I miss HTML. I miss a very simple markup language for making very simple pages. I miss the exploration. I miss the fact that people learned to code by trying to make their Neopets homepage cool. I miss this near-coding thing which pushes you to explore.
I just, miss computers. I miss exploring and learning. Some of this is skill slope, but also - I miss not forcing people to spend thousands of dollars to learn. I miss the ways in which knowledge used to transfer. The way I could self-teach.
I hate that if I want to teach myself to build systems that are like my job, I need to make something worthless. Something that is bad for the world. It's so gross.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Don't you just miss entering a field knowing nothing, and the joy of the initial discovery, soon to be eclipsed by the burden of the actual knowledge that it's always 3 gremlins in a trenchcoat?
Nah, I miss kids learning to code via neopets
Abbie Normal mastodon (AP)
We don't miss technologies

We miss experiences
It's more me worrying about the next generation currently trying to learn
Abbie Normal mastodon (AP)
we need to resist, provide experiences as much as we can
I worry that low level skills wont translate, because there's so much money in teaching expensive abstractions
talon ๐Ÿ‚ mastodon (AP)
have you looked into #?
Just recently! And have been planning on looking more when I have a chance! It looks cool
talon ๐Ÿ‚ mastodon (AP)
highly recommended. The markup is dead simple and so is the protocol. I've found it to be pleasantly hackable in the way I think you describe in your original post! :blobcatthumbsup:
Shelenn Ayres friendica (via ActivityPub)
You might like this... i am likely going to use it to update all my websites.
What's Hugo? Static site generator?

I see lots of themes, but not much tech stack

I do *love* static sites though
Shelenn Ayres friendica (via ActivityPub)
yes it is a static site generator using Go templates for very fast websites.. open source too... i installed it on windows laptop then will choose a template and test it ;)