It's funny that people pay for Gitlab support because it's basically "you can open an issue and we can ignore it"
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I have been using Gitlab for 7 days and I already treat their support like I would using HackerNews as a support forum
@HippyWizard This is why I self host everything I can. I have long since learned I can't count on most anyone else.

This is also why I despise software that logs poorly.
@HippyWizard I worked at a company that paid for Qt support and we opened a ticket and they were like "glad you asked! to proceed, here are all the things I need you to do in gdb for me"

… and their code is all inscrutable d-pointer stuff!
@HippyWizard i spent like an hour trying to humor before my deep-dive into the library's internals turned up the fact that *IT WRAPS ANOTHER EVEN LOOP* (so you can combine it with components that use GTK) and there are undocumented settings that can control this
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@SaddestRobots Holy shit
Ok - I actually prefer that to "Trying to mirror a repo returns a 500 Error" being ignored, but only because I am assuming the Qt support person had gone mad trying to debug the issue
@HippyWizard well, no, they just sent back, "ok, just gdb it and put breakpoints everywhere, you figure it out" — not even, like, a breakpoint file that'll set the useful ones for tracing the problem
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@SaddestRobots Oh, well then I have literally no sympathy. That's literally what you're paying them for. Bah. Exactly this shit. It's why so often when I hear people say you pay for software because of support I am skeptical.
@HippyWizard my only real sympathy here is, like, they were clearly trying to sunset this whole service entirely (it was very hard to buy it at all), but boss insisted we keep paying for it

still, though
@HippyWizard my funniest paid-support interaction was with Red Hat, when i sorta got them to admit the GNOME team completely killed support for multiple X screens (like when you have :0.0 and :0.1) because they just forgot what it does
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@SaddestRobots No one remembers Displays and that's tragic
@HippyWizard who do they think uses linux if not nerds with a giant collection of mismatched monitors!!