Safety advice is not policy advice

There are so many places in our world where we know what the tolerance for something is, and we don't use it, and we set a more intensive policy because we want to catch mistakes

Masks are not an exception to that
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
I'm sorry I didn't understand what you meant, would you care to explain further, maybe using the mask mandate as an example?
Ok - so let's say we know a bridge can handle 50 tonnes. We might say it can carry up to 25 tonnes, in order to make sure that people drive up to 30 tonnes on it. Or we might know that 80% of pictures in an email aren't tracking, but still not load any of them.

Similarly, we might have research that says vaccinated people don't spread COVID, therefore meaning it's equally safe for them to be masked or unmasked. But we also know some people might not comply with the rules about masks unvaccinated, so we might know that it's safe for unvaccinated people to go unmasked (and medical organizations might say that), but not allow it.

A good example is: I have heard the argument that vaccinated people might start to stop complying if we don't lift restrictions on them - but in theory, if we leave the mandate there, there will be some people non-complying, but we can treat them all equally. Whereas if we say some people can ignore the mask mandates, we can't *see* non-compliance. Meaning that we no longer can protect ourselves.

Safety measures are about *society*, not about specific instances of what's safe and isn't personally.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Thank you, it makes more sense to me and I whole-heartedly agree. I am fully vaccinated and I will keep wearing my mask outside of my house for the foreseeable future. Ever since I’ve caught COVID last October, I kept wearing it more as a social signal than for safety reasons. The best part about it is that even if I’m overestimating my safety (and everyone else’s around me), I’m still limiting transmission thanks to my own sense of social duty.
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yeah, exactly. Most of these measures (including masks!) don't protect you!

What they do do is protect everyone else.

And you wearing a mask continues to protect everyone else, just not from viruses you are spreading, from viruses being spread by people taking advantage of confusion!


Sorry - paranoia brain making me annoyed and angry