My house is currently booze free
I am out of coffee

This means I am drinking less fluids in general - but also - those are my normal sources of simple food-joy - and that's ungreat
Patrick Marchiodi friendica (via ActivityPub)
Do you usually eat fruit? When I want a snack I usually get some sweet snack, but when I have fruit at home I try to eat that. It's a bit more work (wash the fruit, peel/slice it,...), but it's still good.
But I can't think of an alternative to coffee... Cocoa maybe? Or tea?
I generally do peanuts and baby carrots as my healthy snacks, and yeah, apples, especially with peanut butter - but those are good, but not the *same*

I am also drinking coca and tea some, but again, not the same

Coffee will hopefully arrive Wednesday, booze I am glad to be away from for the duration
Patrick Marchiodi friendica (via ActivityPub)
I also like peaches and bananas (if they're not too ripe)

but yes, they are not the same.
Clementine's have the problem that they last a day around me, so there's that
Patrick Marchiodi friendica (via ActivityPub)
clementines are nature's candy xD
(cherries too!)
Spencer friendica (via ActivityPub)
I really enjoy making shrubs and syrups. I have a homemade carbonation rig that I use to carbonate water, and fizzy water + shrub or syrup gives me a lot of food-joy.
He carbonation is a thing I wanna do, but space