One day I will write an essay on my thoughts on software built only for sales demos and no other purpose (and my hatred of companies who buy it)

But today isn't that day
@HippyWizard oh yeah that reminds me the book i was thinking of was the book of the new sun by gene wolf
@HippyWizard it's very good but it's dense enough and long enough that as a dad you will probably have to wait until the kids are in college and you're retired. But it's fantasy taking place on earth in the far far future hence my hesitation on sci fi vs fantasy
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@PizzaFacts2go Huh, could be fun though
@HippyWizard Honestly a fascinating work. It's a memoir of a torturer's apprentice who rose to become like a messiah, but with him as a very unreliable narrator. And wolf used a lot of archaic obsolete words in it as his way of fantasying up the dialogue.
@HippyWizard the kind of book where there's essential companion/analysis books if you really wanna dig in
@HippyWizard Gene Wolfe rules. He wrote three different short stories called "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories", "The Doctor of Death Island", and "The Death of Dr. Island" then collected them all in a book called "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories"
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@PizzaFacts2go Very Canticle for Lebowitzy?
@HippyWizard I haven't read that but yeah similar setting from what i understand of it, except maybe farther future
@HippyWizard @ExistentialEnso Oooh, I used to work for a company with those. It was like seeing 3D cinematic cut scenes for a game and then after it's done loading finding out it's actually an isomorphic tilemap. Their customers were so crooked though imo, they didn't care.