Imagine spending money on this when you could be spending money on anything else.
Waterloo regional police have launched a new community cruiser design focused on diversity.​…
@HippyWizard Actual change is hard but paint jobs are easy. The point isn't to actually make communities more inclusive but to have something to point at and say "nuh uh, we're totally diverse!"
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@Terranon1 Yeah, exactly. Instead of fixing a police force that does violence to our community, we paint a fuckin' van. I'm so angry
@HippyWizard But wait, there's more! This story came out on the same day that the Mississauga cops cleared 3 of their own of wrongdoing when they murdered a mentally I'll black man.
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@Terranon1 Holy fuck, horrible
@HippyWizard Yep. Also the same day the trial started in the states for the cops who killed George Floyd.

Good thing we have the #diversitymobile whose mystical paint job will end police brutality forever.
Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
So, instead of addressing issues of systemic racism head-on, they've opted to change the paint job on their cruisers?