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And the thing about it: he might have been wrong to vocalize it... but he ain't wrong.

I don't see how a mentally stable Black person could in good conscience could vote for Trump. And every other Black person I know feels the same way. We don't want to be taken for granted, but the alternative isn't an option, and not voting isn't an option. Not in this climate.
I think the real problem is that Biden has done more harm to many communities than Trump, just due to having more time

But wants people to rally behind him because he is slower at harming them

But I am Canadian and have no horse in this race
I'd argue that Trump has done more harm in a shorter amount of time- just because of how he's changed the general tenor of the normalization of the treatment of 'others' including Black Americans. Some say it's because of the rise of social media and the ability to share and reshare the incidents, and to be honest, that's a part of it. The same stuff was going on before, but on a smaller scale, with less loss of life. Trump has normalized a lot of that thinking- it was always there, but it's now that they don't have to hide it. Biden is not 100% on his stances, but there aren't many that I think have been in retrospect.

And to the larger harm by Biden, there's a larger good as well. And I'd say a much larger part 'targeted good'.

Normally, I'm more moderate, and have been happy that Presidents have tended to govern from the middle as a doctrine. I love when the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court are close to 50/50 split. I think that politicians should have to work together, and any legislation should be a series of compromises that no one is completely happy with.

I've also been of the opinion that no one President could do a great amount of harm in the short time that they have, and the strictures in place on their policies. But Trump is proving me wrong.
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I mean, as I say, no horse in this race, so not really willing to argue about it.

I just was super angry about the "joke".
Not really arguing on my side either. Just giving a perspective from someone who is actually on the other side of the 'joke'. No reason to be offended on my behalf.
That's reasonable.

I do need to get less mad about American politics. Since you know, it's broken beyond belief, but it keeps harming Canadian discourse.
@silverwizard - well, you know that Canada is part of the US in many people's minds, so we reflect badly on you in that way /s