Ok, Rowan is being born within the next four days due to modern science
Shæ just turned two

This means, I am about 4-5 years before I can start bulk buying lego
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Why wait? πŸ€”
My house lacks storage, meaning it's really hard to store things in a way a child can't get into
Konstantin Ryabitsev mastodon (AP)
Congratulations! Remember, though, that Minecraft is the new Lego and has the important upside of not unexpectedly puncturing your heels at 2am.
Yeah - I am going to have to break my infinite streak of never having played minecraft and set them up a permanent minecraft server

@Kurt :flan_cleaver: and @pamela :flan_hearts: both have done most of the work that I'm gonna be using for this, gotta get that minecraft-on-openbsd-server setup
Becky friendica
This made me laugh...

Unfortunately I was in the middle of a (mild) contraction right at that moment

I appreciate nontheless
@HippyWizard It's going to be so epic. You going to get Duplos in the meantime?
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@awkwardlefty_cj We have a megabloks bin he can swim in, and a bunch of other duplo! Oh yeah!

Very excited!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
So you're part of reason why I always find a bunch of awful Mega Bloks parts in the LEGO bins I get off Craigslist!
These are the bigger-than-duplo megabloks, and Becky bought them on kijiji
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Thanks, I appreciate it, but you really didn't have to justify yourself, I'm the one with the unhealthy obsession for LEGO-brand bricks. πŸ˜…
It's true, I am definitely unwilling to become obsessed with brands
@HippyWizard You’re 4-5 years before the bairns can know about the lego. You can begin stockpiling any time