Hey every web browser
What I want is: type in URI, load page at that URI

Please don't ignore my port or protocol definition

Holy shit
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
What did you try again, whippersnapper?

Which it decided to load via https

So I sent it to

And it decided to honour HSTS on non-standard ports (which is wrong)

I had to do http://charred:8080 which did load

And this is all caused because charred is a ruby app and so using Sinatra (a web server) to run itself, rather than the two obvious things of:
Running via a multiplexed webserver which can handle ssl upgrades and name based virtual hosting
Not using http and using a protocol more suited to running a character generator (which, to be fair doesn't exist, CHARGEN is sadly not well-suited to running a character generator for an RPG, but I can dream)