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The best part of anxiety is how something most people would think is minor can suck all of the energy out of your soul & leave you in a lumpy pile of despair.

I am discussing movies for only @bofh453 - need all the knowledge of psychics and chemistry while also their taste in movies

If your industry hasn't abandoned the idea of "code monkey" aka Full Stack Developer, it is broken and doesn't know how to build teams

What kind of "worked 9am to 4am yesterday" is this workday gonna be

scotch or ska?
terrifying plan!

What are you trying to do - flash me back to highschool?!
@silverwizard Depends on what type of day it turns into. Sometimes you just need crappy beer to round it out. Something to cap the ouvre . . . :flan_evil:

2019-02-26 14:08:35
#Missing: Jordyn McCartney, 14, #GrandePrairie.


4am is not a good time to be responding to CEO emails

2019-02-26 06:31:02
Burn out, with me oh yea, burn out, with me tonight

Computer company's gonna give me lots of money and 

Everything's gonna be

All right

I keep seeing an ad for non alcoholic beer and I cannot think of a single time anyone has ever said “I don’t want to get drunk, just enjoy the refreshing taste of...Coors”

Is Star Trek Discovery basically just Star Trek: The Mask of Eternity?

@j_opdenakker We have had hackers try to break through our password system and so far nobody has succeeded... so for now it's unhackable 😎

And while we're on unpopular opinions about magic:

Hard magic may be more effective for establishing dramatic stakes, but it will never feel as wondrous or mysterious as soft magic…

The woman at Publix asked if we wanted to donate to the Sharing.

She meant "Food For Sharing."

But I'm on to you, Yeerks!

Reply: Aimed at the person who tweeted and anyone else tagged.
Quote Tweet: Amplifying or contradicting the original tweet. Although the original tweeter gets a notification, it is generally aimed at the quote-tweeter’s followers.

This is not hard, tweeps.

2019-02-23 21:23:36
Some background - Jesse Singal is a science journalist who frequently questions the validity of transgender people, fueling the fires of transphobic bigotry that is especially present under the trump administration.

2019-02-23 11:42:48
Also a reminder that some Millennials graduated high school in the late 90’s, wracked up HECS debt, never managed to land a job due to shitty employment rates and are now heading towards 40 with no super and Muffin Break screaming they’re lazy because they won’t work for free

Someone just approached me on the street and asked me if I was at peace, and... I guess they don't follow me on twitter
or other fediverse things

2019-02-23 16:04:09
@newscomauHQ We're all either in our mid-20s or our 30s. We're not college kids who could use it for a 'learning experience', we have rent to pay, families to support now. (also even for college and high school kids unpaid work is trash)

2019-02-23 16:03:45
Trillions of dollars... you know what else costs trillions of dollars over 10 years @nytclimate? Fossil fuel subsidies, climate-related natural disasters, health issues,environmental clean-up.And you know what’s more important than money? The continued survival of the human race.

InfoSec Community,

We sadly lost another amazing person to suicide.

Condolences to everyone who was touched by Bret (@adeptisdelta).

He was certainly a blessing to others.

If you're down, please reach out to a friend.

My DMs are always open.

2019-02-22 19:46:58
Last ditch effort: Do I know anyone who works at @CORSAIR? Last effort before a EoP goes public. I have already reported through and was written off.

just got word from a trusted source: the guy who said he would fuck his daughter on "The View" is in hot water for spelling hamburger wrong
Coincidentally, this is one of his less dril-esque tweets.
Yeah, it's just a normal tweet about what's going on

Does what a real bug can
Stalls deploys, any size
Delays pulls, needs retries
Look out!
Here comes Heisenbug

Your systems architect will thank you
If you are a software engineer, please learn how threads work including at the os level. It prevents things like vert.x from happening. It’s really thread pool but many people don’t realize it. Sure you have futures but what do they run on....
actors or CSP or FBP wouldn't*
in my experience, people don't pay attention to their kernel though. Nor their hardware. Abstraction is only fine if you know what you're abstracting. You can't become an expert without learning WHY things happen.

Kicking off threads without knowing how to bind threads is a problem, and architecture should be about learning the system and using it for what it's good at.

2019-02-21 21:03:59
Maybe I’m old school, but I kinda feel like if you cheated to win the last election, you shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the next election.

So brigading can affect youtube creators financially even more!?
@BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD (2/2) With regard to the actions that we've taken, even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads (yellow icon). Let us know if you have any questions.

Ug, I need to start emailing abuse contacts about logins to my mailserver
It's the right thing to do

My office requires that we run the LastPass security challenge and be in the top 50% of users. This is great.

I *hate* that LastPass wont let me put multiple URLs on one password, so I need a second entry for the same site. Meaning I get dinged in the challenge.
LastPass is claiming I am only in the top 4% of users! This is a tragedy!

I get a lot of people on here commenting about how ridiculous it is that I have my pronouns in my profile and that really frustrates me.

the good news: all my monitors are working

AH! Good! Configuration as code means "ssh into a box and add certificates as file.cer, file.crt, file.cert, or file.pem

Since, obviously that will make things easier

2019-02-20 21:40:54
@scarynetworkguy @HippyWizard @BSDCan Would it be murder though? Really? Sounds more like justifiable homicide to me...

2019-02-16 21:46:59
It is with a heavy, but determined, heart that I report that Oakland teachers are striking this Thursday, barring a miraculous agreement.

We want:
1. Liveable wages
2. Smaller class sizes
3. More student supports
4. An end to school closures

#StrikeReady #Unite4OaklandKids

I listen to @jjdoddpodcast and @ttwasteland_ and both their bailiwicks include the story about The Defenders and Daredevil being used in a game by the Grandmaster, so I had the synopsis in my brain, but I couldn't find the Hub/Corey jokes to figure out I'd previously heard this

#BSDCan's goal is to make me sad I can't make it
2019-02-20 14:17:35
This year's #BSDCan has some killer talks. You need to see them. Schedule out soon!

Ma soeur Elise a quitté son domicile de Strasbourg Mardi 19 Février à 15h heure française sans son portable après avoir tenu des propos incohérents et personne n'a de nouvelles d'elle depuis. Une déposition de disparition inquiétante a été faite à la police. Merci de RT.


I have slowly started to decide that Linux is an oral history passed down not from sages to the people, but instead pieced together by archaeologists
But like - in the form of a bunch of anthropologists and archaeologists running into a village and starting to try to pull together information about how people live in it. Despite the fact that the village is inhabited, and the inhabitants speak English, and, in fact, even run courses on their culture, and have schools, and happily welcome new people who don't want to shit on the carpet