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[bookmark=]OK. So, to celebrate the upcoming release later this year, I have a follow-up mini-story in prop form that follows on the events of Sanity Line and hints at parts of From The Ashes. There is a puzzle to solve!

RT to enter, please no raffle accounts.



I dislike that Alpine's apk's Easter Egg joke is just pretending to be apt's

Also that it's name is the same as a really popular package format


[bookmark=]Yes, this is what I find most striking. Why is the *exact phrase* triggering this, when permutations do not?[/bookmark]





I was wrong about what Coherent would run on


TIL that Unix was written partially because Ken managed to get a new computer to play a video game
Much like Linux


[bookmark=]It increasingly irks me to think about how white people grasped the idea of "security theatre" by TSA in airports long before they paused to wonder if literally any other type of security in their country or community was also entirely theatrical[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]tossing more apples into the giant vat of diseased apple slime to see if they, too, will go bad[/bookmark]


Why would anyone who processes cards need to know the type and not be able to guess from the number ?
[bookmark=]This is so fucking dumb, who the fuck decided a drop down needed to look like this, fuck off.



[bookmark=]Could @GoogleChromeDev seriously stop fucking with how pages are rendered?

Blue checkboxes are hideous and look terrible on pages built with the original off white coloration in mind.

Stop changing shit to justify pushing updates. There's plenty of CVEs and bugs to fix instead[/bookmark]


Sysadmins, find arguments are ordered, beware ⚠️ especially with -delete ☠️

$ ls
bar.txt foo.txt
$ find -delete -name foo.txt
$ ls

obviously -name should come first

# #


Help us # # and # Software!

Me, @TheMainOne, @taminaru and Tyler have started a hobby project to remove proprietary Google software from FOSS.

# plays a huge part in all of our lives. And #. Do you really want FOSS software running # Google code?

With proprietary code, NOBODY can see what it does, or what data it sends. Proprietary software is also embedded into a lot of FOSS projects.

Google STEALS your data. It steals your control. It steals your #.

Help us put the Freedom back in FOSS.

# # # #


I miss the LobbyCon so much, and am going to miss the BarCon so much



BSDCan consistently has 1 block of "No good sysadmin talks" followed by a block of "three good sysadmin talks" and it makes me cry so hard every time


[bookmark=]And the cherry on top is that you're all still scrolling through my portfolio site full of werewolves, androids, and black people with wings... ask me if I want to draw Harriet Tubman.



[bookmark=]Just a reminder that today's viral video of this elderly man bleeding on the sidewalk is video #282 in a thread of viral videos of unprovoked police brutality caught on camera in the last 96 hours.[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]This man isn't a protester. He was just a guy sitting at a traffic light when cops shot his car with a tear gas round. He got out to yell at them because his pregnant wife is in the vehicle. So they opened fire on them.



[bookmark=]Are there any other professions that currently have more than one viral video where they were filmed pushing old men to the ground[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Fucked up how "were the nazis socialists?" is suhh a good litmus test for if the person you're talking to can actually read and learn from history and is politically aware about anything[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]The paper also pointed to a "faulty process" last year when it published that anti-Semitic cartoon in the Opinion pages.[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Quelle surprise...[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Uh. Fuck this.[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]People who support # with the argument, "I trust it more than some hand written scripts!" are fucking idiots. That argument makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Explain to me how systemd magically generates startup routines for daemons. Does someone.... WRITE THEM?[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]US Mains to 3.5mm is one of my favorite commercially made adapters available.



[bookmark=]@nytdavidbrooks we've yet to see the evidence[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]If the PM truly believes that Black lives matter, will he:

- End racial profiling
- End the over-policing of Black bodies
- End the over-incarceration of Black people in this country

The PM has the power to do all of these things, right now.

He simply needs to get it done.



[bookmark=]@x_Mycroft_x @CivArchive @BuySomethin The other thing to remember is that while protecting your data and preventing yourself from being tracked are certainly important, no one should be discouraged from exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully protest just because they don't feel savvy about technology.[/bookmark]


Me: Delivery people are doing dangerous and scary jobs and I should be good and patient

Also Me: I *waaaaaant* my server


[bookmark=]My police reform idea is anyone who wants to be a police officer should under no circumstances be allowed to be one[/bookmark]


My guide on safely redacting photos with sensitive info on them on the go, fresh off the press. Boosts welcome and appreciated.


[bookmark=]yeah, don't you remember the famous part in atlas shrugged where John Galt finally speaks and says "PLEASE LISTEN to the police everyone. RESPECT the government."



[bookmark=]Friends, I am a recently laid-off (😐) software engineer and I am looking for projects and causes where I can donate my time and skills. If you know of any anti-racist non-profits, community organizations, open source projects etc that I could contribute to, please send em my way[/bookmark]


One thing I wonder about in parenting is not using my size to control play, to engage in play that my child enjoys that sometimes is because I can pick him up or tickle him, but a lot of my thoughts are how to make him feel empowered to end or change what is happening


[bookmark=]Dear #

I've been "warned" 3x that if I keep posting that Black Lives Matter, I'm unhireable.

If I, a white, cis, straight, US-born... woman w public evidence of my work can be "unhireable" due to just saying #, how can Black hackers even hope to be hired?[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]imagine if we just

stopped paying cops

to do all *this*[/bookmark]


BSDCan this year is a tragedy for how *good* it's going to be

The hardest part is probably going to be not trying to attend two panels at once


[bookmark=]$500 to roast @googlechrome, but "no RAM jokes allowed." Fair enough!

Who could have a problem with "the world's biggest ad company watching everything you do on the internet at all times?"[/bookmark]