"Community is bad and trusting your community is as bad as ceding power to corporations"

Fuck I hate this style of take.
"If my grandmother cannot participate in the administration of the technology she uses, her best interests may not be adequately represented by the technology. Whether she is beholden to a corporation or to a system administrator, that is not digital freedom."
Also, fuck the "network effects" exist argument. It doesn't *matter*. Being able to *leave* is the value of federation. Idiots.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
This text is wrong on so many levels.

"For freedom’s sake, face the facts: federation is dead." Ha ha.

"Wikipedia is not an experiment in democracy, but it nevertheless operates as an information democracy"

Wikipedia is the wiki where users have the less say in the content, with site-wide sexist biases and elite cliques of privileged editors, so while it sorta works, it really isn't the poster child for how online communities should be governed.

In the end, the democracy/authoritarianism comparison when applied to online communities that, as you pointed out, people can freely leave is utterly asinine.
Yeah, exactly. Seriously.

Becky can choose to go to Librenet,, any Diaspora pod. Or, she can continue to trust that I'm mostly gonna be blocking loli and Nazis at the instance level, and doesn't need to.

But she 100% can.

And Wikipedia is a complete mess of deletionism and so on.

The point is functional community! And chosen community!

Federation isn't about *resisting* centralization! It's about maximizing choices!
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Even if federation was about resisting centralization and somewhat failing at it, taking the intendedly centralized Wikipedia as a good alternative to federation for this purpose is, huh, not it, chief.
Oh yeah Wikipedia sucks. That was a bad example.
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From my skimming this hot pile of garbage, wasn't it the whole point of the rant? Wikipedia didn't seem to be just an example among others, it is the gold standard from which the whole misled argumentation is derived from. Remove Wikipedia, and the absurd "information democracy" this article is talking about doesn't have any practical leg to stand on anymore.