I wish I had time to prep my talk on Tremors 2 for @PancakesCon
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@FireflyLeigh who hates the idea of Tremors is trying to force me to watch Tremors 2 to write this submission
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@thetremorssaga @FireflyLeigh No no! It's a talk on how Tremors 2 teaches security! But also sounds fun
@HippyWizard @FireflyLeigh Here's a great one: Burt is so focused on penetration for Graboids that he forgets Rule 4 of gun safety: Allways know what's behind your target.

And the Shriekers multiplying is a lesson in teaching secondary languages for integration and response.

And most importantly
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@thetremorssaga @FireflyLeigh Exactly!

Everything about that movie is about how even overpreparing might not be enough!!
Need to know your threat landscape!
@HippyWizard @FireflyLeigh Quite frankly, it's a motif in the #StampedeTremors movies and TV show. Burt is constantly over-preparing, only to STILL end up needing additional help or completely misunderstanding the situation. It's a great lesson for life. Prepare all you want, friends are the best weapons.
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@thetremorssaga @FireflyLeigh Yeah!
And honestly, Tremors 2 threatened to be super stale, until a single choice made it a really enduring franchise!
@HippyWizard @FireflyLeigh Which choice would that be? (Pretty sure we know but we wanna hear your answer.)
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@thetremorssaga @FireflyLeigh Oh, it would be really easy to have new people vs Graboids or just new monsters, but having the single monster continue to get more complex built on the original (which was all about complexity of a single problem), and it made it constantly fascinating
@HippyWizard @thetremorssaga @FireflyLeigh The evolution of the life cycle was really good. You don't get that with many monsters. Obviously Xenomorphs are a good example too