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Fuck, I hate Torontoโ€ฆ

Saying you should complain to the OIPRD always makes me mad. I did that once, and all I got back was "police tazing the mentally ill for no reason is consistent with their training"
@Terranon1 @CFifeKW Police being used to protect property is the problem, and if we are going to not abolish or defund we can at least fix

Though we should abolish
@HippyWizard @CFifeKW To me it's more a fundamental problem of how society values people. The ownership of property, or at least having a fixed address, is tied to most of the ways the government identifies you as a citizen.

The second you dont have that, your value to the civic authorities drops.

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The web has massive feature bloat. It's a privacy and security nightmare.

I personally think we should abolish JavaScript and not allow arbitrary remotely loaded code to execute on our computers.

"I want web sites to do everything a native app can do" is a suicidal mistake.

Wait, how the hell am I just finding out about Vajra Enterprises >.<, I luterally can't tell their back catalogue of RPGs from a wishlist of games

Speed wrestling, where you need to hit one of those chess clocks whenever you kick out of a hold

It took me way to long to figure out how to make a boat be locked with a chain, and then move the boat as an elevator, in inform7

My Fate experience is that a lot of new games are either big sprawling settings, or specific tightly coupled mechanics. Fate is not that, except Dresden Files (whose star has waned)

Fate is great at the table, but it's hard to pitch, and it's publishing makes that harder

Anyway, Fred has characterized Fate as not being a next gen game, but rather tail end of last gen, and all of this is a large part of why I agree with that sentiment.

This is not a criticism or a complaint - just an acknowledgment that we're old. :)

Oh man, Mophideous Star Trek looks good, I wanna try

My wife is incredibly wonderful, and very supportive
Its pretty good. The campaign didn't last long enough for me to have strong feelings about the system, but I enjoyed it. We crewed an intrepid class ship just after the Voyager disappeared.

Never explored why a socialist society would give the Captain luxury accommodations and amenities while having almost no non-holographic recreational space for the crew. Or what kind of hammerspace generators were at play on the shuttlebay....

RPG prep is weird
I prepped literally 15 people and personalities and so on, one of whom was demon possessed
But then some colour planning just bypassed all of the work, despite 2 previous sessions of looking
And yet I think it was good because it was session which was too long

SciFi fleet that builds their base on an abandoned Dyson Sphere only to, 100 years later, meet the makers who have been living on 90% of the surface
Jordy Harvey 1 week ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard The citadel in Mass Effect I think would count as a freehold space station city.

I think I'm aware of a Dyson swarm. I recall watching a video on that
@metaljordy One day I'll figure out getting Mass Effect running on Linux because *damn* does it sound good
Jordy Harvey 1 week ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard I highly recommend it. It might very well be my favourite SciFi setting. If possible I recommend the Legendary Edition since, it has many improvements.
@metaljordy I already own Mass Effect one and two, and can't run them, and honestly they're gonna be easier to run than Legendary, but yeah!
Jordy Harvey 1 week ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard Quick Google search yielded thisโ€ฆ
@metaljordy Yeah, proton is very hit and miss, with lots of miss
Jordy Harvey 1 week ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard I'm very unfamiliar with Linux. I honestly just clicked the first link.

I'm told it's like this
Windows is for the average person
Mac is for very specific purposes
Linux is for people people who know how computers work.
@metaljordy No no
Linux is for people who make up guesses abput how computers work
Jordy Harvey 1 week ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard That makes perfect sense honestly

I have American Gods on my bedside table, and bah do I wish I had read it at 16 and not 32
@HippyWizard well that's good to hear because i remembered anansi boys being good....

and if it was bad then idk it would be extra bad because it's an englishman writing about another culture

Full phone number database of #Clubhouse is up for sale on the #Darknet. It contains 3.8 billion phone numbers. These are not just members but also people in contact lists that were synced. Chances are high that you are listed even if you haven't had a Clubhouse login.


I should not be allowed to raise kids
He starts pedantically yelling *bed* time *bed* time at me when I put him back in the crib because he wont stop leaving the bed (he's currently learning bed, he's almost got it)
I am so glad my toddler is already correcting my semantics

THANK YOU, I thought I was the only one to see the obvious individualistic propaganda in this book.

Swords of the Serpentine + Trail of Cthulhu
Wanna run me some Ffard and the Grey Mouser but as intended by Leiber

Seamus is a complicated two year old
If we try to use code he's suddently like "go w l k" to go for a walk
@HippyWizard That's what you get for reusing keys. If you spelled it out in rotN for a daily random choice of N he wouldn't figure it out so quick.

ooooh--sympathy, hope you bounce back soon.

Went to a butterfly conservatory today, and bought a butterfly stuffy for my toddler, and the wings contain Slap Bracelet Technologyโ„ข

The best part of Service Ontario is when they put a general contact on their website, and when you use it, they say it's the wrong place and you should have used the secret contact form
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Telling my nephew that code stuff *is* hard to learn, while also telling him he's not too young to learn is a really hard line to walk
I had an old job where I was writing code for monitoring systems. The language was nowhere near turing-complete and I found myself having to write very similar programs again and again. I eventually wrote an Emacs script that would ask me for some parameters and write the code for me. Moral of the story: if it's monotonous enough, automate it.

but, also, I don't even want that amountm I'm a sysadmin in my soul, I don't *like* code

People need to stop pretending that just because Google and Apple and Amazon say they hire smart people that this is true
Now I'm thoroughly confused. Substatus?
I mean, subtoot but I hate Mastodon

Iron Claw doesn't seem to have any ship combat rules, but Rondo jaunts seem to be fairly rare, and probably take a second to get going

Would need to know how Elvers interact

Space needs to be a setting in this game, even though so much of it is about the Myriad Worlds, the Elvers being able to live in space makes space feel really important
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If you've not read anything about Myriad Song, that will seem like babble, but it's a really cool RPG, basically designed for playing New Wave scifi with a focus on inhuman aliens and faction conflict

I love the dice mechanics, and the XP system being based around goals is fun

Hey, just wanted to say:
Never make your kids feel guilty for your choice to have kids
Ah, sorry about that. I can't stand that kind of guilt-tripping. We parents made the decision to have a kid, no backsies, nobody forced us into it.

@SoulOBrass I have the Runaways on my to-watch list - but curious

Are they comic sourced or not? (I've only read one Runaways trade, and it was not during any of the good parts)

Sturgeon's Revelation states that 90% of everything is crap. He meant this as a defense of genre fiction. The band weezer would later go in to take it as instructions for writing songs.

If you could triple your lifespan, and look young while doing it, would you?

Would you still do it if it involved ingesting a tapeworm that rejiggers your fundamental physiology and slowly unravels the fabric of the society around you?โ€ฆ

I want to figure out specifics of community complications in my Cyberpunk game, because I think that's important.

I really want a core system where the community starts with breakdowns and shortages, and as you fix them and repair them, you start to add problems where the corporations start to gentrify this now-viable land

I wish OpenID had become a thing, like properly a thing

It would stop so many people complaining about the open web

Today at 6am I made a joke about Endianness to and it ruined our morning because I needed to spend an hour explaining the concept to her while she got increasingly angry that computers didn't standardize on something
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I have never learned assembly, and probably should. But I have nerd parents.

And am aware of the horror of middle endian
I can't honestly say that I've *properly* learned it either. I know just enough to be dangerous.

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My nephew loves making maps, and my mom somehow got him really into Colassal Cave Adventure, so I offered that if he makes a map like the one he made of Adventure, I'll make it a game

I am so excited
Sounds fun. Link me the repo when you do.
I was more thinking a quick Frotz project, but I guess I could get his permission to repo it, depends on what he makes

Ug, I got The Realm Online running under wine, but I need to launch the game clients directly, and I can't use the launcher. Which is apparently made of some sort of very deep .Net magic

The thing that gets me about the Audacity bullshit is the number of people who don't understand that analytics aren't always necessary, and software that's purely offline is good

Audacity is getting pushback because it is offline software with a privacy aware community

I mean, I get that they think they are building a modern invasive app with always on internet and basic spying, but please

Let's have a few programs that aren't?
I use Hermit extensively for most apps like that. It's not fantastic, but it's better than any other alternative I've found.
I mean, I get that, but it's Audacity, why should I need to worry about this?!

I hate that we build a world that needs technical details to do this shit
Ah, ok, I misunderstood the context.
totally. I donโ€™t even know why they would want to with an offline app.

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too tired to color icons but now im bored. hmm
watch fear street 1994!!!

Toddler beds are a great idea until your toddler realizes they can wake up, get out of bed, and walk into your room

RPG doing root cause analysis of sci-fi heist, but you play the boring corporate suits

This has incredibly important context for GitHub copilot

This experiment illustrates an interesting aspect of generating stuff with big internet-trained models: it's seen a lot of crummy examples of what you're looking for, and those are just as valid to it as the good ones.

It CAN generate the good stuff. But how do you ask for it?

@HippyWizard # I am Guido van Rossum and I am trying to parse a csv:
@HippyWizard assuming he always writes his comments like that it might work