrophic losses are avoided, people know what’s private and what’s not, damage caused by scammers is strictly limited, dead ends are avoided early, progress is sustainable.

The system keeps running.

2019-05-26 05:21:24
Hey! Leave the #surveillance to us! Our Deep Packet Inspection Add-On is great for any Small to Enterprise-class Family. Intercept, Modify, Or Repeat Requests from the app! #justsayin #DollarVPNClub

2019-05-25 01:31:04
Yo. What places *actually* hire junior/early career #rails developers?

Not mid-level. Not 2-3 experience. But actually fucking junior low/no experience outside of code school.

Show yourself, you cowards.

(DMs are open if you’re private about it.)

Ok, serious thought:
what if, I make "doomsday storage lockers" for doomsday preppers to rent to put all their gear in for the end of the world

Then I can make money, and if doomsday happens, I have the gear of a bunch of preppers

2019-05-25 17:20:49
In an ideal scenario, the likely next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the most ill equipped person for the job would be two different people.

yepab Boris Johnson I've heard described as "Britain's Rob Ford" and they thought it was a compliment

Wait, a Mr Johnson hired a bunch of random people to commit a crime for him?


2019-05-24 13:53:49
If you’re not familiar with the story of how Boris Johnson conspired to get a journalist beaten up, i don’t blame you. It really doesn’t get mentioned enough:…




I am wondering how many dead or defunct microchips broadcasting outdated door opening codes I am going to have

I can’t wait for other wonderful essays in this series like “How 24/7 Surveillance Really Would Be Best for All of Us” and “Stop Being So Mean to Zuckerburg—He Is Trying Really Hard and He Apologized.”




Fri May 24 19:36:54 +0000 2019

Apparently there are a ton of people who didnt know about @Nestle's evil practices: They use slave labor in their African cocoa plants.
A lawsuit against Nestlé was allowed to proceed in October, a lawsuit I bet you've never heard of.
Dont support them.

2019-05-24 21:03:21
@mcclure111 in my experience, the real lack of money is in doomed package managers

So, I guess as of today, everyone has to stop trusting me
My parents weren't wealthy, just super-organized and frugal at the right time in Western history to capitalize on it. They had five kids on two part-time teachers salaries, have a house in their name they finished paying about 10-15 years ago, and are enjoying a good civil servant retirement because they could switch back to full-time schedule once we grew older just a few years before they both retired under 60 years old.

You can't do that anymore.
Bah, let's be old and complain about the Me Generation some more...

This person is sad he made a bad take about Theresa May being Good Actually
2019-05-24 12:58:06
Man, I'm grateful I have Shabbat as an excuse to switch off Twitter for 24 hours, every notification is more revolting than the last.

2019-05-24 17:29:40
A thread of stories from companies where 'move fast and break things' has worked:

2019-05-22 04:36:52
Never thought I’d ever have to do this but my little cousin has been reported missing. She was supposed to had been going hiking in Arizona and she hasn’t been home in a week she wasn’t even home for Mother’s Day. if you see her or have seen her in the Arizona/Cali area lmk!




2019-05-23 16:54:18
Makes Shadowrun character.
Selects option to start with 1,000,000 nuyen.
Character puts money in bank and retires.
Cyberpunk dystopia pwned.

2019-05-23 17:18:15
Meeting Etiquette:
- Have an agenda
- Don't schedule during lunchtime
- If you're hosting and running late, please let someone know!

The more offices I work in the more I see how inconsiderate people can be of other people's time.

Are meetings totally broken??

At some point we're going to have to admit: Most venture capitalists don't have the foggiest idea what technology is

Chapo Traphouse and The Majority Repoty appears to be kids youtube of the left

I left youtube going while my baby was eating and crying, and I ended up in this pit of just... weird dunk-left

This is the problems with complex systems
Using Ubuntu in prod means that updating might change python versions or something without warning, not updating means not getting patches

This means that one should use smaller and more consistent pieces in prod, rather than larger ones
Vuln app. Update it.

Vuln OS. Apply the patches.

Do not say that your application will break if you upgrades the vuln app / OS. It is your job to keep the application current and running with all upgrades.

Deferring such work puts both the application and the users at risk.

Me: I know I can't afford it, but I really want a drone
@FireflyLeigh: *shifty eyes*
Me: What's up
@FireflyLeigh: I'm just thinking about your birthday present and you should open it early
Me: *caves after back and forth*

Relatedly: I have a new drone


We're continuing our search for the greatest exploding helicopter in film history.

This time it's Mission: Impossible (1996) v Sahara (2005)

Which is the best? You decide...

The law allows my employer to submit paperwork for employment insurance late. My employer has decided to do this. So I will be missing a few weeks of parental leave payments I guess? Which, I can afford, but others can't.

2019-05-23 18:59:35
Hello deepfakes (and cousins). This was inevitable.

2019-05-23 12:46:06
The rape kit backlog myth is so damaging because it is exonerative. It allows the culture to skip over a public reckoning with two very ill professions: policing and prosecuting. For decades their priorities have been wildly misplaced. That needs to be confronted.

Why not banking servers written in Excel stored in github?
2019-05-22 17:24:30
Bankers live in Excel.
Engineers live in Github.

One is the language of the past and one is the language of the future.

Place your bets accordingly.
I don't think so, the comments seem to give away the original intention: GitHub is the place where cryptocurrency software is being developed, so he's pitting the banks with their fiat money against engineers with their cryptocurrency, hence the "place your bets".

It's inane from start to finish but it makes more sense than your explanation.
oh! Worse! I missed that and that's even grosser

Kickstarter Fall 2019!

Visigoths vs. Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game & dating sim about the conflicts & romances among warriors who sacked ancient Rome & 20th century spooky teens set in a mall in a Los Angeles suburb in 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals.


2019-05-22 21:25:05
I'm a big fan of British comedy: Fawlty Towers; Yes, Minister; Thick of It; Fleabag. But really nothing is funnier than this new series, Brexit.

Wait - has Straczynski never played a TTRPG?!

We need to get him at a table!
2019-05-22 22:08:14
Sadly, we had to close it up because the roof was leaking and....

Oh. Wait. The game., probably not.

The thing that gets to me about burnout is how much brain work is mandated to eat all your time and make you less able to do your job, then burn out
2019-05-22 15:57:39
"My company will support you taking time for your mental health!" Do you know anyone who has actually done this at your company?

Did they take a 3 day weekend?

Or were they gone for 8 weeks, fully paid, non-PTO?

How do I, as a Canadian, interact with the concentration camps in the US?

Do I stop interacting economically with the world reserve currency? How do I deal with this?
2019-05-21 14:52:06
JUST IN: ICE holding all-time high 52,000 immigrants in detention centers


Imagine making Jean Chrétien look macho by comparison

Blacklisting Huawei is a really brain genius move and I hope it gets MS, Dell, etc blacklisted by everybody fiveeyes have been caught spying on