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The_Gibson mastodon (AP)
Seems maybe lewd?

lotsa curves, there
The_Gibson mastodon (AP)
I think this is just wearing a captain's hat backward...

in bed.
Gracious Anthracite mastodon (AP)
So is this like a “reverse cowgirl” except performed on a boat?

It called me ROGUE CLOUD which sounds more like a type of fart than anything else.
Russ Sharek mastodon (AP)
Randomly clicked on directories until I saw an image...

"Debug Phish"
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Vertigo #$FF mastodon (AP)
"Quick Sword" apparently is mine.
The_Gibson mastodon (AP)
You can use that second link and pick whatever you want.
Russ Sharek mastodon (AP)
That's what I did. Drilled down directories at random until I got an image file.
`Da Elf mastodon (AP)
"Crunchy Rootkit"?
Abbie mastodon (AP)
the names seem toooooo PR/HR approved
Abbie mastodon (AP)
OMG thats hilarious (clicked the link this time 👀)
💀Undead Bill💀 mastodon (AP)
Attack bit? ok...