Man! It's a privilege to do stuff in the #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD communities - that are just ... awesome
I had made a pretty stupid error when it came to hosts on Bhyve. I asked a (hopefully) clear question, and the FreeBSD community answered it (make sure vfs.zfs.arc_max is <=1/4 total system memory) really quickly, and clearly! While also being good at asking questions, and kind.

the main reason I never do this in the OpenBSD community is because I've almost never encountered an undocumented problem.

Getting better at documentation is one of my goals for the year, and helping both projects is a goal.

Sadly, one of my main goals as a sysadmin is to never do anything exciting - so I don't end up in novel or surprising situations much to help.
I think it's mostly for bhyve guests, since they have less insight into the system, and so if you have a few, it can cause you problems. But yeah - might be good in a man page somewhere - the main question is - which one would surface it best.

Hmmm - gonna think about that and then submit a patch I guess.