Doing some #BurningWheel prepping
Ok, Abstractions+Distillations from Revised
Used the Ars Arts and Elements in place of Impetus and Element
Assume a sorcerer has B5ish sorcery to start, in Revised would add Will so probsbly rolling between B9 and B11 to start... Add a FoRK for a skill in each Facet (which is now a skill used to harvest Vis, teach, engage in duels, etc), and then allow mages to spend Vis for +1D (one per die from FoRKs, so between 2D and 4D for most spells)
Add 1-2 FoRKs from core wheel
Means a pool of B9-B11

That means the Abstraction/Distilation system will probably work fine
Most of the lifepaths transfer
A huge portion of a Burning Mythic Europe game would be jockeying economically and getting access to Vis, as well as diving for lore (and fighting monsters, but who needs that)

Vis jockeying and using resources for monopoly feels real cool, and the duration of actions and tests in Burning Wheel makes everyone get involved in Seasons long play, and get stuck in their own management cycles

I think I barely need to do anything to make this work
Thinking about Twilight
It feels like an Emotional Attribute but has none of the benefits associated with one, it's mostly about avoiding temporary Twilights rather than anything else, which might be an ok thing to do

Maybe a normal emotional attribute that gets tested when overtaxed, spending Vis, or hitting giant effects? I dunno yet