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Turns out that it's Hire More Women Prisoners
Sad Town

I am watching Sherlock and trying to work while my wife is out. But I am drunk and stressing about becoming a dad.

Imagine trying to raise a child!
Que Shu
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Oh. So yeah, you'll be worrying about road intersections before this kind of intersection.

Temple of Mishakal

Citadel of Light

Barren Hills
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How do you choose what you keep in “most”?
Ack! I misclicked dislike!

Keep what you want! It's your own music! You can literally pick most by getting it from friends until you've expanded your storage capacity as much as you can!

I think too much about how to map Factorio robots to untrusted unreliable WAN and that ways in which other pieces are internal services

Temple of Zeboim

The Trough
some of you wouldn’t get hired for your current role again

Hey! Remember that character you were curious about?
Really cursory development, then dies!

Unlikely Avengers would be that bad


This is terrifying!

The hardest part about computer security, is that we keep using tech that is only half finished, and building our society on it
Barren Hills
You fix it after you see how it's broken
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This is a job for... someone else.

Sad Town

We no longer have computers.
Tower of High Sorcery
Marco R. doesn't like this.

Academy of Sorcery

We've talked a bunch about hacking, and they're really good at reading documentation and learning from it! Would be an asset to any dev team!
Sad Town

These weren't invented in the 90s, these were invented by the 90s

The decade rose from the grave and made them
Hating highschool?

Realising things are getting better?

Roberta Williams? Old School Unix?

I mostly don't *do* nostalgia - but I also keep love for things. But my childhood is weird...

I am currently playing Monkey Island because I miss other people's childhoods... I also am thinking of replaying Kings Quest 6, but not Kings Quest I

I don't know - nostalgia is weird
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I personally don't miss any particular period as a whole but I have a specific fondness for circa-1998 movies and Nu Metal that I haven't had for more recent movies or music.

It's so their site will remain accessible even when they break their software :P
that actually makes sense


Ok - I am breaking down - what non-amazon ereader doesn't suck?
Last Heroes Tomb
The Sony was always a little small, unbacklit eink is kinda my definition of not suck, but I like the look of the pocket book
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@silverwizard @libreture I've been using a Kobo Forma for the last few months and coupled with Calibre I love it to bits. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions if I can :-)

Temple of Kiri-Jolith

And Berlusconi apparently wasn't able to get away with raping a child

Unlike Trump
Citadel of Light

I always forget how much I want to use Tremors 2 to train blue teams
Plains of Dust
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The... the movie?

It's the best conversation about threat modelling and how to properly think about threat modelling I've ever seen.

Damnit - I can't find a gif/video of Bert shooting through a Shrieker with too powerful a gun and destroying their truck


Hedge Maze


Searching for images to illustrate a cork board for Unknown Armies and it's hard to find examples of "Weird Person + Woman + POC" - so the board is super white, and it's just hard to find photo reference.

This is BEFORE I look for freely licensed!
Citadel of Light


For the first time since I moved out of my parent's house 12 years ago, I am now not living with someone who isn't my wife

This is weird
Right, give me two months and I'll be living with a freeloader who doesn't pay rent, or even poop in the toilet
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Is loud at night, sleep in your bed sometimes, complains all the time, occasionally barfs on you, sounds like a roommate to me.

I am watching Netflix's The Order, and it's genuinely awful and makes snickering "campus snowflakes" jokes, but uses the words Hermetic Order

Sad Town

This is why so much of my work is in backups, monitoring, recovery, and successfully offboarding me in the future
Straights of Schallsea


Neas, the Plot Of
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Etilopyh, the No Autofill.

How to copy a file on linux:
cp [src]
*mild swearing*
Temple of Majere

Hedge Maze

I am a sucker for a good automated tool, and could watch this all day
Gods Row

Radio show. A "proto-podcast" is called a radio show you internet addled dumbfuck.

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