Been using an Apple device with a touchbar since Christmas, and the touchbar feels like it was made by an alien who had never heard of hands.
Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
That's surprising. I have many criticisms of Apple, but the one thing they tend to do well is making things user friendly (as long as you use it the way they intended you to use it anyways).
That is not my experience post 2015 at all
Jonathan Lamothe mastodon (AP)
Ah. I don't have much *recent* experience with Apple, TBH. That which I do is pretty limited.
Bill Tutte mastodon (AP)
I have a friend who swears by BetterTouch Tools. It's some sort of extension that lets you do more with it
Oh, thanks, if I keep the OS I will look for it
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
The TouchBar is a massive oversight I will never forgive them. Between the unwanted touches and the lack of haptic feedback on an input device you aren’t supposed to look at, it’s a productivity killer.