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2019-04-29 03:43:33
Lately, it feels like concern about "spoilers" has hit a fever pitch. I've seen people threaten to end friendships over spoilers. It's wild.

Here's the thing: good storytelling does not depend upon shock twists to be emotionally engaging or intellectually compelling.

The thing I want most this year is for MongoDB to stop helping

After playing it for a while, I am fairly certain Stardew Valley is just boneless Factorio

Heres an avengers spoiler for you; this shit fuckin sucked

2019-04-24 18:32:23
Okay I’ll do it, but only under any circumstances. And the last line will be “His name was John Gnarrk. He lived at Jupiter Towers.”

I need to get this off my chest, can @DCComics give @ttwasteland_ a book called The Fall Of Gnark chronicling how his death happened?

Just say it's set pre-Crisis and let Hub do anything he wants

2019-04-24 15:09:18
Call @virginmedia on a number on their site. Get told that their policy is to always perform the security challenge, even if they're the ones who called. They have no mechanism for the person receiving the call to verify that it's actually @virginmedia calling.

Holy crap - is there any redeeming feature of journalctl - regardless of the failings of journald in general?
@silverwizard That's about it I think. Not super amazing, not indispensable, but I find it slightly neat.
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Yeah - but I often want to have unified logs not by unit type, want to be able to view multiple boots at once without pain, want to default to storing logs, want to default to rotating safely, want to store logs based on time by default, want to be able to send different log levels to different places, want to quickly follow these searches, and so on

I realized last night that every time I've gone to the hospital this year I've eaten Tim Hortons during the trip, and that's the most uniquely Canadian thing about me

2019-04-22 23:25:16
I do not care what their issue is. I'm sure they work for grifters of some stripe but maybe not. I've never spoken to them. The point is that I keep having to decline. Their eyes and their fake smiles lock on to me, and then I am forced to say no.

2019-04-22 23:34:49
i do not wish to live a life of saying no. i do not LIKE saying no. i do not ENJOY saying no. it is not a NEUTRAL activity for me. i do not want to be hounded, harassed, fucking followed, and the fucking brands are trying to wear us down so that we don't have that reaction.

2019-04-23 16:05:45
i just made a bunch of beautiful phishing sites with @Wix
let me show you how.

2019-04-23 01:34:53


2019-04-23 15:40:36
You haven’t experimented with a technology until you run it in production.

~ @rtfeldman #PhillyETE

2019-04-21 13:06:05
@h3artbl33d @mischapeters @dimpase @bflueckiger @romanzolotarev @taekicks Systemd should be burned with hellfire. Systemd is the windowsfication of linux. Systemd is inherently insecure and can not be fixed. Systemd is what happens when nonunix people get a say about architecture. If you like systemd you don’t understand Unix. Systemd is buttfumble.

So much of my time on the Ops AND Security side of my jobs means removing tools like these to increase performance and decrease points of failure
2019-04-22 04:54:04
If you’re part of the broader @kubernetesio ecosystem, comments like these should be taken to heart.


2019-04-23 02:40:47
Oh Look, @PalantirTech investors should be worried.

If I was Palantir, I'd cut out the ICE contract. If they don't, they're the Dow Chemical of our generation and it's gonna cost them billions over the long term.

Kudos to @RobBonta for driving this.

hEaL tHe PrOviNcE's DiVisiOnS by starting a $30 million "war room" to sue environmental activists out of existence

hot take: online piracy is filling a hole that could be mended by expanding the scope of public libraries

2019-04-22 16:33:06
@reckless I’d like paid podcasts not to be confined to a specific app (doable with custom RSS feeds, though there is leakage) and for app-specific audio to not be called “podcasts”

2019-04-22 16:23:02
Seems increasingly like the future of podcasts looks like the future of TV: dozens of different paid-streaming services with different, fragmented catalogs battling it out for your time.

My fears as a parent for my child coming out to me is:
How do I help them navigate their friends
How do I fight their teachers who are intolerant
How do I let them legally protect and recognize themselves

Obviously, loving the child no matter what also is important, but... gah
If you have kids, you need to be prepared for the possibility that they will come out to you.

And you need to do whatever the fuck it is you need to do to get to a place where your immediate reaction is "I love you"
All those questions are legitimate concerns, but first, "I love you".
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Yeah, I kinda felt that way after saying it
I dunno, a grew up in an area that's pretty blah even to this day, so I worry about it a lot

Especially in the area of computer crime, where it's easy as fuck to make a crime happen

The computer equivalent of shoplifting will get you decades
2019-04-21 01:03:59
Breaking the law is not the worst thing that you can do.

Have you ever worked in InfoSec for a company who either engaged in or whose business model was around gross ethics violations?

How many people did you hurt by faciliating that business?

2019-03-04 05:37:11
Check out the #DIY #NAS: 2019 Edition featuring @FreeNAS 11.2-U2, Intel Atom C3558 CPU, 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 8x2TB 2.5" HDDs, & almost HALF the volume of last year's NAS. It is #small! Make sure you read to the end and check out the #FreeNASGiveaway details!…


@silverwizard rules:
• join Twitter
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... thanks, but I have FreeBSD NAS which is better ;)
I just boosted for the free stuff ;)

2019-04-20 21:07:01
I survived my trip to @Vegas and therefore the #DIY #NAS: 2019 Edition marches onward. There are less than 3 weeks for you to enter my #FreeNASGiveaway of this 16TB, @Intel #Atom #C3558 powered #NAS with a tiny footprint. See my blog for details!…


Urg - Blackberry power managment is autohiding my VOIP phone and DiCA again

how do I tell my phone to spend battery on things *grumble*

2019-04-19 07:21:03
@taekicks @romanzolotarev Maybe it’s because in BSD existing tools are used and improved instead of new tools being created every single time?

This is the worst privacy take and the taker appears to just want to ruin the world
2019-04-20 15:35:30
@mackenzief @JetBlue yes - you consented when you went thru security or got Precheck or both. Get over your privacy- its a myth

I have heard two main pragmatic arguments against impeachment from folks who think impeachment might otherwise be justified. (1/
@silverwizard The public version of the report has been out for just over 48 hours.

It will take a minute or two to recount votes and negotiate based on all of it.
I just liked John's long and complicated thought's (where he figured: impeachment)

Welp, Endgame Babyman topped by Ken Starr in fuckin' seconds
Ken Starr says Democrats shouldn't pursue impeachment of Trump because "it's so bad for the country"

This is the galaxy brain of tantrums
2019-04-19 00:01:03
a public service announcement


2019-04-19 20:57:46
A tale of two fires that nails where we’re at right now. We can raise a billion dollars to rebuild a tourist attraction but we can’t take care of human beings who need help.

PRIORITIES people. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate ours.



At my parents place for Easter, and am asked:
Sean, can you go get paper so your uncle can write his password down?

Now is not the time for the lecture
well, it *also* was a bad password ;)

and also - password managers!

2019-04-15 22:37:46
technical debt is a better metaphor once you know that engineers don’t borrow from technical credit cards but rather from technical loan sharks

2019-04-17 20:50:18
@trgrrl On further reflection, Diogenes was Ancient Greece's Dril.

Doug wants Torontoians to die, he wants to punish us for not letting him be mayor

2019-04-18 19:30:32
tear up Facebook like it's Ma Bell

for ip in `ifconfig |grep inet|cut -d' ' -f10|grep -v ':'`; do nmap -p 27017 $ip/24; done

What has docker done to me?!

Trying to find Mongo in a mess of containers