This was a stealth birth announcement
Rowan was born 0227 May 23rd
He's doing real well, and is tiny
Born without induction too! @Becky is a champ
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Did we avoid the birthday collision issue?
Yeah! We made it! May 23 and May 24, entirely different days! (Right?)

Go go natural childbirth preempting early induction!
Konstantin Ryabitsev mastodon (AP)
Congratulations and best wishes!
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@HippyWizard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@batchsample Rowan was born at 0227 May 23rd!
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@HippyWizard So close to claiming my birthday 😏
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@batchsample Wait, which is your birthday?!

Mine is the 24th >.<

I think we had this conversation before, but what is sleep
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@HippyWizard IT WAS YESTERDAY THE 22ND! Between the three of us, we control May long weekend
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@DuanBailey Thanks!

Turns out it *was* false labour on game night, shoulda just ignored the contractions and played Blades ;)
@HippyWizard It seemed insensitive to say so. ;) Glad everyone's doing well!
Tobias friendica (AP)
Congrats and all the best :)