Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
Another day, another "bring back Google Reader" article that does not acknowledge Reader's extremely robust social features.

These features allowed someone to, for example, share an article they liked to their friends and spawn a private mini-forum to discuss that article. It was similar to sharing an article with friends on Facebook, but based on your RSS curation rather than whatever you got from Facebook's awful news feed.
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Interesting, I was completely unaware of that feature. I just emailed people links and we had discussions that way. To use this sharing feature, did all the people involved have to be Reader users?
Ah, okay. That's probably why I never became aware of it. I don't think any of my friends used it at the time.
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
Yeah. My great hope is for something like that but federated, and it's what I'm working toward with everything I do w/r/t federated social media.
acdw mastodon (AP)
I never used the social aspect of Reader, but reading this and another thing about it, I really wish I had! I wonder if the fediverse could somehow be leveraged here
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
It's a big inspiration for my work with Hometown and supporting in-line Article rendering and what I call "exclusive lists"
acdw mastodon (AP)
that sounds really terrific!
Yes! This!

This is why I keep talking about the need for a "social reader", not just bringing back RSS!
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Basil mastodon (AP)
I've often had conversations with folk where we've talked about Google spending a decade trying to build a social network when they had one the whole time but didn't seem to know it.
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
I really really want to meet up with core Reader team folks and hear their stories some day
Julien Deswaef mastodon (AP)
A temporapy hack could be: Current RSS Readers can generate an RSS feed themselves from curated articles (tt-rss does it). Use RSS-to-AP scripts to share that particular feed on the Fediverse and enable per article social conversations. No?
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
that could work yes!
TheOldReader does some of this, but I haven't really been able to experiment with it because none of my GReader circle followed me there.

Don't let that stop you from doing what you're doing, though! A federated alternative would be awesome!
In theory, boosting an RSS item from friendica and the commenting would enable this trivially
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
Yes indeed! Makes me wish I liked Friendica's user experience more, personally speaking. But I'll remember to suggest it to people who might like it.
bcj (friend) mastodon (AP)
yeah, me and my friends used the social features heavily. IMO Reader was dead when they pushed that to Google+ not when they turned it off completely
brad mastodon (AP)
saw this right after posting a link in a group chat entitled “bring back google reader”
Ben Oliver mastodon (AP)
Newsblur does this, and it's pretty good. Problem is, everyone needs to be on newsblur.

Now if someone could bring it into this decade by federating it and having it be a standard other RSS readers could use, that would be cool.