2020-02-03 12:30:01

#Hikari Is A #FreeBSD-Focused #X11 Window Manager + #Wayland Compositor…

raichoo mastodon (AP)
Damn, now I REALLY need to get they #wayland public alpha out by the end of the week O_o
XS mastodon (AP)
Thanks @raichoo for the high quality presentation you made (I was in the devroom :) . I've been using CWM by the past, there's a fresh touch to it with more features and XCB. Also thanks showing your enthusiasm on wayland concepts and benefits. I hope you'll get feedback and contribution to this version as well!

The link to the presentation for interested people:
raichoo mastodon (AP)
Thanks for your feedback :D
Yeah - people are jumping on Wayland WAY too early. But it looks like they are doing cool things.
raichoo mastodon (AP)
I think it's the right time to start moving towards wayland. At least for most people it does everything they need (which includes me). And more stuff will come eventually.
I guess I am fairly jittery about using too bleeding edge of software

Security and sysadmin make you very conservative in your approach
raichoo mastodon (AP)
That is understandable. On Linux I wouldn't consider wayland to be that much of a bleeding edge. On BSD it still somewhat is (but we are getting there slowly :D). YMMV though.