Conceptualizing the Star Wars trilogies as a campaign where Obi Wan and Anakin as the only PCs
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This is a criticism my friend recently formulated to me: in the canon Star Wars universe, nothing has any importance except the Skywalker family.
There is a nicer framing which is "Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker family"
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I don't feel like being nice to Star Wars, they milked the cow to death. But also it makes Star Wars RPG DMs sad to come up with scenarios that do not involve Jedis nor pangalactic political struggles.
I mean, I refuse to be kind to Disney, hence why this conception only works well for the two real trilogies

But also - I think the criticism of "this story has focus and a narrative" is a really funny criticism

Obviously the EU falls into the trap of overfocusing on Skywalkers in places, but then you're ignoring the entire X Wing series for example
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It's a niche criticism, for sure, that was heavily tied to Star Wars RPG, so not a criticism of the movies in isolation, not sure about the Extended Universe either.
Ah, on the RPG side? Which one?

I feel like WEG doesn't do that ag all but maybe SAGA?
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I'm out of my depth here, I'll have to defer to my friend.
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His answer after checking out the public conversation thread, shared with his permission:
So for the RPG end of things, it can be tough to give players varied goals at times. Having a bunch of money isn't a big deal, becoming someone important is. Everything has to tie to a character which is not bad necessarily but it can be limiting.

Take Pirates of the Caribbean. In the first movie you have heroes and villains that are after each other and the treasure. The treasure is a Mcguffin but it helps move along the plot and vary up what is happening in scenes.

Star Wars struggles with that in the movies. They have them but they are only important for a short time.
Yes, Star Wars is a clash of *empires* not of smaller people. I think this is recognizing the roles of Iconic Characters and they way they don't tend to struggle internally but instead struggle externally. Probably hates Superman too.

But this is one of the reasons I am conceptualizing this. Obi Wan and Anakin have strong goals, both start out as *new* and both have a side in the conflict. In a way, everyone else's goals (as we can see them) are bent toward engaging them (Yoda trains Luke for Obi Wan, Palpatine exists to tempt Anakin, Leia exists because Obi Wan's player fomented rebellion, etc etc etc)

But I also think that Rogue One and Star Wars Galaxy of Fear have strong things to say about how to *run* Star Wars, you need to use the universe, not the themes, if you want to run smaller quiet stories
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I personally loved Star Wars Rogue One because it was a contained story with high stakes but non-iconic people. It was connected to the larger galactic struggle but wasn't too close that everything had to be over the top dramatic.

And conceptually Solo was good for thid

Though a worse version than the Han Solo trilogy
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I'm not familiar with the Han Solo trilogy? I know about the Solo movie that I haven't watched but a full trilogy?
Boom series, which was real good at doing smaller stories