Hey, just wanted to say:
Never make your kids feel guilty for your choice to have kids
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Nope, but i do make it absolutely clear they were made expressly to play RPGs with me, so they need to get on those language skills!
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Sounds obvious, what prompted it to you?
I commented to my nephew earlier that I would have a swimming pool if I didn't have kids, and when he asked why I talked about money, and then my dad started talking about all the ways my nephew cost his parents money, and I thought about my dad doing that elsewhere

And like, my dad often seems to want me to apologize for the financial burden kids and, and like, he knew that going in
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Oof. I don't even understand why you framed the initial bargain like this? After all my parents had 5 kids and a swimming pool. Not a fancy one, of course, but it's possible nonetheless.
oh, like, it was a bit of a joke response to my nephew when he asked why, if I wanted one, I didn't have a pool

But then my dad seemed to try to make it about gratitude and how kids should feel guilty or obsequious because parents pay for their stuff

And no, parents signed up for that, not the kids
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Ah, sorry about that. I can't stand that kind of guilt-tripping. We parents made the decision to have a kid, no backsies, nobody forced us into it.