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Somehow our first ever family vacation with the kiddos ended up with a massive province wide power outage, no water, and then my grandmother went into palliative care so.... hmm...

Sean thinks it's because I'm cursed (thru no fault of my own, he insists)

My toddler is in that toddler mood where you blink and he's draining the bottle of baby shampoo all over the a piece of wooden climbing equipment. If I'm not careful I might be tangled in a web of tape

This is not shade on my toddler btw, he's just very busy and that's good and fine

Oh no, I'm posting sad stories again.., I hope this isn't indicative of things to come

My birth story with Shæ, I was in a much better place and I wrote the story down and loved to tell people

My birth story with Ro, I was in a lot worse of a space, and I didn't want to remember every detail so I didn't write it down and hardly ever tell anyone

It kinda sucks that I won't have a stored memory for both of them because I wish it could be something celebratory in my mind for Ro too

I guess this is just how it goes... I wonder how many other people had similar experiences, if anyone ever did

Just a thought

If you're throwing a hot rooftop party in very warm temperatures for your business consider... serving non alcoholic drinks too... like water... to your employees

The same force within me that blows the world away with fireworks and makes music light up also creates the most vivid and terrifying images in my head that are so powerful it can keep me up at night and I don't know how to resolve that kind of dichotomy in my feelings towards it, this incredibly strong part of me 🙁

Sponge Art

I love exploring art techniques with children, especially toddlers. It's probably my favourite activity to do right now..

Today we painted sponges and dabbed them on the page to create a stippling effect

Picture made from rainbow paint on a sponge dabbed on

I decorated a cake for a toddler!

All pictures of a cake decorated to look like a train
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